Q&A #6: Oh, All Those 2013 Boston Election Votes

The answer to today’s sixth Ask Bernstein Anything question.

Via email, “Kim” asks:

My head is still spinning from all of the elections in 2013.  How many did we have (in Mass., but especially the Greater Boston area) and did we break the record?

I don’t really know the answer; but I do believe that 67 people’s names appeared on at least one ballot in Boston last year (write-ins excluded)—and here is a totally unfair, apples-to-oranges ranking of how many votes in Boston only each of them received in each election:

Marty Walsh (final)  72,583

Ed Markey (general)  70,223

John Connolly (final)  67,694

Ayanna Pressley (final)  60,799

Michelle Wu (final)  59,741

Michael Flaherty (final)  55,104

Stephen Murphy (final)  44,993

Ayanna Pressley (prelim)  42,915

Michael Flaherty (prelim)  39,904

Ed Markey (primary)  31,819

Stephen Murphy (prelim)  31,728

Annissa George (final)  30,538

Michelle Wu (prelim)  29,384

Jeff Ross (final)  28,879

Steve Lynch (primary)  28,638

Martin Keogh (final)  26,500

Jack Kelly (final)  23,967

Gabriel Gomez (general)  21,457

Marty Walsh (prelim)  20,854

John Connolly (prelim)  19,435

Matt O’Malley (final)  18,204

Martin Keogh (prelim)  15,743

Charlotte Golar Richie (prelim)  15,546

Jeff Ross (prelim)  13,939

Dan Conley (prelim)  12,775

Annissa George (prelim)  12,244

Jack Kelly (prelim)  11,909

Catherine O’Neill (prelim)  10,952

Linda Dorcena Forry (primary)  10,220

Sal LaMattina (final)  9,999

Frank Baker (final)  9,945

Ramon Soto (prelim)  9,928

Felix Arroyo (prelim)  9,895

Nick Collins (primary)  9,841

Tim McCarthy (final)  9,603

Bill Linehan (final)  9,322

John Barros (prelim)  9,148

Rob Consalvo (prelim)  8,603

Suzanne Lee (final)  8,250

Mike Ross (prelim)  8,164

Charles Yancey (council final)  8,145

Jean-Claude Sanon (final)  7,881

Tito Jackson (final)  7,676

Sal LaMattina (prelim)  7,070

Mark Ciommo (final)  6,271

Charles Yancey (council prelim)  6,144

Phillip Frattarolli (prelim)  5,832

Gareth Saunders (prelim)  5,363

Josh Zakim (final)  4,498

Brian Gannon (final)  4,068

Michael Nichols (final)  4,038

Bill Walczak (prelim)  3,825

Jay Livingstone (general)  3,752

Tim McCarthy (prelim)  3,732

Terrance Williams (final)  3,676

Chris Conroy (prelim)  3,433

Seamus Whelan (prelim)  3,118

Luis Valero (final)  3,088

Jean-Claude Sanon (prelim)  3,055

Gabriel Gomez (primary)  2,857

Francisco White (prelim)  2,745

Mimi Turchinetz (prelim)  2,691

Josh Zakim (prelim)  2,691

Charles Yancey (mayor prelim)  2,389

Douglas Wohn (prelim)  2,382

Frank Adivinola (prelim)  2,240

Keith Kenyon (prelim)  1,950

Michael Sullivan (primary)  1,904

Charles Clemons (prelim)  1,800

Ava Callendar (prelim)  1,795

Roy Owens (final)  1,680

Michael Nichols (prelim)  1,619

Maureen Dahill (primary)  1,594

Terrance Williams (prelim) 1,547

Brian Gannon (prelim)  1,526

Joseph Ureneck (general)  1,488

Patrice Gattozzi (prelim)  1,426

Dan Cullinane (general)  1,404

Andrew Cousino (prelim)  1,377

Dan Cullinane (primary)  1,373

Michael Bronner (final)  1,330

Jay Livingstone (primary)  1,111

John Ribeiro (prelim)  996

Steven Godfrey (prelim)  849

Gloria Murray (prelim)  841

Dan Winslow (primary)  831

Divo Monteiro (prelim)  768

Michael Wells (prelim) 705

Josh Dawson (primary )  519

Margherita Ciampa-Coyne (prelim)  515

Thomas Dooley (prelim)  499

Stephanie Everett (primary)  494

Edmond Romulus (general)  384

David Wyatt (prelim)  334

Mary-Dith Tuitt (primary)  324

Richard Heos (general)  320

Angelica Addivinola  259

Lincoln Blarmond (general)  111


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