The Shoes We Wore

Some of them completed the race. Others were stopped before the finish line. Here is what they ran in, and what they witnessed, during the 117th Boston Marathon.

boston marathon back cover

Photo by Mitchell Feinberg. Styling by Megan Caponetto.

The runners who contributed shoes for this project, including the cover:

Julie Appel
Ali Baldassare
Breezy Beaumont
Cara Bednar
Emily Belic
Kevin Berry
Heather Berryhill
Ayman Bodair
Peter Borgmann
Natalie Bowen
Nathan Bryant
Mark Burns
Lori Busch
Debi Caprio
Bob Cargill
Lucas Carr
Tracy Carracedo
Meaghan Casey
Lauren Chacon
Scott Chamberlain
Danielle Chaplick
Stephanie Choi
Heather Cline
Deepti Cole
Daniel Corning
Daniel Corrigan
Nicholas Craig
Joshua Crary
Hannah Creighton
Sean Cremins
Zachary Crosser
Lacey Cumming
Lauren DeFranzo
Kate Dewey
Marissa DiGirolamo
Meghan Dunn
Andrew Dupee
Lindsay Durr
Kennedy Elsey
Rosa Evora
Kristin Feeney
Anna Fieweger
Shannon Flaherty
Mollie Foley
Caroline Foz
John Gallinagh
Anne Giovanoni
Lauren Goodman
Michelle Gordon
Michael Granatelli
Carolyn Griesser
Andrea Hadfield
Jeannie Hannigan
Elia Harmatz
Morgan Healy
Eva Heidingsfelder
James Hughes
Marissa Irwin
Skye Bobbitt Johnson
Michael Kadow
Emily Kahn
Meghan Kezer
Emily Koelsch
Philip Lam
Daniel Latu
Jonathan Lee
Emily Lynch
Catherine MacIsaac
Allyson Manchester
Justin Manjourides
Cheryl Marquardt
Christopher Marshall
Craig Marulis
Katherine McAuliffe
Linda McCullough
Megan McDonnell
Mary McGinty
Kathleen McGuire
Catherine McQuade
Kevin Meehan
Susan Moore
Angela Morello
Robert Mudge
Kayla Murphy
Leah Mycofsky
Erin Nerlino
Lynda Nijensohn
Alexandra O’Hearn
Carrie Ozols
Sarah Pakstis
Nicole Patton
Gina Pecoraro
Kelsey Perkins
Jeffrey Pflanz
Melanie Powers
Nicole Rand
Kelly Riddle
Anna Roberts
Maureen Rogers
Amanda Rossetti
Jacqueline Sager
Jennifer Salucci
Danielle Schneider
Jennifer Sidney
Kathleen Slowey
Paula Smart
Nancy Smith
Russell Smith
Claire Spatola
Brian Sprawka
Stephanie Sun
Rob Sutfin
Caroline Suttlehan
Sean Terry
Jeb Thomas
Renae Tuffy
Alexandra Varanka
Steven Wagner
Lisa Wetzel
Brittany Williams
Sandy Xenos

To read more stories—and share your own—go to, or tweet @BostonMagazine with the hashtag #BostonShoes.

  • Melanie Powers

    Will more stories be posted on the site from all the runners that submitted sneakers?

    • Kaitlyn Johnston

      Hi Melanie, yes, we are posting additional stories (and inviting
      people to submit their own stories/photos) at

      We’re frequently updating this page with more shoes and stories as they come in.

      Thank you for sharing your story and shoes with us.

  • Viv

    Is this issue on the newsstands yet? I can’t find it anywhere

    • eileen

      I sent an email to the editor and the response was:

      I apologize, but we’re currently completely sold out of our May
      issue of Boston
      magazine. Our subscription service was also notified that they cannot start
      any new subscribers with May. The response has been absolutely

      • Viv

        thanks, Eileen.

        Seems like a no-brainer to do another print run…

  • Meaghan Clements

    This is an incredible piece. Great job on the website.

  • weiwei


  • Calleigh Michelle Lim

    Such an amazing cover with a powerful unflinching message. Loved this!

  • brianlyke

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