40 Reasons to Love Boston

For four decades, we’ve been celebrating the very best of Boston. In honor of that anniversary, here are 40 of the reasons we’re so proud to call this city home.


Because on Patriot’s Day 2014, 5,633 runners will get their chance to finish the race.

Boston Marathon Last Mile

Photo via AP


Because whoever ends up as our first new mayor in 20 years will inherit a boom town.

Aside from DC, Boston’s growing faster than any metro area in the Northeast, and our tech, medical, and academic wizardry are poised to lead the world economy of the future.


Because a quarter of a million college students reside in Boston and Cambridge, making us America’s youngest major metropolis.


Students Photo via jon.t / Flickr


Because for all the T’s problems, it’s still cool that to pay with your CharlieCard all you have to do is bump your wallet on the pad. (And yes, we know that walking between certain stops is sometimes faster than riding.)


CharlieCard and Boston Map Photo via Muffet / Flickr


Because we don’t need actual lanes or street signs to know where we’re going.


Photo via HerzogBr / Flickr

If you can drive here, you can drive anywhere.


Because, far from the klieg lights of Broadway, we incubate truly innovative theater. 

boston theater


How did a regional university theater company come to dominate the Tony awards? Diane Paulus, that’s how. The powerhouse artistic director of Harvard’s American Repertory Theater helped the A.R.T. win the Tony for best revival of a musical for the past two years straight: The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess, in 2012, and this year with Pippin (which also earned her the directing award). Can the A.R.T.’s hot streak continue? It looks that way, with The Glass Menagerie—which stars Cherry Jones and Zachary Quinto—earning rave reviews and a move to Broadway next month.


Because Massachusetts receives the most venture capital funding per capita in the country… and the next state isn’t even close.


Piggy Bank Photo via Melpomene / Shutterstock


Because one of our sports icons—Gino!—has never donned a uniform.


TD Garden Photo via Christopher Penler / Shutterstock.com


Because our favorite piece of jewelry is a ring.



Because the cures for cancer and other diseases will most likely be found here.


Lab Glassware Photo via Barbol / Shutterstock

Last year, UMass professor Katherine Luzuriaga and her team effectively cured an infant born with HIV. Harvard’s Pardis Sabeti has a decent shot at wiping out malaria. And Boston Children’s Hospital recently announced that it was on the verge of curing type 1 diabetes.

  • bostonbred

    Did any of the people on this actually grow up or live in Boston? And nice to see the liberal slant on here. As of just a few years ago, half of all Massholes polled were against gay marriage. This is as cheesy a list as you can find.

    • James Smith

      debbie downer huh?

      • bostonbred

        Not really. They should make this a Massachusetts list, not Boston. And not push a liberal agenda, leave politics out of it. This isn’t some stupid blog like buzzfeed or even boston.com. It’s supposed to be a reputable magazine, and should be held to a higher standard.

        • Grant

          So Boston Magazine should make their list of Boston facts about why they love Boston into a Massachusetts list, because gay marriage. Got it.

          • bostonbred

            Huh? Go back and read my first comment. Half the things on this list are MA-based and have nothing to do with Boston. That’s the reason. Einstein.

          • Grant

            I love that you are bitching and moaning about “liberal bias” on a buzzfeed-esque list about reasons to love Boston. Reason 41 should be the cantankerous locals.

            I looked it up, btw. Gay marriage had a 50% approval rate when the SJC proclaimed it legal.

          • bostonbred

            Exactly, meaning half the state was not proud of the “leading the fight” in gay marriage.
            So, thus far, you have completely gotten wrong the two points I made: that many things on this list have NOTHING to do with Boston (people, places, events), and that promoting an idea half the state didn’t want is uncalled for.
            Again, Einstein, let’s try and follow things.

          • Grant

            I’m sorry you’re still upset over something that happened ten years ago, but most Bay Staters are proud of the state’s pioneering advances in gay rights.

          • James Smith

            you seem angry for some reason…it was just an article lol

        • James Smith

          If you read the article it is about Boston not massachusetts…smh

          • bostonbred

            Um, exactly. Its about Boston, yet half the things on this list have nothing to do with Boston. It has to do with the state or region.

  • Julie Basile

    I am so homesick for Boston. Maybe will move back now for the Fall! Thank you for posting these GORGEOUS pictures and all the raves!!!

  • Michael J. Epstein

    Fred, the Somerville Turkey 4 eva!

  • DutchDor55

    Love everything on the list except one: There’s no way the MBTA should be on this list — it’s a blemish on the rest of everything that is great about Boston.

    • James Smith

      MBTA is one of the worst run agencies in the country….

  • HarvardGal

    Don’t forget the first school in the country! The Boston Latin School was founded in 1635, and has been a public school from that day to this.

  • aps001

    Boston Light is the second oldest lighthouse (the British blew up the original tower when they were kicked out in 1776), but it is the oldest light station. Sandy Hook, NJ has the record for oldest lighthouse.

    • ohisee

      We’re talking in the States only right? I believe the Laterna in Genoa, Italy is the oldest in Europe.

  • Jerry

    So it’s also proud to be the gay capital of the USA

    • kartashok

      No sir, that would be Minneapolis, followed by San Francisco.

  • Liebeslied7

    We also have one of the world’s best symphony orchestras, one of the world’s best ballet companies, and countless other world-class arts organizations!

  • Chris Daly

    But the best thing about us is our modesty.

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