Boston Mayoral Candidates Let the Good Times Roll on Twitter

Dear Boston mayoral candidates: Please tweet better.

In such a crowded mayoral race, finding a way to stand out helps. Connecting with voters on Twitter is a proven way to do just that—which makes you wonder why our 12 candidates are doing such a terrible job of it. They all seem to be saying the same thing: They’re having a great time. At block parties. At parades. At Little League games. You know what would be really great? A little originality on the Twitter feed.

  • Greg Page

    This is a great article that gets to an important point. So many politicians and small businesses fail to harness the engagement power of Twitter, because their posts are all of the “LOOK AT ME!” variety. I understand they want to stay non-controversial, but they could score so many lay-ups with some @ Tweets that reply to actual Bostonians, Retweets, follow-backs, and other engagement. Pols always talk about *listening* and *engagement* so the irony factor gets especially strong when you see this stuff.

  • FlavioD

    So true!! Barros has the young people’s attention!