Will the Internet Find Maura Murray?

Ten years ago, a 21-year-old UMass student vanished without a trace. For an army of amateur sleuths across the Internet, that was just the beginning.


Maura Murray’s black Saturn after the crash. Over the past 10 years, Internet obsessives have been known to make pilgrimages to the site of the accident. (Photograph by Frank Kelly, New Hampshire League of Investigators)

Butch Atwood was driving his school bus back to his home just after 7 p.m. when he spotted a black Saturn stopped in the eastbound lane of Route 112, but facing west. He later told police that he pulled up beside the wreck and asked a woman fitting Maura’s description if he should call for help. The woman told him no, and that she had already called AAA. That seemed strange to him, since cell-phone reception in the area was weak to nonexistent. When he reached his house—it was within view of the accident scene—he called the police anyway.

In a house steps away from the Saturn, resident Faith Westman had also called the police. She said she saw what looked like a man smoking a cigarette in the car; her husband later said it could have been a woman on a cell phone. Another neighbor said that from her kitchen window she saw the car stopped, with lights flashing, and someone walking around the vehicle.

The first police officer arrived at 7:46 p.m. He found a car, but no woman. Inside the Saturn, police later detected the smell of alcohol, and found stains on the driver’s-side door and the ceiling that looked like red wine. Red liquid was found on the ground, as well as an empty soda bottle, which smelled of booze. “It was obvious that she had been drinking,” says Jeff Strelzin, chief of the homicide unit at the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and the lead prosecutor in the investigation. There was no sign of a struggle or foul play. Police found no footprints heading off the road into the woods.

As the days stretched on, Fred Murray came to feel that the police were botching the search. He was upset that the Haverhill, New Hampshire, police hadn’t immediately alerted other departments along Route 112 of Maura’s disappearance, that they hadn’t interviewed all the residents within eyeshot of the scene, and that they waited so long to talk to the last people Maura was known to have spoken to, including the owner of the rental condo. He was even more upset when the Haverhill PD issued a press release, two days after Maura’s disappearance, claiming she was “possibly suicidal.” Fred, his ex-wife, Laurie, and Bill Rausch’s mother, Sharon, all became increasingly, and very publicly, critical of the official investigation. (Laurie died of cancer in 2009.)

Fred claims that police gave their search dogs a new pair of gloves—found in the back seat of the car, but never worn—as a scent for Maura, instead of something that would have been more identifiable, like her running shoes. He also alleges that on the night of the accident, the police failed to search the direction Maura was headed. “I knew she was headed east,” Fred says. “She was headed to Bartlett. She was up there as an infant. I remember changing her diapers in a tent up there, for Chrisssakes.

“It’s freezing cold out, there’s a crack in the windshield, there’s a potential head injury, there’s arguably evidence of drinking, which would promote hypothermia. A young person. In a state of shock. You have danger. And you don’t go down the street the way she was going?”

Even after a decade, Fred wants more answers about what the police were doing—or not doing—in the two days after Maura’s disappearance. This year, he’s renewing his call for the FBI to investigate the officers who conducted the original investigation.

“Fred has been a difficult person to deal with from the beginning,” Strelzin says. “I understand a lot of where he is coming from, but I feel his anger is misplaced.”

With no trust in local law enforcement, Fred welcomed volunteer citizens to join in the search. A year into the case, former New Hampshire state police lieutenant John Healy met a relative of Maura’s named Helena Murray at a conference on missing persons. Having a college-aged daughter himself, and knowing he had the tools to help, Healy organized a group of experienced private investigators and began to make trips to Route 112, even bringing cadaver dogs to the scene.

Fred Murray initially worked closely with Healy’s group. In 2005, though, he sued the state police in an attempt to make public all of the reports pertaining to the investigation. He was unsuccessful, and what’s more, Healy and his volunteers publicly disagreed with his effort. Fred says more conflicts arose, so he stopped working with them. “He shut the door on me and the whole group of volunteers ever since,” Healy says. Healy’s group is still trying to find Maura and, by his estimates, has spent thousands of hours following leads. “We’re doing this for their whole family,” Healy says.


Sometimes, even after all these years, someone thinks they’ve found a new clue.

On November 1, a man calling himself “Tom Davies” logged onto Anderson’s site and asked, “What color was Maura’s backpack?”

“Black,” was the reply. “Why do you ask?”

“I ask because about a year after Maura disappeared, I found a black backpack in the woods behind the bathrooms at the Pemigewasset Overlook.”

Davies went on to say that after he found the backpack, he informed a state trooper, but had heard nothing since. Could the backpack still be up there? “Being a father with several daughters,” Davies wrote, “I’ve been haunted by Maura’s disappearance.”

A week later, a commenter named NHRider asked, “Was the area not far from the road? I am going to take a ride up there today and look.”

An hour and a half later, NHRider posted again: “Holy Crap!! I almost crapped my pants! Tom is legit. I just got back from the Pemi overlook and I found the black backpack.”

NHRider said he contacted the authorities and gave them directions to find the backpack, which was around 30 miles from where Maura was last seen. He said he didn’t have a camera with him so he didn’t take any photos, but reported that the bag was empty and “frozen solid.” He claimed that when he went back to the scene the following day the backpack was gone, presumably taken by the cold-case unit. All Strelzin will say is that “we are aware of the backpack.” It’s impossible to know whether it was a real clue, a red herring, or part of some loony Internet game—no different from a bizarre YouTube video, featuring a bespectacled man cackling into the camera, that surfaced in 2012 on the eighth anniversary of Maura’s disappearance, but proved to be just a disturbing false lead.


  • jamesrenner

    If you’re interested in reading the police reports related to Maura’s disappearance and other info, including her affair with a UMass track coach during which she spoke about starting a new life, following this link: http://mauramurray.blogspot.com/p/what-weve-learned-so-far.html

    • Phaerisee

      Thanks for that information. I thought it was interesting that the dogs apparently lost the scent within 100 yards, and that the bus driver lived within 100 yards of the site of the accident. I am not saying he had anything to do with it, but I wonder if he was asked to voluntarily take a polygraph. The rag in the tailpipe seems like it could be the key to the case or just one of the seemingly endless anomalous coincidences. If it were not for the rag, I would not suspect the father at all. But since he was the one who apparently introduced the rag according to his words that throws suspicion on him. I really get the feeling though, just based on the statistical probabilities, that perhaps they ought to consider a more comprehensive interrogation of the bus driver.

      • jamesrenner

        The bus driver took two lie detector tests. Supposedly he failed the first one but passed the second. He had a lot of health problems and died a few years ago. IMHO, I don’t think he had anything to do with her disappearance.

      • dnelliganvisionlandscaping

        Was the bus driver’s property ever thoroughly searched? If not, why? I thought I heard the father was not allowed on his property, (not sure if this was accurate or not). My first suspicion was with the bus driver also. What questions varied on the polygraph? This has haunted me from the beginning; if a search party is put together, count me in!

        • j23o

          It would have been good police work to have done it as he was the last person to have seen her alive and examine the bus as well.

      • j23o

        I’m sure you cannot drive a car with a rag shoved in the exhaust,the engine would die pretty quickly because of back pressure.Did they analyse the rag to see if there was carbon deposits on it? or was it shoved in to stop her getting away?was the car driveable after the accident or was there major mechanical damage.I think she was a bit drunk and just lost control.

  • Glenn Adams


    Family’s perseverance, social networking led to recovery of missing Athens woman

    By JOE JOHNSONupdated Monday, September 17, 2012 – 9:11pm

    After several harrowing weeks out on her own while authorities considered her an endangered missing person, 25-year-old Ivy Dawn Merck recently returned home with her parents.

    Steven Merck on Monday described how he and his wife, Sally, found their daughter while passing out missing person fliers in Florida as they searched for the University of Georgia graduate who intentionally disappeared from her Athens home.

    “It’s unbelievable,” Steven Merck said via telephone from his home in Camden County. “We were riding down the road in Miami when we saw about five or six police officers on bikes, and Sally said we should stop and give them some fliers.

    “They told us to go to the police station and leave fliers there, and when we got to the Miami police station, Ivy was just there, sitting on the steps,” Steven Merck said.

    “We just kind of stared at her, and she was in a state of shock. Then we all started running to her, and we all must’ve hugged for 10 minutes before we started talking.”

    When she went missing, Merck was struggling with personal problems. Authorities who investigated her disappearance concluded from notes she left and other evidence that the woman might be suicidal.

    Authorities spoke with Merck’s family members on Thursday and prepared them for a possible tragic outcome.

    That same day, Merck’s sister-in-law got an idea from Websleuths.com, an Internet virtual community that follows and comments about missing persons cases and unsolved crimes. She and her husband, Chad Merck, both had registered with Websleuths.com to spread the word about the missing woman.

    Someone posted on the website that the family should create a Facebook page devoted to the search. Stephanie Baker-Merck responded, “Excellent idea. I’m going to start working on this right now.”

    The page was up and running that night. Because Merck’s birthday was the following day, authorities and family members urged people to post birthday greetings with the hope Merck might read them and realize how many people cared for her and were concerned.

    “We created this page to give people a place to express their concern for Ivy and show her how much she is loved and valued by family, friends and the community,” Baker-Merck said. “We made this page with her birthday in mind, but we would have done it regardless.”

    Ivy Merck actually saw the special Facebook page and read Websleuth.com discussions about her, which got her thinking about contacting her family.

    In a Websleuths.com post Sunday afternoon, Chad Merck explained the rest:

    “(Ivy) had gone to the (University) of Miami library the day before, because it was a safe place to go during the day,” Chad Merck posted. “She used a computer and had seen the ‘Find Ivy Dawn Merck’ Facebook page and the Websleuth blog posts.

    “She realized that she needed to come home at that point. She said she set out (for) the police station this morning, but went the wrong way and got lost. She passed several pay phones, but could not bring herself to make a call.”

    That was at about the same time Ivy Merck’s parents ran into the bicycle officers in Miami.

    “(Ivy) had arrived at the station 10 minutes prior and was trying to bring herself to head inside. You can imagine her shock at seeing my parents in the flesh,” Chad Merck said in his Internet posting.

    “I am not a statistician, but the odds of us arriving at the same location in Miami at the same time must be incredible,” he wrote. “There is no other way to explain such an amazing coincidence, other than as an answered prayer.”

    The family initially searched in the Deerfield Beach area, because that’s where authorities found the missing woman’s car. Chad Merck explained on Websleuths.com that the family decided to expand the search to Miami because a “generic” address in Miami was the last location his sister had entered into her car’s GPS.

    The Merck family’s ordeal started shortly after Aug. 21, when she told her roommate and supervisor at Good Hands Veterinary Hospital in Oconee County that she was leaving to visit her parents.

    She boarded her dog in the Camden County community of Kingsland on Aug. 23, but never arrived at her parents’ house. That’s when Steven Merck filed a missing persons report with Athens-Clarke police.

    Authorities listed Merck as a missing person in state and national law enforcement databases, and on Aug. 30, a sheriff’s deputy in Florida’s Broward County found Merck’s car in a parking lot in Deerfield Beach, just south of Boca Raton and about 350 miles from Kingsland.

    The car had just about run out of gas, authorities said, and the tires were so bald the car couldn’t be driven and had to be towed.

    According to Chad Merck’s Websleuths.com postings, his sister appeared to have lived in the car because blankets were inside.

    After learning his sister had entered a Miami location in her car’s GPS, Chad Merck decided the city’s South Beach would be a good place to continue the search, he said in his online post.

    “I had visited Miami a few times and figured that you find your way to South Beach at some point,” he said. “If Ivy did come to Miami, then it was worth a shot.”

    There was no parking available, so the man dropped off his parents on South Beach’s main drag, and they later went to the beach and left fliers at lifeguard stations before their son picked them up, Chad Merck said in his post.

    The family felt frustrated and was about to drive back to Deerfield beach when Sally Merck spotted the officers on bicycle patrol.

    “We headed over there, and I dropped my parents off,” Chad Merck said. “I called my wife and was lamenting how futile our search had been that day. We had no leads at all. My mom then called me, so I switched over, and she said the words, ‘We found Ivy. Come now.’

    “I then ran towards the police station, and there were my parents hugging and sobbing over a very stunned Ivy,” he said. “She looked the same, except she had cut her hair shorter and dyed in blondish. She was tanner and a bit sunburned from overexposure to the sun, and was visibly trembling. All she had with her was a ratty knapsack with some clothes in it.”

    On the drive to their hotel room, the family members learned about Ivy Merck’s ordeals over the previous three weeks.

    “Ivy … survived sleeping on the beach and had several people that helped her at key times with food and protection,” Chad Merck said in his Websleuths.com posting.

    “I am sure there were many harrowing experiences over these weeks on the street, but God provided protection for her to leave unharmed physically,” he said.

    “Ivy had her laptop, money and most of her belongings stolen in separate instances, but she survived the experience and was reunited with family. Our family is overjoyed with the outcome.”

    Steven Merck did not know if or when his daughter would return to Athens, because seeing to her emotional needs comes first.

    “We’re going to take care of her and do whatever it takes to get Ivy back to society and back to just being Ivy,” he said.

    • Follow Criminal Justice reporter Joe Johnson atwww.facebook.com/JoeJohnsonABH or http://www.twitter.com/JoeJohnsonABH.


  • LP29

    Seriously show her face, this is a ridiculous joke and disrespectful to the family. Why would you not show her face, she is MISSING!!!!

  • Polly Penwell

    Wow!! THAT’s INSULTING!! It’s a perfect example of the IGNORANT and ARROGANT attitude that makes law enforcement so unpopular in this country.

    “DIY detectives” have solved cases more than once where law enforcement have failed to do so. In fact, a “DIY Detective” just this past month solved a 30-year-old missing persons case in TEN MINUTES that somehow managed to elude law enforcement for over three decades.

    And while we are busy “not being fruitful” do you want us to “contact the authorities” with information? Or do you want us to “not interfere in the investigation?” PICK ONE!!!!


    Re: quote:

    In Maura Murray’s case, Strelzin will not say how often law enforcement monitors online forums, but concedes that the police are “aware of things that are said.” He adds that “nothing fruitful” has ever come from the DIY detectives.

    “All we ask is that they do not interfere in the investigations,” Strelzin continues. “You would expect that if people had information they would contact the authorities.”

  • Polly Penwell

    Undo. Undo. (Sigh)

    Sorry. Too much caffeine, not enough reading.

  • Jo Anna Lee Ball
  • Epter

    Good article on a vexing case. I couldn’t help but notice that notwithoutperil was deleted today. Was “samledyard” expecting to be identified by name, or was this a doxxing? In any event, there would be news value to naming interested websleuthers and contextualizing their interest, but I wonder if work as an atty is complicated by a sleuthing hobby. In any event, I’ve been following this for the past few months as an objective observer and this was a really balanced, informative take on the multiple perspectives on the case that acknowledged the weird online turf wars in the weeds without getting stuck in them.

  • johnallore

    Fascinating piece. Some thoughts:
    1. If theorists really do believe Maura went to Canada, specifically Sherbrooke, I wonder if they are aware there is a monastery there, Abbaye St. Benoit Du Lac, that might have provided refuge. In fact, my father knocked on their door 35 years ago when my sister went missing.
    2. Maura’s father, Fred Murray and I have corresponded over the years. He may now feel she was abducted by “a local dirtbag”, but for a time he took the notion of her fleeing to Canada very seriously. I know because I put him in contact with some police investigators with the Quebec police.
    3. I have also corresponded with James Renner. I respect James’ tenacity, but his comment that Fred Murray must be hiding something because, “In the history of missing women, what father has ever not wanted more publicity about their missing daughter?” is unfair, irresponsible, and simply not accurate. When my sister disappeared, authorities accused her of being everything from mentally disturbed, to a runaway, to a “lesbian” (heaven forbid). At that point, the very LAST thing my parents wanted was more publicity. They felt betrayed by the people they supposed were there to help them, and so they shut up. This is exactly what Fred has done, and I don’t blame him one bit.
    4. I am pretty sure I was one of the first blogs to start covering this story beginning around 2004.
    J Allore

  • j23o

    Having watched the programme more than once I think the whole case was kicked off by that 1am upsetting phone call she received which she never confided to anyone the of the content.She became irrational after that.We know there was no family problems so could that phone call have been a secret love interest.Was she being told it was over?or a death?At the accident scene she had obviously been drinking alcohol mixed with coke while driving and threw it away afterwards. Why did she purchase so much alcohol in the first place.?I think she fell victim to an opportunist sexual abduction.Why did the police not let loose the scent dogs on that bus that passed?anyone would feel safe being picked up in a well lit bus.Wasn’t Ariel Castro a bus driver?something to dwell on.This case was always intrigueing because there was a lot of unexplained things going on before the disappearance.

    • Throckmorton

      The bus driver that “passed” lived within one hundred feet of where her car was found. I think you have the right idea.

      • http://festivals4fun.com/ Viveta Mentze

        This still doesn’t make sense you guys.. if you use Occam’s Razor correctly, you’d see this isn’t the most likely theory at all.. In fact its very UNLIKELY… You are basically saying its likely that within minutes of the crash, the bus driver in the small window of time kidnapped and killed the girl, somehow had her disappear without a trace, and rather than spending time to go over what he would say called police to report it, rather than making working on clean up, an alibi, etc. you are saying the most likely scenario was that he did all that, and called police as soon as he got home. If this is the most likely scenario, how did he do all this in a short period of time, why was he the one who called the police, why haven’t police or the girl’s family expressed belief that he is hiding something, how come we haven’t heard of a failed lie detector test by him; or a refusal to take one (which would be the “most likely” possibilities if he were involved.. I could go on and on… The point is, all the things I mentioned above highlight why this is not the MOST LIKELY SCENARIO and why you aren’t using Occam’s Razor correctly if you think the bus driver was most likely involved…

        • bern1417

          You seem to think everyone else who posted here is wrong and you’re the only one who is right, yet the girl is still missing.. Why would the bus driver have to kill her right then and there and then call 911? Why couldn’t he have subdued her with something like ether tied her up somewhere and then did whatever he wanted to her later on that night? He lived awfully close to the accident scene that 10 min is a long enough time to place her somewhere – a shed, garage not connected to house etc..- .. You haven’t heard of any of the things you mentioned bc the guy is dead and has been for some time now. I’m not saying he did it, but to assume that he had to pick Maura up, kill her, and then call the police in a 10 min window is just asinine considering he didn’t have to kill her immediately.

        • bern1417

          And actually anyone who has followed this case knows that the bus driver took 2 polygraph tests and failed the first one miserably, but then redeemed himself on the 2nd one..

  • Throckmorton

    Some friends and I have been taking a look at this. Everything is pointing to the bus driver in our opinion, and the theory is that he tampered with the car, and anticipated the accident and was waiting for it.

    • elizabeth

      nah…. read more about it. the bus driver was completely cleared by police. i think if he were at all suspicious they would have been completely on him from the get-go

    • http://festivals4fun.com/ Viveta Mentze

      I agree with Elizabeth, it doesn’t seem at all likely it was the bus driver at all. He was the one that called police as soon as he got home, and the timeline backs up his story; the lady who first heard the crash was minutes prior, not enough time to do anything sinister. Also, the first call was made by the woman so you know the time roughly that the crash initially happened, the bus driver comes across the crash talks for a few minutes, then heads straight home and makes the SECOND call to 911 and dispatchers arrive there. He would have had no time to take her anywhere if he was involved and then call 911 so quickly from his house (which would have been idiotic if he was involved besides to call the police right away),

    • j23o

      Would there not be fingerprints if he tampered with the car?How would he know Maura was driving that way?They were complete strangers.

  • Samuel Ledyard

    We’re rebuilding the blog.

    The first post is a response to this great article. Please feel free to share your thoughts. http://notwithoutperil.com/2014/02/17/the-internet-will-find-maura-murray/

  • joeb

    Fred knows more than he’s saying like why she was going where she was going.
    However it does not take alot of crime solving skills to know that she was abducted, listen people dont vanish within 10 minutes. We may never know the abductors identity.
    But clearly she didnt abduct herself!

    • http://festivals4fun.com/ Viveta Mentze

      Joeb has it all figured out! lol. moron. Fred is the guy pressing to have ALL the information released and went to court for this to happen! Also he visits the area every weekend and was on countless tv shows to keep the story alive in hopes of finding his daughter.. Yet JoeStupid here believes the father is hiding info.. Yawn. They did this to John Walsh too when his son was kidnapped and murdered.. you people are really sick to go after a family in mourning without SOLID evidence! Great work Sherlock!

  • jenn

    I think they should go to a psychic a legit one to give them some answers.. Idk that’s what I would do..

  • phychics arent real

    Yes jenn, that’s a great idea! Because there is totally a big difference between a legit psychic and a regular old
    Phychic …… right? Ha ha

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  • Kat

    I have a genuine question: She was drinking and crashed her car. She pleaded with a passer-by not to call police and lied by saying she had already called AAA. She left the scene of the accident, probably concerned that she would be arrested for DUI. When police arrived, they found her car smelling of alcohol and found the interior stained with wine. She is drunk, irrational, just had a car accident wherein the airbags were deployed. She was probably frightened and disoriented and desperate not to get arrested after her recent legal troubles. Why is it so inconceivable that, upon seeing the lights from the police cars, she hurried into the woods to escape detection, became disoriented in the dark, got lost and then eventually succumbed to exposure? It was the middle of winter in New Hampshire, at night, and she could have been in the woods for hours. Perhaps she had hit her head during the accident or was stunned by the violence of the deploying airbags, which would have worsened her judgment and made it easier for her to become disoriented in the woods in the dark. Why is it inconceivable that she died in the woods that night from hypothermia? A body can be overlooked in the woods for years and possibly never found. It would have decomposed, been scavenged, covered by snow and leaves and debris, etc. The simplest explanation is often the correct one.

    • j23o

      No footprints were found either side of the road leading away.Police dogs found no scent trails except leading from the car along the road for a few feet and then nothing.No doubt she entered another vehicle either willingly of by force.

  • j23o

    Didn’t those neighbours and the bus driver who all lived within eyesight of the crash see any car pass from when they phoned the police?There are so many twists and turns to this incident that sends your brain into overdrive.It was never discovered who made that phone call to her at work that made her so distressed.If we knew that we might know the reason why she decided to take off.I believe this was an opportunist abduction with a sexual intention and inevitably followed with murder and concealment of the body.There are too many cases like this with the same modus operandi to make it any different.She just ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time.This case will never be solved.

    • Andrea Jean

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  • Ed Meno

    i think she just bailed. she’s probobly hanging out in some commune.

  • shoele

    My guess: pregnant or in some sort of legal trouble. Cause of death: accident or homicide. I believe she may have fallen or become disoriented in the woods or she was taken by someone lving within eyeshot of the scene. Another possibility, maybe she knocked on the door of one of the nearby neighbors and he or she killed her.

    A lack of footprints or scent trail doesn’t mean anything! These tests are subject to human error.

    In the end, I feel saddest for her father. He may be a difficult person to deal with, but at the end of the day he’s a grieving man who just wants some answers in the disappearance of his daughter.

    Her case is haunting and intriguing but very very sad.

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