Hells Hipsters: Boston’s Moped Gang, The Uglies

This month, the city’s top moped gang is gearing up for its big ride.—Jesse Geman and Ben Schreckinger

The Uglies

Photograph by Christopher churchill

Boston’s premier moped gang, the Uglies, prepare for this month’s moped rally.

On a Wednesday evening in April, smoke hangs in the air and PBR flows freely at Lucky 2 Strokes, a moped shop on Penniman Road in Allston. This is where the Uglies, Boston’s premier moped gang, are preparing for their first ride of the season.

Roughly 30 people show up. Most riders are twentysomethings sporting hipster uniforms: facial hair and vintage leather jackets. Several core members roll up their shirtsleeves to reveal a tattoo of the Uglies’ insignia: a paper bag with a smiley face and an upside-down cross on it.

“It started as a joke,” says Andy Lauzier, 24, of the gang, which formed in 2007. Hells Angels, they aren’t: Lucky 2 Strokes co-owner Quinn Welch, 22, explains that the group exists for the camaraderie and because “moped gangs are funny.” They ride, throw parties, and talk mopeds.

Last summer, Lucky 2 Strokes and the Uglies held their first moped rally, the Big Seize, drawing more than 100 riders from as far away as Los Angeles. From June 6 to 8, they’re holding the Big Seize II, a weekend of partying and riding with a scavenger hunt, two Van Halen cover bands, and a vegan taco truck.

Throughout the summer, the Uglies will ride every Wednesday evening, rumbling into the suburbs or downtown, often with a stop at Tasty Burger on Boylston. And they welcome new members. As one Ugly confides, “We’re looking for girls.”

the uglies

photographs by christopher churchill

Uglies member Justin Adler shows off his tattoo of the moped gang’s insignia.

  • http://HipsterApproved.net/ Hipster Approved

    I’ve GOT to get me a moped!

    • phil

      hahahah you guys are funny, what makes you think these kids are trust fund kids or wealthy in any way? im willing to bet you have more in your bank account than any of these kids. so why dont you just let people have fun without jumping to conclusions about their income status. also how can you relate gangs that commit violent crimes to a bunch of people who hang out and ride mopeds?

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  • Kyle O’Duibheannaigh

    I like how the city of boston spends millions cracking down on poor Black and Latino men for hanging out together, but we have a bunch of wealthy whites scooting around town and they get a two page article in Boston magazine… sometimes I wonder if we live in a dystopian.

    • jake481

      Are you equating a bunch of guys riding mopeds with the police crackdown on GANGS?

      • disqus_FZxvHj80gv

        sometimes i also wonder if we live in a dystopian! well said!

  • Don Sumter

    Howdy~From Felony flats Nevada..word is you might be joining Moped Army ?…go for it already ….(PS) Los Dorados rules ! ~