The Monster Next Door

Beatrice Munyenyezi claimed she was a refugee from the Rwandan genocide. Federal agent Brian Andersen suspected she was someone far more sinister.

The new trial began in February 2013. Instead of overwhelming the jury with a barrage of horrific images from the mouths of killers, prosecutors let the doctor, an authority, recount the mayhem. The secret to convincing the jury was to downplay the carnage, which was too much for them to believe. Prosecutors spent most of their efforts proving that Munyenyezi had lied on her application to become a U.S. citizen, which, after all, was the technicality for which she was being prosecuted. Unlike the first trial, jurors deliberated for just four hours. They found Munyenyezi guilty, and Judge McAuliffe sentenced her to the maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison. He also revoked her U.S. citizenship.

In the courtroom that day was Eugenie Mukeshimana, a Rwandan genocide survivor and executive director of the Genocide Survivors Support Network, who just happened to be a former high school classmate of Munyenyezi. She remembers other students calling her an importe, which essentially means “snob.” After the first trial, she says, “I felt like we were robbed of that opportunity to get justice.” Now, she said, “I feel for her daughters. Their father, their grandmother, and now their mother are in jail. I wonder what they knew about their family growing up.”

In late February, I reached out to Munyenyezi’s eldest daughter, Charlene, now a 22-year-old student at Syracuse University, to ask that very question. She denied the charges against her mother and said that her younger sister, Simbi, is studying to become a humanitarian attorney at American University. “My mother was always a woman on a mission,’’ Charlene said before hanging up the phone. “My mother is the greatest woman in the world.”

Today, Munyenyezi is serving her sentence at a prison in Aliceville, Alabama—the only person in the United States found guilty of lying about her role in the Rwandan genocide. It is unclear whether she will be flown back to her native country to face prosecution. Her attorneys appealed her conviction in February, arguing that the sentence was too harsh and that her 2006 testimony at her husband’s trial should not have been admitted. At press time, there was no decision on her appeal. Her sister, Prudence, whose case landed on Andersen’s desk eight years ago, was not charged with genocide but in 2012 received a 21-month prison sentence for perjury and obstruction of justice.

When Munyenyezi is released from prison in January 2020, Andersen has but one goal: to escort her back to Rwanda to face justice where the survivors still live. “She’s a killer,” he says from behind his desk at the HSI field office, which is decorated with 10 African tribal masks for the 10 trips he took to investigate Munyenyezi. “She should have to face the consequences of those actions in the country where those crimes were committed. She has to go back to Rwanda, and I want to be there when that happens.”

As for Munyenyezi’s neighbors on Howe Street, the accusations and conviction against her were unsettling. “It makes you think, ‘How well do you know anyone who is living next door to you?’” LoriAnn Silver says. “To us, she was just Bea.”

  • Chris

    An interesting read and compelling story. But I am somewhat confused, is it “ICE” or “HSI” that spearheaded this investigation?

    • AnthonyH

      ICE stands for “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” and within ICE, the criminal investigative division is called “Homeland Security Investigations” or HSI. Thus, HSI within ICE along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the main Department of Justice can be said to have led this investigation.

  • Kiki Anastasia

    It pain me when people accuse each lies

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  • Daniel

    I m a rwandan living in rwanda i have heard of this professional killer. Much was not said about this Boko aram member but thank you for work well done

  • edgar

    This is what makes America a great nation. Thank you agent Andersen for this painstaking job that you executed well

  • tuesdays
    • Flitandersen_99

      His two terms weren’t called a “Holiday from History” for nothing…
      On the other hand, “W” did a great deal for that sad continent and never got one drop of ink for any of it. Bono finally, grudging, had to thank him for all his work there.
      One man, one time. God, I hate liberals!

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    • WhoDat?

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      What about the African Leaders?
      Why don’t they take care of their own kind?

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  • gigi1122

    Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust – a disturbing story of the genocide in Rwanda. Read this book to understand the truth of this horrible time.

  • Tommy Oneill

    Still tainted with the history of ‘Corrupt Feds’ who would put God in Prison if it meant moving up a rung.Ever notice how they lay out the money putting they’re Badges on top when taking a picture of a seizure of drugs.Remember Ruby Ridge/Waco.Speaking of Slaughters Andersen

    • asher2789

      Did you not read the article in which dozens of witnesses essentially attributed nazi-level crimes to her? The entire concept of federal la is to protect the country from genocidal murderers like her… At least for once this story is an example of them doing their job.

  • Noodles3

    I’ll get excited when someone finally arrest a jew for genocide. jews are the biggest problem in the world and they run America. f* ck the Jews!

  • Rana Meher

    Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan. Both migrated to the West, to the UK and USA respectively, concealing their roles during Bangladesh Liberation War 1971. They were tried in absentia for their failure to submit before the International Crimes Tribunal despite being notified. Both were convicted of Crimes Against Humanity, and awarded capital punishment by the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh in 2013.
    Copy of MueenUddin-Ashrafuzzaman judgment:

  • WhoDat?

    Savages. Proof is right in front of you.