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gloria larson

Photograph by David Yellen

31. Gloria Larson

President, Bentley University

When John Fish wanted to rally area schools around his Olympic dreams, he immediately reached out to Bentley University president Gloria Larson. Why not contact the bigger education brands in town first? Because Larson is viewed as one of the most engaged—and engaging—higher-ed leaders in Boston.

Trained as a lawyer, Larson has spent her peripatetic career working in both the private and public sectors, first at the FTC, then as the secretary of economic affairs in Bill Weld’s administration, then chairing the board of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority during its expansion—an endeavor she compares to the Herculean Olympic bid effort. She served as the co-chair of Deval Patrick’s transition team, and became a trusted voice in education reform.

A major strategic thinker skilled at finding common ground, Larson was tapped to helm the Waltham business college in 2007. In the eight years since, she successfully advocated for its conversion to university status, enabling Bentley to offer highly innovative graduate course work, including an advanced business degree steeped in the liberal arts. Of Bentley’s approach to business education, she says, “It’s pitch perfect for the new-normal marketplace,” which she describes as shifting toward three tenets: people, planet, and profit.

Larson now uses her position on numerous philanthropic and business boards, including Unum Group and Boston Private Financial Holdings, to foster inclusiveness. And as president of the Massachusetts Conference for Women, she spends a lot of time thinking about other ways to empower women and men to support one another. She says that in Boston, gender equity (along with racial and ethnic diversity) is “a very big issue. We have miles to go.”

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April 28, 10:30 a.m.: In our May 2015 issue, we wrote that Gloria Larson had been Massachusetts secretary of economic affairs in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration. In fact, she held that title under Governor Bill Weld, and later was co-chair of Patrick’s transition team. We also wrote that she was a board member of State Street, which she is not, but she is a board member at Unum Group.

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  • Mumbles

    Missing from the article is Gloria’s esteemed work as “token woman” on any high-profile task force, commission, board of directors. Etc. All those years of going along to get along have been very fruitful for her.

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