Oh, That Hippity Hop

1200328240What’s worse: that the Globe accidentally paired a photo of the Wu-Tang Clan with its review of the Handel and Haydn Society’s opera-musicals, or that, if this wasn’t a mistake, it’d be entirely conceivable the Globe could run a review of the Wu-Tang Clan with the headline, “Exploration of words and music proves wholly entertaining.” Because, you know, the Wu-Tang perform words and some music, and it can be wholly entertaining. Them’s just the facts.

The pairing is especially great because the Handel and Haydn review, which drags on for 450 words, does its best to speak high-class with flowery, white-handkerchief language. The “morsels of music,” we learn, were “delicious” and “delightful,” and had a “tender earthy wit.” Oh, that Ghostface Killa—so enchanting!

  • Billy D

    That is simply a fantastic headline. It goes well with their restaurant review, “Exploration of tastes and flavors proves good.”

  • BStu

    I posted the same thing over at UniversalHub (and, might as well full disclosure that I work for H&H). Its actually not just the photo. The by-lines are also twisted. Sarah Rodman, the pop music critic, is credited as writing the Handel and Haydn review while the actual Wu-Tang reivew is credited to David Perkins, the classical music critic.

    I also, assumed that the title referenced Wu-Tang when I saw the picture. Cuz of the words and music and what not. But I am quite sure that Method Man wasn’t in Jordan Hall on Friday, so that’s clear at least.