A Conversation with Bianca de la Garza

1204314052Last week, the local television media went through quite a few changes, one of which was Channel 5 permanently hiring former FOX 25 reporter Bianca de la Garza to anchor its EyeOpener morning newscast.

The South Shore native has been freelancing with the station since July, and had hoped the station would keep her on board. We touched base with her to see how she’s preparing for her new full-time job.

“I can’t even tell you how happy I am,” she gushed to us. “The transition’s been great.”

She hopes to focus her reporting work on education, both highlighting the good and doing some investigative reports on issues that are important to parents.

“There’s really no one in our area focusing on education, and as a mom myself, I think it’s something you think of,” she said.

de la Garza is married to Channel 4’s David Wade, who just so happens to anchor WBZ’s morning show. The couple is accustomed to competing in local news. They met when they were field reporters for different stations in New York, and they are looking forward to their new schedule.

“I’m blessed, really,” she said happily. “For the first time in 10 years I will have time off with my husband. We’ve never had that. We’ve had either a bi-coastal relationship or never had days off together. It’s a great move for our family.”

Channel 5’s EyeOpener newscast airs from 5-7 a.m.

  • David Barr

    …Just adore Bianca…and it’s nice to hear how happy she is about the changes in her life. She will most certainly be a boon to WCVB’s ratings as she’s easily the most fetching news anchor of the Boston bunch.
    I’d really like to see David Brown go back to the weather desk so that Sheba Russell could get a full-time anchor position. Sheba & Bianca together…talk about a knock-out punch!

  • Jerome Mulchaheigh

    Instead of wasting your time interviewing a pretty face who plays reporter on TV (with the help of a dozen producers and cameraguys) why don’t you interview a real, working reporter, who might cover stories without looking through the ‘as a mom myself’ prism. Like most TV reporters, she’s not a reporter, simply a delivery device for the work of producers and photogs.

  • David Barr

    Why so bitter, Jerome? If it weren’t for sweetness like Bianca at the anchor desk to bring in the bigger ratings, all of those other folks you alluded to wouldn’t make as much coin.
    Personally, I wouldn’t have cared for an interview with someone I’d never heard of before. Bianca is a real person, and some of us find her really interesting.
    I think you need to be a bit more appreciative of the viewer-magnets like Bianca De La Garza et al, and do a little less whining because “your people” aren’t getting the spotlight shone on them. Cry me a river…sheesh.

  • Sarah

    Bianca de la Garza seems like a very sweet lady with a bubbly personality. However, her personality is not fit for WCVB (NewsCenter 5) early morning news. I think she would make a better fit on Fox. First, it seems that she likes to talk and she often talks loud which overpowers her fellow anchor man David Brown. Sometimes I find her nearly screaming the news report. In the early morning it is nice to hear news delivered in a softer manner. I suggest bringing back Heather Unruh. Although I seldom see Shiba Russell, I think she was the best for this time of day.

  • sandy p

    I haven’t gotton comfortable with Bianca and I feel that Shiba Russel was passed over for this spot. I agree that a more laid back crew is best for 5 AM. Hubby and I miss Heather very much and loved her pairing with David Brown as we woke to the news. Please rethink these moves.

  • J Sails

    I’m delighted that Bianca has joined the WCVB news team as co-anchor with David Brown. She is such an improvement over Shiba whose frequent chortling is most annoying and her ad libs are often unrelated to the topic at hand. She is better as an on scene reporter.

  • David Barr

    Watching Bianca paired-up with Steve Lacy (as of late) has been so much better than her pairing with (cardboard fembot) David Brown. Steve Lacy is cool and actually acts like a man.
    But honestly, since I first left comments under this article, I’ve been flipping back and forth between WCVB & WHDH to see – my latest crush – Anne Allred. …Love her. And Adam Woods is great, as well.

  • mike

    David Barr….that is Adam Williams…not Woods

  • Joseph

    Bianca, where does your wardrow come from. Doesn’t the net work have a wardrow dept.? Your choose of dresses is not a very good pick. Get the net work to open their pockets.

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