McCain & Romney Not Sitting in a Tree Anytime Soon

1204921994Today’s Herald has a story about a favorite (kinda) new scenario: A John McCainMitt Romney ticket.

All the McCain quotes used in the piece help puff up the general premise: That, during yesterday’s stop in New Hampshire, McCain “would not rule out Mitt Romney as a possible running mate.”

OK, but I’m still not buying it, and you shouldn’t, either. This is nothing more than slight of hand.

Let’s not forget that McCain’s hatred of Romney was well chronicled during the primary. You really can’t underestimate the ill-will there. Of course, there’s a long list of former enemies who joined forces because it was politically expedient: JFK and LBJ, Reagan and Bush, Clinton and Gore to name a few.

The difference here is that, in each of those cases, the former needed the latter. JFK was seen as a weak Northern liberal (and a Catholic to boot); LBJ helped him overcome those stigmas in the South. Before Reagan became everyone’s favorite Republican president, he was little more than the Governor of California and a bad actor; Bush, meanwhile, was a CIA honcho who represented the kind of evil, I’ll-kill-you-in-your-sleep attitude that the GOP adores. And Clinton was a sex-crazed bubba from a backwater state who needed some inside-Washington polish from a well-known Senator. Bingo.

But McCain? What the hell does he need Romney for? What states might Willard deliver that McCain wouldn’t already win on his own? Go on, name one.

No, what McCain needs is a Bible thumper or, at the least, someone who’s long been in good standing with the party (as opposed to a well-known flip-flopper and shameless panderer). My money is still on Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina. Not only is Sanford a fiscal conservative, but, unlike Romney, he’s the kind of guy the GOP base reflexively loves: a hardcore Christian from a Southern state. Barring that, I like the chances of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a man who worked magic to help McCain win the primary there. More important, Florida will be a key swing state (yet again) in the general.

But let’s get back to McCain’s comments yesterday, or at least the ones the Herald chose to highlight. McCain said nice things about Romney? Well, yes, he did. But you have to consider where he was at the time — New Hampshire, a state right in Romney’s backyard and a place where he not only did well in the primary, but still has a lot of supporters. Call me when McCain says something semi-sweet south of the Mason-Dixon.

One last thing: What the Herald didn’t mention was that, before leaving the door open for Romney, McCain literally laughed at Willard and his transparent oooh, oooh, pick me! comments from earlier in the week.

The Arizona senator joked Wednesday he got the impression Romney is interested in the No. 2 spot on the Republican presidential ticket after watching a recent interview with the former Massachusetts governor.

“I got that impression from him watching his interview last night, I got that impression,” McCain said laughing on his campaign plane in New Hampshire.

The real message? Run along and play, Mitt, the adults are busy.

  • MK in Arizona

    What is with the “hatred” of Romney idea? McCain obviously saw what a qualified, smart, capable opponent he was up against and had to go after him with everything he could if he wanted to prevail. That does not mean he hates him, it means he recognized the strong candidate that Mitt was. You did not see McCain having to so strongly have to go against Huckabee because Mike was not really much of a threat. Now that McCain has secured the top spot why wouldn’t he want someone on the ticket who received so many votes all across the United States and has such a strong following? Why are the MSM so against Mitt? I think his moral values intimidates those that don’t live such honorable lives. McCain/Romney in 2008!

  • MK in Arizona

    Sorry, one more idea I wanted to express was confusion on why Mitt is being portrayed as arrogant when he says he would be honored to accept the VP slot. He was asked a direct question about what he would do if asked. What was he supposed to say? He was just ansering the question and with a lot of class I might add. Oh, and by the way, Romney is a Christian too!

  • Amanda Rekonwith

    you are obviously unfamiliar with the self loathing necessary to participate in MA politics.We think our dirty streets, higher taxes, colder weather and general animosity towards others renders us somehow superior to the rest of America. We’re a small enough state, tucked up the corner of America, that most folks laugh at us, if they don’t ignore us completely. (If you think WE’RE pathetic, take a trip to RI.)Folks like Gonzo have it all figured out. (Just don’t tell him that the whole “Hub of the Universe” thing started out as a joke.)

  • JJ Reeves


    “Moral values” that are “intimidating” are likely neither morals nor values.

  • MK in Arizona

    JJ, those moral values are intimidating because in order to feel better about themselves people of a lower level feel the need to bring others down to their level. Why else would anyone bad mouth someone who tries to live a wholesome life. The lack of morals and the tearing down of the family is the crux of what is wrong with America at this time. I for one would be happy to have a VP that could be a role model for our children and is not going to be a breaking news story where they are apologizing for some indescretion. It would be a breath of fresh air!

  • Lauren

    i LOVE this post.. i am curious about MK’s comment about Romney being a Christian though.. There is a significant difference between the church of latter day saints (in which Romney is a bishop) than that of Christian doctrine. These differences are so apparent, Romney (consciously and appropriately) avoids altogether when pressed about his faith. I’m hoping there is a little more research done when casting votes than purely basing judgement on who is more “Christian” than the other, regardless of who is on the McCain ticket.

  • The Snob

    Nice try on the trolling, Lauren.

    My guess (as a Boston-dwelling heathen agnostic) is that Mormons give the heebie-jeebies to Northeastern liberal atheists at roughly ten times the rate they give them to Southern Baptists, with whose intolerances theirs are almost entirely conterminous.

  • M

    Mitt won’t be VP. McCain was in Romney country on a fundraising trip so he said nice things about Mitt. Mitt will probably campaign for McCain in states he won (MA, MI, WY, NV, or any I missed) and might get in the cabinet if McCain wins.

    I’ll say this about McCain, I guarantee he doesn’t care about Mitt being LDS. If he thinks Mitt is the best pick for #2, he’ll pick him. He won’t, but it won’t be because of his religion. He’ll get over hating Mitt, too. Look, if McCain got over what Bush’s crew pulled in SC in 2000, he’ll get over Mitt’s parlor tricks.

    Gonzalez is correct about Crist and Sanford. Pawlenty from MN is supposedly in the mix, too. The darkhorse is whoever runs the VP search. 🙂

  • Beebe

    Mitt Romney is good for our country and our children.

  • M

    Mitt might make a good civics teacher for kids but he’d be a bad CIC for 19-year old Marines.