Blogging for Dummies

1208203061Since we here at Boston Daily can still be considered young people, we’ve been down with the internet since Netscape. We IM’ed our way through the late 90’s, made our first foray into social networking with Friendster in the early 2000’s, and happily started blogging just as the trend started.

But for those of you who’ve just emerged from a coma, a column in the Globe’s weekend business section breaks down this whole blogging craze in excruciating detail.

Even our anti-technology grandparents know more about the internet than this.

A blog is like a web page that someone changes every day. The page is about ideas the writer of the blog has, and the page usually includes links to information that influenced that person’s thinking as he or she wrote the blog post.

For example, we wrote this blog post because the author of this article is pandering to her audience.

Perhaps the best (worst?) part of it is advice on where to find the elusive blog.

Where do you find the blogs?

The worst part of blogging is that there are millions of them out there. Surely, there are some great ones, but they can be hard to fine [sic].

Almost has hard to find as someone who doesn’t know what a blog is. But for that one person who didn’t know, we’re happy to welcome you here.


  • Adam Gaffin

    Almost as special was the plug for as the “onramp to the blogosphere.” Onramp? What is this, 1998? I wonder what’s the Natick service area of the blogosphere?