Lyndon LaRouche is Disgusted With You

The people peddling ideas to the great waves of commuters speed-walking to South Station every night usually employ some sort of attention-getting device. Recent attempts include young women seemingly high on some combination of pixie dust and box wine, waving ribbons in big circles and handing out flyers for Cirque de Soleil. Greenpeace has a steady presence, an army of fresh-faced romantics happily arming themselves with “life experience” before they head to grad school.

But the worst group that I have run into is the supporters of perennial presidential candidate and political malcontent Lyndon LaRouche. Most of them appear—like their Greenpeace brethren—to be young idealists, handing out LaRouche’s latest action memo with a smile. Careful reading of these documents finds LaRouche gloating about nation’s awful financial crisis with all the maturity of an older sibling who dramatically enjoys their ice cream cone after knocking yours to the pavement.

Here are a few important lines from one of the recent fliers handed out to commuters:

TITLE: “I Was Right, You Were Wrong—But I am Going To Give You Another Chance”

Oh, thank god. We promise to wear a more appropriate cummerbund to dinner this time. Absolutely no floral patterns.

“Are you going to listen this time? Finally, are you going to listen, and hear what you’ve got to do?”

Totally. And don’t pull any punches. Hurt us, Lyndon.

“If you had not listened to (Greenspan), we wouldn’t be in this mess, would we? Are you going to do the same stupid thing again? Are you going to listen to these jerks again?”

Are we talking about financial institutions here or a group of bad kids from the public school that made us smoke and drink and not call home? I’m lost.

“Okay, now that you guys have been proven wrong, I don’t have to take your crap anymore. Now you listen to me, and improve your ways!”

If there is one way to convince major American lawmakers (and the public at large) to change their ways, it is to first insult and berate them and then demand that they improve—all in flier handed out to the few Boston commuters not acting as if the LaRouche PAC volunteers were offering handfuls of asbestos. Sign us up.


  • aging cynic

    If LaRouche weren’t caucasian, some knuckleheads would consider his presidential campaign to be viable….

    • JaneJones

      Very prescient. Seven years later, we have Ben Carson’s campaign.

  • JaneJones

    Larouchies are crazy. Total wack jobs. I find crazy people kind of interesting. I talked to one to try to figure out how he made sense of his ideas. I tried to sort of create a thought diagram for myself to make sense of his belief system but he started yelling at me and calling me names. They really do not like to be questioned because answering would force them to deviate from their very narrow script that they are taught to use. If you try to force them off their script by just asking common sense questions about what they are saying, they get furious and begin to attack. They are also extremely focused on getting you to give them some money. I never gave them so much as a penny. My refusal to donate really infuriated this guy as well. When you talk to them, it is very clear that their responses to you are extremely scripted. They are determined to get you to conform to their script, pretty obviously because going off script would reveal how insane their ideas are. The best I could figure out in my conversations with him was that they are extremely far left liberal with a strong belief in a welfare state provided by a socialist type of societal structure. In many ways, their ideas seemed indistinguishable from that of the average modern democrat if you disinclude a few of their bizarre ideas that can’t hardly be unraveled. If they did not live by these weird scripts of theirs, their entire belief system would fall apart so I am sure that their cult is held together by relentless bullying of anybody who tries to use any sort of independent reasoning in their meetings. As this is their way of interaction, they then apply this same bullying to outsiders to stop them from asking any unwanted questions and to discourage reasoned thinking. They have nothing to lose by bullying people because their ideas cannot stand up to reason so the only people they can recruit are those who are susceptible to muddy thinking. Therefore, someone who won’t be bullied or confused by them would never be a candidate for their bizarre ideas and it is no loss at all to turn that person off to them. If somebody does not question them or is easily bullied into submission, then they have found a perfect recruit from whom they can coerce money and whom they can train to get money from other fools in the general public. A normal person with a fully functional barometer for what is vile or not will find after interacting with a Larouchie that they are left with the residual feeling that a filthy cockroach just crawled over their skin after it first crawled through some putrid pool of vomit or worse.