In Praise of Laurel J. Sweet

1218568621We like to make fun of things here at Boston Daily. It’s part of our charm. But there are times when we must simply bow down when genius is placed in front of us, and this is one of those times.

Behold the greatness that is Laurel J. Sweet’s lead in the Herald this morning:

A well-turned-out Texan and his stunning stiletto-heeled wife pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges they acted like boorish buckaroos while guests of the luxurious Boston Harbor Hotel, allegedly attacking police and berating staff with racist slurs.

Hildy Johnson couldn’t have written it any better.

  • aging cynic

    Save me some time. Where do I go in your archives to find a pic of Mrs. Miller? Wow!

  • OJ

    She’s the BEST, bar none.

  • Neena

    Laurel has outlasted all other pretenders to the title of Tabloid Tramptress. She’s a marvel. Too bad the Herald boyos in charge still treat her like crap.

  • Bouncing Bergzilla

    Her latest alliterative adventure:

    “A globe-trotting graffiti goon accused of desecrating historic Back Bay with her artistic upchuck was held on $10,000 cash bail yesterday after several of her victims painted a picture of solidarity by standing up in court.”

    3 G’s and 2 P’s and 2 S’s.

    Love Love Love it.

  • Donnell Ohotnicky

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