The Catholic Church Becomes a Single-issue Voter

There are many issues up for debate in the 2008 Presidential election. There’s the mounting fiscal crisis, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the lack of a coherent energy policy, and what to do with health care, to name four. One issue that has been mostly absent is abortion.

Perhaps that’s because abortion isn’t quite the wedge issue it has been in the past, or maybe it’s because Sarah Palin hilariously doesn’t understand the whole Supreme Court thing. Whatever the reason, that hasn’t stopped the Catholic Church from using its pulpit to focus on abortion as its one and only issue.

Addressing the crowd on the Common yesterday at the “Respect Life” walk, Cardinal Sean O’Malley said:

“I very seldom get to see any television, but I did watch part of the political conventions, and for me the star of the conventions was Trig Palin, whose mother said that he was ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect,’ ” O’Malley said. “And when his little sister used that spit to slick his hair down, I mean, I stood up and applauded.”

The star of the convention?

O’Malley went on to say that Bishops can’t endorse one political party over another, but that didn’t stop Archbishop Raymond L. Burke from saying Democrats were becoming “the party of death,” which makes the GOP’s support of capital punishment, what? Justified?

  • Bob

    I would hardly compare the slaughter of millions of innocent and helpless children to the occasional capital punishment of a guilty murderer.

    Let’s start by saving the children.

  • Michael

    It is truly too bad – people (like the author of this article) just don’t get it. For people who understand that there IS such a thing as “right” and “wrong” – abortion is the largest civil rights issue of our day. Just like Roe VS Wade is the Dred Scott of our day. The tide WILL turn eventually. No crime against humanity can continue indefinitely – evil will not prevail.

    The Catholic Church is NOT a single issue voter – that is a ridiculous statement in itself. And the faithful of the Church are not single issue voters either. But, we wouldn’t (today) even consider a candidate who supported slavery or a slave-owner’s “right to choose” (think James Buchanan/Barrack Obama here) – they’d never even be considered. It’s not about being “single issue voters” at all – it is about politicians taking positions on issues that are “gravely immoral.” Nobody seems to get it – but those words aren’t humorous or hyperbole. Pro-abortion-choice candidates disqualify themselves by supporting abortion.

    The Democratic Party IS becoming the party of death with their refusal to consider the evidence… the objective facts concerned in this issue. We are LITERALLY talking about killing millions of human beings here people – with the full blessing of our government. And if Obama gets elected – our financial support.

  • Dave

    How in the world people compare capital punishment to the slaughter of 3,000 innocent children a day in this country is beyond reasoning to me. Let’s not forget that Obama isn’t for ending capital punishment either before we go any further.

    Abortion may not be a ‘wedge issue’ to the author of this article but to many of us, it is ‘the’ issue. I cannot, nor will I, ever vote for a pro-abortion candidate. I don’t know how anyone, especially those who ‘claim’ they are Christians, whether they be Protestant or Catholic and each of the same knowing that they’ll have to stand before God one day, could ever vote for a pro-abortion candidate. It’s beyond my understanding and comprehension. To claim one needs to do so for some ‘supposed’ economic gains by supporting a pro-abortion candidate puts very little faith in an Almighty God and places one’s faith in a flawed man/woman. A person who is even void of compassion for the most innocent of all lives, the unborn! If one cannot show compassion to those who are so helpless, how can they for anyone else?

    Consider Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden. He has completely turned his back on his church and her teachings. If one displays such unfaithfulness to something that is or should be the most important thing in his/her life, how could we count him trustworthy in any thing else? I know I can’t. Joe Biden has a pleasant personality, a nice smile and for one to deny he hasn’t done any good things in his life would be a lie, for he certainly has but now, his heart is black and hard as stone. He needs to make his heart right and turn from this abomination he is supporting. We need to defeat him and Obama or be part of his great sin…God hates hands that shed innocent blood. I know this November, I’m not goin’ to get blood on my hands by using them to cast a ballet for pro-abortion candidates like Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

  • Nicole

    Thank you for posting this. There are thousands of Catholics, in Massachusetts and across the country, who recognize that Catholic Social Teaching encompasses many, many more issues than the divisive issue around abortion.

    There are too many Catholics who have wedded themselves to a political philosophy that uses the issue of abortion as a political football. In the almost 40 years since Roe V. Wade, the Republican philosophy has not stopped one abortion from happening. And yet we are supposed to believe that the conservative ideology is the “party of life?”

    The reality is that the Democratic party has written into its platform that it will work to reduce the rate of abortions in this country. The GOP explicitly rejected such language. Senators Obama and Biden have also both pledged to work to reduce the numbers of abortion. Couple that with their express statements against the use of torture and in using our military might in only a judicious way, it is easy to reach the conclusion about which party is the party of life and which is the “party of death.” That is why I am a member of Catholic Democrats,, and I hope others will join too.

  • Patrick Whelan MD PhD

    I am a physician who takes care of children with Downs syndrome. One of the major champions for Downs patients is Senator Ted Kennedy, who along with Senator Brownback just succeeded in passing major new legislation to help parents who are expecting a baby with Downs.

    I feel sorry for people who have been conned over the years into thinking the Republican leadership cares anything about solving the abortion issue, when leaving it unresolved raises so much money for their party. Many Republican insiders have acknowledged this to me. There is no evidence that any of their legislative initiatives over the past 20 years have saved even a single life. Every one of these laws has been about winning elections, rather than helping women and children.

    But we know that abortion rates fell much more dramatically under President Clinton than under two Bushes or a Reagan. Any thinking person who truly cares about the unborn owes it to themselves to question the conventional wisdom, and contemplate the reality that the Democrats are the party that is more committed to solving the abortion puzzle.

  • Steve Real

    No Problem,
    if the Vatican wants to play politiks on the pulpit?
    That’s all good,
    but now they have crossed the line.
    So they are going to have to pay taxes like the rest of US politikal advocates and stop hiding from behind the pulpit.

    Time to pay the I.R.S. boys.
    No Christ on your pulpit except for an obvious play on politikal wedge issues.

    Your stupid politikal wedge issues cost US five years of non-stop war. Doesn’t the Holy Father and Vatican see this advocacy for what it really is or are they that blind to the politikal realities of this world that we all live in?

    And what about my men who are still on the battle field?
    Where are the bells of Angelus for them?
    Ring the bells Holy See and remember this day for them.

    But stay out of American politiks.
    You’ve cost US enough problems with your war party endorsements, ok Bishops.
    And if you want to play politiks?
    Bring your sword!

    Or pay the tax man
    just like the rest of US politikal advocates.