Damn Yankees: Kerry-Beatty Campaign Gets Nasty

1223665245Forget the infamous Barack Obama celebrity ad and the increasingly ugly comments that can be heard at John McCain rallies. They’re a child’s tea party compared to the rancor that’s erupted in the contest between John Kerry and Jeff Beatty.

PolitickerMA reports that the Kerry campaign alleges that Beatty is (prepare yourselves!) a Yankees fan.

Never have gutter politics been so despicable.

Kerry’s spokesperson made the allegation in yesterday’s Globe, citing a photo of the Republican senatorial hopeful on board USS Guam. Today, Beatty’s people responded with the most absurd excuse we’ve ever heard.

The Beatty camp said the Harwich Republican is not a Yankees fan and said that O’Rourke made the remark because a Yankees hat was put on Beatty to keep bandages on his head when he was injured rescuing U.S. hostages in Grenada.

That’s what they all say. A true Red Sox fan would never allow a hat in the dread Bronx blue to be set upon his head. For shame, Jeff Beatty. For shame.

  • http://dracutmusings.blogspot.com/ Brian Flaherty

    How is Beatty’s explanation “absurd?” Were you there?

  • Paul Flannery


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