Vote: One-Way Ticket

If Boston is the Athens of America, why not start acting like it? One of the polis’s more charming customs was the ostracism vote: Citizens would regularly cast ballots to kick someone out of town. We love this!

Readers: Who gets your vote? Cast your ballot below or, if you don’t see your name of choice on the list, let us know in the comments section.

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  • s, mattes

    Why wasn’t Jay Severin on this list?
    He has encouraged his audience to pick up arms against Arabs in this country.
    He has said “they are coming to your homes-coming to get you here…and you need to defend your families.”
    I was so shocked I called the FBI to report that this man was encouraging violence.
    He is not just an embarrassment, he is a menace.
    Michael Graham is in the same category, but not as vicious and offensive.

  • Jack

    Agree on Michael Graham. That c***sucker is nothing but a hate-mongerer.

  • bill acconcia

    hate is the 4 letter word that describes most of boston tal;k radio how can advertisers support a callahan hater is it all about money???

  • Jan

    What about the two birds….Cardinals Law and O’Malley. They should be top of the list.

  • Bill

    What about John Fish? His constant self-promotion, his overly public donations (to causes that seem oddly correlated to “winning”/buying contracts), etc..are pretty annoying. How about when he buys a company, and then takes credit for everything they’ve done in the past? Isn’t that like buying a superbowl ring on ebay, and saying that you won the big game? Get over yourself! How about when he brags about having easy access to Deval? His company used the same firm (The Monitor Group) as Libya, to spin their equally sinister image, for crying out loud! Go away.

  • Joe Doherty

    How about Dan Rea? A David Brudnoy he’s not. Unfortunately the moron thinks he is!

  • Mark

    Eileen McNamara for her hack job piece on Scott Brown in the latest issue. The Boston liberal media is so transparent, one need only look as far as this list to see what an absurdly biased group it is.

  • Bruce Gilmartin

    Your P C opinion of Gerry Callahan’s statement of “shot by a punk-ass Muslim” is the reason to give him the hook? Judging from all the wussified articles you serve up, you people oppose anyone with a backbone.
    The radical Muslims will not treat us as well as the Spartans treated the people of Athens, believe me.
    I think we should kick your sissy-assed magazine out of town.

  • Peter

    Without a doubt, Callahan has to go. It’s too bad that entercom didn’t can him and JD in 2003 after the METCO incident.

    “Forehead” is a brainless, ultra right wing neo-con loser with a big mouth and no brains. He also thinks that global climate change is a farce. When he speaks, he usually insults the intelligence of a lot of listeners…….but he brings in the almighty ratings so Jason Wolfe (another chump, BTW) turns the other cheek.

    If Forehead had any brains up there, he’d sign over said forehead to carry ads during the NESN broadcasts. I can see him now with a McD’s, Home Depot or Goodyear logo above his beady little eyes.

  • kevin maguire

    How about Eileen MacNamara on your list?She is a hate monger as well. All she can do when writing for the Globe or this magazine is bash anything on the right or Republican. I am agnostic when it comes to a party affliation, but unobjective one-sided diatribes, which is seemingly all she has ever written is poor journalism. Her unwavering ultra-focused bias makes her points (even when some might be worthy) ineffectual, as her thinly-veiled agenda is as audacious and wrong-spirited as the comments of Callahan, Severin, and those other rabble rousers. It is too bad that you guys are a one trick pony, that is why you will always be the one-sided rag that you are.