Brooks Brothers Launches Classy Line of College Duds

Is patronizing the college bookstore just so unbelievably gauche that it kind of makes you want to die? What is with all those oversized sweatshirts and athletic shorts with things written on the behind, and the (gag), bobblehead dolls?

Now a lucky few can show their college pride with class as Brooks Brothers announced that they will begin carrying a line of sweaters, ties, polo and dress shirts for 15 elite colleges, including Harvard and Boston College. BB’s thinking was that college sports fans earn more than NFL fans (not to mention the fact that college gear is a $4.3 billion a year industry). “We have a pretty well-educated customer and there’s a built-in opportunity with alumni who are already our customer base,” Karl Haller, vice president of strategy and business development for Brooks Brothers told Bloomberg News.

Right now, the college duds are for men only, though a women’s line is in the works. So that means us ladies will have to stick with the oh-so-classy options from Victoria’s Secret Pink to choose from in the meantime. Because nothing says “I’m top of my class” like having your alma mater splashed across your butt.


  • Casey

    Sorry, but if having your alma mater splashed across your butt is “gauche,” then your BC sweatervest just says “I’m a rich, WASP (or WASP wannabe) who’s daddy paid for college.” As if anybody but beer-drunk fraternity boys headed to their next 10 AM tailgate are even going to buy these…

    Now I’m just proud that my school wasn’t included.

    • Mike

      Maybe they’ve got a green suit for that envy of yours, Casey…

      Amazing the lengths that BC haters will go to. If you don’t care for the school, why spend so much energy chasing stories about the Eagles and our alumni around?

      Meh, I’ll never get it. I’d like to believe you’ve got something better to do with your time–but maybe you don’t.

      • richard

        I don’t think anyone is envious of a group that includes Auburn and Notre Dame, but leaves out Cal Tech and Northwestern.

    • Will

      Casey, you do know what the “P” in WASP stands for, right?

    • Casey is a moron

      Here’s a list of all the fraternities at BC:

  • EagleHusky

    It is a Jesuit Catholic school. Classic.