Barney Frank's Greatest Hits

Through his Congressional career, which he announced yesterday is ending, Barney Frank was just as divisive as he was acerbic. You loved him or hated him; his perceived coziness with Fannie and Freddie brought about the country’s downfall, or his co-authored Dodd-Frank Act helped finally set the economy on the right track.

But no matter where you sit on the politics, it’s pretty much unfettered joy to watch YouTube videos of Frank using his enormous wit to own people.

Here’s a few of his greatest moments, everything from a sarcastic point of Parlimentary procedure to comparing an irascible constituent to a piece of furniture. Say what you will about Frank, but that man loved the First Amendment, and he was never afraid to mix it up.

Frank v. Constituent at a town hall meeting in Darmouth, Mass.:

Frank v. a Harvard Law student:

Frank v. Republican Paul Ryan:

And if you’ve got 10 minutes and a wonky interest in Parlimentary procedure, Frank’s squaring off against Michele Bachmann is a classic:

  • agingcynic

    Who wrote the rule that “owning” someone is OK if you’re gay but bullying if you’re straight? “Perceived” coziness? Do we need photos of him and Herb Moses? I should probably just be happy he’s leaving but Barney’s work will be with us for quite some time. Ironically, unlike you, I won’t live long enough to experience the results but mark my words, he won’t look so good when you’re still paying off his grand experiment 40 years from now.

  • Warren

    Dodd-frank did not stabilze the economy if anything it’s made it worse. It has added costs and restrictions to many financial services making it more costly and time consuming for consumers. In addition they created it to cover up their tracks for saying “everyone should be a homeowner”
    Much of what happened in the mortgage mess can be directed right at the 2 of them.
    As we go further into the law we will see what a horrible act it was.
    He’s leaving because he would be losing his primary voters through the redistricting. He doesn’t have the guts for a dog fight. Glad he’s leaving.