Daily Feed: Menino Weighs In On High School Football

Menino Weighs In On Cathedral High School Football Call. OK, OK. We bit our tongue yesterday when we really wanted to sound off on high school football, of all things. But it looks like Mayor Menino couldn’t bite his, saying the call that cost Cathedral a shot at the state title was “ridiculous” and inviting the Cathedral players to lunch. There ya have it, gentlemen: A consolation prize. [Boston.com]

Who Needs Mitt Romney’s Emails When There Are 630 Boxes of Useless Paper? Sure, Mitt and his crew may have cleared out all traces of email correspondence, but they did set aside 630 boxes full of hard copy archives for public viewing, 460 of which will be made available by the state. The catch, of course, is that the contents don’t appear to be much more than ceremonial papers and official letters — nary a scandalous memo or email in site. Clever Mitt! [Washington Post]

Talbots CEO’s Sweet Severance Package On Her Way Out The Failing Red Doors. The once-mighty clothing line is clearly on its way out, facing a new — and all things considered, pretty generous — takeover bid by a New York investor group. But this won’t stop Trudy Sullivan, the CEO once meant to save the dying brand, from walking away with a $5 million cash payment. [Boston Business Journal]

Occupy Boston Gets Back Its Sink. Plus: A Globe metro reporter on the scene catches the Occupants picking it up from the police station and cracking puns like “I’m having a sinking feeling!” … … … [Globe]

So The Headlines Go: Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown Back At It. Click through for the most unflattering photo of Elizabeth Warren from last night’s forum at Stonehill College. [MassLive.com]

  • http://www.adeledavid.com Adele David

    I am the Mother of 3 athletes and have seen my share of Football, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball games and have witnessed the joy of victory and the agony of defeat all too many times. I think that recalling that touchdown was 100% inappropriate. If the quarterback had mouthed off at an opposing player or made any sort of gester to make the opposite team feel badly, that would be cause for action, and I do think that is what the league meant to discourage, NOT, the excitement of a young man crossing the goal line with the winning touchdown. Actually, I think that he showed remarkable control. I would have been falling to the ground in wild hysterics or doing cartwheels across the field. I strongly feel the ruling should be reversed!