Elizabeth Warren's Salary at Harvard: $429,981

Elizabeth Warren’s Salary at Harvard: $429,981. Warren earned the sum from 2010 to 2011, excluding her earnings as an expert witness in an antitrust case ($90,000), as a consultant on a case involving asbestos victims ($43,938), from royalty fees ($136,946), or from the stuff that gets complicated: investments, real estate, renting out her multi-million-dollar home, and, you know, earnings from government appointments. [AP]

  • Johnj

    Where’s the outrage? I will bet that she makes more than 90% of the bankers she has directed her populace anger against.

  • liz

    lher salary would fund 9 law students tuition for a year

    • Batters Box

      @Liz-thats dangerous right there, maybe is better off in her pocket law students?are you kidding why not just give it to the taliban..

  • Peter Flato

    The picture she paints of herself and reality of her earnings are 180 degrees apart.
    She almost qualifies as one of the 1% that she rails against.
    In a word, she is a “phoney”..And PS she got rid of her BMW for the election.