Is This Sh*t Massholes Really Say?

A good month or so into the “Sh*t [Insert Demographic] Say” trend, the meme is going geographic, and — you know where this is going — Boston’s now has one, too. It’s a dude-heavy, Sox-happy video that could just as easily have been called “Real Housebro’s of South Boston” — except don’t ever call it that, because that’s a terrible phrase on my part which should never be used again and was only applied to show the strong parallels between that and the Real Housewives of South Boston.

I am not a native Bostonian, so I do not say anything of these things, except possibly for “You read the Globe today?” According to the comments and the couple of places that have already found it, this is either hilariously, insanely accurate, right down to the Barstool Sports reference and the I-was-an-extra-in-The-Town, OR, it is a shameful pile of bad accents and unnatural Sweet Caroline-belting that not only has no place in Boston, but that wasn’t even filmed in Boston anyway (the palm trees in the background give it away).

  • fibrowitch

    Oh where do I start?
    Massachusetts is a good size state, the “Masshole” does not exist only in the 617 area code. This video should have been listed as Sh*t two guys from Rhode Island think guys from Boston say.

  • mcooper

    one other inaccuracy…the guy in the car was actually using his blinker. A true Masshole doesn’t.