This Is Why People Think Boston Is a Racist City

tim thomasTim Thomas, not at the root of controversy … this time. (Photo by Dinur on Flickr.)

The B’s season ended last night, but you already knew that.

It was overtime, and Bruins goalie, Tim “Tea Party” Thomas let one past. You already knew that, too. Maybe you even know the Capitals player who scored it, Joel Ward, came up bigger last night than at any other point during his regular season. But even if you didn’t know that, you almost certainly know that Ward is black. And suddenly, that’s a problem.

The backlash to the loss (and specifically against Ward) was swift, brutal, and not seen here in such overt and disgusting terms since the busing violence in the 1970s. Fans took to Twitter to semi-anonymously rail against the Capitals winger with personal attacks. It was enough to make Joel Ward the fourth highest trending topic on Twitter in Boston. I’m not even going to rehash what’s been said — keen though I am to out these people — because it is totally vile, bigoted, and yet perfectly predictable for a city like Boston.

Google “the most racist city in America” and there we are, sitting right on top. It almost always comes down to anecdotes (the experience of racism is difficult to quantify) but if Google results indicate how people think, then we’ve got racism deeply lodged inside us — and this from a state that elected an African American to two terms as governor and voted overwhelmingly pro-Obama in 2008.

For all the political furor lately, electoral concerns are cold as ice when compared to the passion and frenzy of professional sports fandom here. It’s a bummer that the Bruins lost, sure, but what’s worse is that such a small thing as a first round loss could unleash our sickening side. Almost like it’s always been there, waiting to get triggered, waiting for some kind of critical mass where the semi-anonymous could have safety in numbers.

Until we figure out how that happens, and why it happens so easily, we’re likely to stay at the top of that Google search. The B’s may have let us down, but these racist fans are the true disappointment.

  • Caroline

    The things those people said were disgusting, but let’s not allow a small group of bigots to define our entire city. People like this exist in every city and are fans of every sports team, but they don’t speak for the majority.

    We have an unfortunate past, and there’s still a LOT of progress to be made, but we’ve also come a long way and will hopefully continue to do so.

    • dana

      Small group… Nope not at all. The ones who post this crap are actually the insecure types. The ones who don’t and keep quiet are seasoned racists. They won’t even tell you what they hate about you.

      I remember seeing one guy yesterday on the sports cast saying. “this is unfortunate.” blah blah blah the whole time the guy was smiling like a hyena. I know his type.

  • Patrick Maguire

    Absolutely sickening.

  • Dave

    From Canadian Bacon

    Roy Boy: How come you never see any black guys playing hockey?

    Kabral: Now do you think it’s easy to just gradually take over every professional sport? Let me tell you something, man. Brothers have started figuring out this ice thing. Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Dave

    “… since Boston tried to integrate the school buses 30 years ago.”

    Are you from Boston? You clearly don’t understand what busing was. It was not integrating the school buses. It was taking kids from black neighborhoods and busing them into white neighborhoods and vice versa. For example, they had kids from Southie getting bused into Roxbury and kids from Roxbury getting bused into Southie.

    • agingcynic

      Rhetorical question? I don’t know much about Philly either. It is what it is. They mean well.

  • Roldy

    I blame it on television. Although Family Guy is rather genius.

  • Jan D

    I think George Brown must be spinning in his grave today. He was the first to integrate a hockey team. And, the author behind the “I don’t care what color they are, I only care if they can play the game” which is often credited to Red

    We can’t let this small group of idiots define this city and who we are. I have been searching looking for more comments like the ones found on Chirpstory, and I can’t find any others than those. Perhaps there were more, and in the light of day they were deleted. Maybe these few stupid people jumped on the band wagon after last years win. With any luck they will be gone when the season starts again.

    I wonder how many of the idiots who posted are really from Boston?

    • drfresh

      boston does have a racist vibe. ive lived and worked in California (LA and the bay) Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Marthas Vineyard, all over Europe, …….Ive traveled all around the world. i grew up in Jamaica Plain (Boston). It is very easy to see that black people are marginalized in this town. if you don’t see it, you need to check some other towns. the situation sucks here. small minded idiots (there are many here!) and bostons scary past are keeping people from accepting those who are different. there is no “evil” stuff going on…but we are seeing the results of years of racism…and boston’s inability to (1) address the issue in new ways, and (2) boston’s all around conservatism. it doesn’t matter if people vote democrat or not – this town is very conservative. many, many people here dress the same (there is a clear dress code and it is weird and ugly as all hell) , and many people here have a difficult time getting used to things/people who are different. in some cities, people embrace all that is different. not in boston. it is sad and boring.

  • KG522

    Doubt there were many “Bostonians”, i.e. people who live in the city involved, kids from the burbs, from NH, etc sure, but we’ve moved past that, and besides, most of us city folk root for the Celtics.

  • Jason

    I live in Roxbury and have to deal with racism quite often.

    My friends tell me I should move.

    Why should I have to move!?

  • MJ

    Do these morons not realize these racist comments live on forever and even have their pictures next to them? It’s Social Darwinism in action. These people won’t get jobs or dates because of their extreme stupidity & that’s just fine with me.

    • dana

      The kicker is these people get jobs whenever they show up and place an application. They get taken care of by like minded racist degenerates. And they meet like minded racist women .women who are very quick to approve and defend this mess.

      What the hell am i even wasting my time for… It’s time to leave.

  • Nancy O’Leary

    These people may be a small minority, but they are the repulsive tip of a much larger iceberg. I saw these people 30 years ago in a very white Irish neighborhood in Boston. They’re the ones who start the verbal assault, but they are quickly joined by their less vocal friends, who jump right in to throw the rocks or chase the hapless outnumbered victims. It is so sad to see how little has changed.

  • Nancy O'Leary

    These people may be a small minority, but they are the repulsive tip of a much larger iceberg. I saw these people 30 years ago in a very white Irish neighborhood in Boston. They're the ones who start the verbal assault, but they are quickly joined by their less vocal friends, who jump right in to throw the rocks or chase the hapless outnumbered victims. It is so sad to see how little has changed.

  • Jason

    I left out one important Item,sorry.

    I am White and live in Roxbury and have to deal with racism quite often.

    My friends tell me I should move.

    Why should I have to move!?

  • Vinnie X

    Ward played a great game, and he was due for a goal, I thought at some point in the 3rd period. Should have kept my thoughts to myself.

    Wish he wore Bruins jersey.
    They should trade for him.

  • BostonIs$H!T

    FUCK BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dana

    “Think” Boston is Racist… Oh i don’t know about that. I’ve lived in this place for a little over 32 out of 35 years and for the past 4 years have desperately been trying to get back to where i as before i came back here.

    This is a horrible place to live for good people. That racism is nothing new. People who pass through typically don’t stop here and go to real cities like New York or Chicago. Or even Philadelphia. But Boston is an ignorant cesspool of vile degenerates racing toward the bottom of the trash can.

    The thing most alarming is Boston racist people think they are very funny. Their sarcastic negative humor is not funny at all. They just insult people and make an @ss out out of themselves.

    • jamaal

      you THINK boston is racist stfu i GUARANTEE you have NEVER been to Massachusetts. and chicago is ghetto not a real city,as is philly compared to boston of course. and you don’t know EVERY boston person so stop stereotyping them like u do.

      • Chris

        Jamaal, if you do a Google search of the most racist location in the US, its likely to pop up “BOSTON” as usual.

        You don’t know every single person in Boston either, and you don’t know the percentage that are racist. I’ve seen it here more than I’ve seen it in most of the other locations I visit. From the jokes, to the harsh words to the assault, etc.

        I don’t want Boston to be known as such, I want there to be a change, but it can’t change as long as Bigots continue to roam rampant along with delusional people like you.

        Why do you consider Chicago a ghetto? Lets hear your tasteless response. I’ve heard that word used on little Black kids by grown White business men here for the simple fact that they were Black. One even start singing the Monkies tune, and after I chewed him out, we never spoke again.

        • yomamasmells


        • Jo Ca

          why don’t you look up the crime stats you idiot? Chicago crime is off the charts. Boston is a very diverse city and like anywhere else has its share of asshole but is the city racist overall, no. it isn’t. Boston is a majority minority city.

  • Chris

    Black people should never consider Boston as a place where the door is open. Whether its to become a Boston resident, going to school, or even visiting.

    There are people in Boston that just make us look so bad with their ugly views on something so irrelevant. The difference of race doesn’t matter when something horrible happen, a person would seek the help of someone capable of helping them.

    Save yourself the trouble of visiting Boston. The Celtics players are tolerated, but there are plenty of people that despise players for being African American as well. A win for Boston can change someone’s mind for a little while but that’s not good enough.

    The whole hiring process where you are told that you didn’t qualify, but you are more than qualified, is the actual get out of trouble card, because its an excuse not to hire black people but it still allows companies to fly under the EOE radar.

  • Chat

    I use to live in an Irish neighborhood. Once a black person visited me. Big mistake. My property was vandalized for years afterward until I moved. I must say, though, that homicide and stranger sexual assault was unheard of, although there was plenty of drugs.

  • http://N/A Jeff

    Hi, it may seem like these are the actions of a select number of individuals however my experience of living in Boston is that there is a racism problem here. I have traveled and lived in other parts of the United States and have met people who were fine with other races living in their communities. I have yet to find this in Boston. I think Boston institutions should alert minorities of this problem so they don’t get stuck taking a job or a college in a city where they will be not welcomed. Living in such an environment hurts self-esteem, causes depression and reduces quality of life for an individual. I feel living here is a punishment as the constant social rejection just causes more and more distress and can cause emotional damage that is irreparable.

    • yomamasmells


  • Rachel

    I’ve visited a lot of places and Boston was by far the most racist. People were giving my boyfriend ad looks even though he was dressed well and someone in a conversation told his significant other to watch her bag as my boyfriend passed by them in a store. When my boyfriend confronted the man, the man regurgitated the exact part of his conversation that he inserted the comment and said he said something else. It was extremely obvious and disturbing. This type of occurance has never happened anywhere else in my life. It may have something to do with the fact that Bostonians never had to confront race issues as many other cities in the south had to, and they were never taught what was right or wrong in terms of dealing with people who have a different outward appearance.

  • analp

    Born and raised here traveled a lot of the country and I have NEVER experienced racism here directly. I do construction so I see shyt written on walls and shyt but never anything directly. Im a blk female. A dyke blk chick @ that. Hope I never encounter it.

  • Michael Smith

    People don’t think Boston is the most racist city in America. They know it is. i lived in Boston for a year for Grad school, and as a black man it was by far the worst year of my life. I grew up in Alabama and didn’t experience as much racism as Southern tradition would indicate. However i though moving north would make me completely liberated but was I ever wrong. In the year I was there someone called me the N-word to many times to count. I was once on the campus on BC and I saw a black girl being sexually harassed by two white hooligans. I saw two police standing near and they were about as disinterested as a basketball fan at a bobcats game. The one cop said he would maybe look into it and as I walked away he said to his partner “niggar’s can’t go around making angry accusations”. As a black man and a a brother I don’t think i have ever been more disgusted by that comment. Not only does he completely disregard any comment from me being a black man, who by the way was in the process of writing my thesis for my masters in foreign policy but he brushes off the sexual harassment of a girl as if it is petty and just boys having fun. These is just a microcosm of my year. Many time I would try to get food late night and they would tell me they were closed and than white people would walk in after me and be served. I was once a quarter short on the Bus and the driver told me don’t even think about coming and a white female got on for free directly ever. I am sorry but America do not ever go to Boston if you are a black man. The people there are not just cold they are ruthless. The day I graduated I looked my professor in the eye and told him thank you for helping me but I hate this city. It is an aura of of hate and progress, percerverance and justice will never come to it.

    • NuNu McKudu

      I completely agree and understand where you are coming. They celebrate evil.

    • NuNu McKudu

      I completely agree and understand where you are coming. They celebrate evil.

    • yomamasmells

      I am not black but have lived in a lot of places, grew up in MA, and hated Boston for it’s bigotry. None of your stories are an exaggeration. I have heard cops talk like that. I have seen that stuff first hand. I had a man call my half asian friend a N at the bar, yelling about how they can’t serve N’s like him there. I am honorary “white” at best and had been threatened and jump for being in southy and not pale enough. Those Irish behave like ravenous dogs. I just got back from Boston last week and I am so happy to have been gone. I saw the looks in some of those guys eyes. Those mean guys. I gave them grins right back. I never want to go back there again. It is sad, because there was a time in Boston history when black people were equal in ways not permitted in other parts of America– they made important contirbutions. However, that had more to do with the Puritan ethics and then later, the Republican Party and it’s Puritan value system (yes MLK was a Republican too). A lot of that is gone but a lot has stayed and it is all still a part of the better people of the City. There are just too many scoundrels. I was just a victim of this kind of thing, so it is in a sad way helping me feel better.

  • ax49

    Great topic! Its so true Boston is the most racist place in the world. But it brings me to this fact that in my experience liberals are just as racist as conservatives if not more, except liberals are much less honest about it. Plus if you explain to a liberal that they are racist, it basically the worst thing you can say to them, it is their greatest fear… hence all the empty social activism they “do for minorities” …and not for their own self guilt wink* wink*. But at least these Boston progressives aren’t afraid of their racism. Ah Boston its like your in the early 90s again.

  • vanillasteve

    Tom Leykis is right on this issue. My thought and prayers DO NOT go out to the filthly trashy racisct people Boston. A more vile disgusting collection of trash and filth you will not find. Stay trashy, Boston.

  • George B. Cabrera

    All I can say is that there is a glass ceiling for most Asian and African-American nurses here in Boston. Majority of Boston hospitals will not even give you an interview regardless if you meet and exceed their requirements. I’ve seen so many times that a new grad white girl would get hired over a seasoned Vietnamese or Jamaican nurse applying for the same position.

    • Jo Ca

      You’re delusional.

  • Soldier

    Liberals exposing themselves again. Boston is more racist than the South, not shocking at all. Liberals are scumbags while Conservatives go to Church and are taught right from wrong. Liberals are busy Murdering their children.

    • liberaltraitors

      Murdering their children and calling people the “n word” as soon as they walk away. I can’t stand those hypocrites.

      • yomamasmells

        I concur. Growing up in liberal MA, even the hippie ones, as an ethnic person, even being decended from people in this country as long as their people were or even longe, 1890, they saw me as a “tawny man” first– someone they must feel sorry for and be sensitive to. What a bunch of baloney. My family was liberal, my grandpa a successful Democrat politician well known in MA, and I am a registered Republican. Conservatives, for the most part, always saw me for who I was first– not for my ethnicity. And in the lower class of conservatives, they used the wrong words but their thoughts were kind. Unlike the liberals who use the correct words, but had bad thoughts– I was weaker– browner than them– so they needed to help me/the government needed to. “The soft bigotry of low expectations” a New England phenomenon. And yeah, abortion, you gotta love that the baby has a soul at 16 weeks, but until day 89 is over, you can kill “it.” How stupid do you have to be to think it is ok to abort a fetus on day 89 but not 93? Really, does it have less of a soul on that day?

  • NuNu McKudu

    I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I attended college in Boston. I was born in Apartheid and graduated with my BA in English at a university in Boston and I have to say these people kill the soul. They are truly the architects of Apartheid in my opinion. They know how rotten they are and are unapologetic about it. They are self righteous, evil, greedy and racist; its by far nothing I was even ready to witness. My father wanted me to attend school in Boston and I did so at his request but almost died finishing my degree. The racist Irish men harassing me at night when I got off work, the Italians in the North- end were wretched yelling comments at me and I was appalled to discover how evil the women were. I think the women are actually more racist the men and actually breed this into the culture. I had been robbed numerous of times by white males and nothing was done about it and escaped rape three times. I had to leave because I was afraid I was going to crack up and retaliate which would leave me dead or in prison. I graduated with Honors but couldn’t land even a internship. Educated black people are not welcomed and my opinion their is a social purging of blacks. As an black international student I would never send my child to Boston for college, I was the first and will be the last. If this is the birthplace of America than I am scared. When god sends his angels to Boston/Sodom & Gomorrah I will not mourn when he burns it to ashes. I just can’t believe evil like this has stamina. Watch for blood on the moon. Boston will pay. God’s timing is perfect.

    • Mekkio wekkio

      I never lived there but wanted to move up there as there was abundance of IT jobs. I do tech support with a big company and have been on long calls with people from Boston Mass. I ask them how it is in Bostin as I wanted to move up there on day. I was constantly advise as a black man it would not be favorable. I did not tell them i was black but i do have that deep ethnic voice so they kind of assume. But i must say I live in Tampa Fl and it is very diverse here. I live in the burbs and there is good mixture of all ethics group. Indians, Latinos, Asians, Blacks, White etc, no problem. I lived here for 2 years now and found no issue finding a job so has my girlfriend. The police is ok here and the only run in I had with the police they let me go with a warning. Ive been to many upscale establishments and never felt discrimination here, I can not say that about other places. But give Tampa Fl a look, they value educated people here.

      • yomamasmells

        My Irish friend told me “I don’t like black people” and he is one the sweetest guys I know. Just dumb as heck. And get this– he dates a black girl. Granted she is from one of the islands where the people look black as any african. That’s how lame people are there. The nicest least racist people there are usually the black people. Unlike Chicago where both black and white people are often big mouth bigots.

        • Mekkio wekkio

          What he meant to say is the fact he don’t like black men. White men doing this for hundreds of years. Talk bad about black people but then try to fuck or rape our women. But it’s cool because it all come back on them. Right now if your an attractive, educated black male you should be winning right now.

    • Irritated

      You speak of God yet wish harm on others? You “nearly escaped rape three times” and yet your profile picture is of you nearly naked on a staircase? Well, you may not be a whore, but you’re certainly wearing a whore’s uniform!

      • chanahliorawizenberg

        Wow what rock did you crawl out of? What she is wearing is not the point

      • liberaltraitors

        Let me guess … you’re from Baasten, right?

      • yomamasmells

        If you or your dahtah was wearing that you would thing you looked gorgeous– a real lookah. You are a nasty white trash bigot ignorant to the contributions of the black people who were in Boston long before your people and who contributed to the birth of a great nation before teaming hoards of racist immigrants from Ireland et al arrived. I love it when you all whine about “Irish need not apply” like that makes it OK for you to use the N word. You suck, you are mean and a hater.

    • yomamasmells

      I like what you wrote here and I believe and agree with you. Boston is full of bigots. I grew up in MA and hated going to Boston. Just looking Italian like I do made dealign with Irish people terrible for me even though where I grew up in MA most of my friends were Irish. Roxbury, a pretty much black neighborhood was fine– truly decent. Makes Southy look like a ghetto of psychotic, mean and evil white people. And you don’t look slutty. That is just a racist mean white woman from Boston. If that was her wearing those clothes or her daughter she would say how beautiful you were. Although it would be a different adjective since she is too stupid and lacks the grace to use a word like that. And God will punish these fools. They are plaqued by drugs and alcoholism. Their lives are mostly a mess. Historically, Boston was a tolerant and decent City, so the birth of this nation, which included many brave and articulate black men and women was better than the current condition of this City. The nasty people you are mentioning came later to the City, after the potato famine. And the Italians, not all of them are bad either, but the first time I heard the N word was from them. In the home country they use it as well. Pathetic and sad. All of this. But screw Boston for it’s bigotry. It is a shame as there are a lot of good people there too.

      • Jo Ca

        Southie is a much nicer area than Roxbury. All of the crime in Boston is in the black neighborhoods. And that woman above is completely lying and anybody with common sense can tell you that.

    • rebecca

      I am so sorry this happened to you. A bostonian who has always felt like an outsider and fought with the ugly bigots and anti culture people here

      • Jo Ca

        she;s lying. Anybody could tell this is a made up story.

    • Maco

      Wow! Now I understand why Ontario, Canada with a high Irish population is the way it is…….pathetic…..

  • Laury brown

    South Boston is one of the most racist places. Also when you are looking for a job and they expect you to be white during an interview. You get dirty looks or they don’t want to shake your hand. Most of the young whites working in Boston live in South Boston. They are all friends on Facebook and just refer each other for jobs on linked in. They work together and hang out together and live together in Dorchester and South Boston. You see them packing up the buses going into south Boston and they all take the trains going the same route. They only hire the one token black person and usually give them meaningless task to do when hired. They purposefully wont train them properly on the job and discuss work matters on their lunch break with each other then when a layoff happen its the token black person to leave first. State Street is one company I hear that only hire black as interns though a program called year up and pay them 13-14 dollars an hour. They don’t promote them to management position but only train and promote whites. They come in at around 23 years move up to higher positions in less then a year. By the time they are 27-30 they are VPs at State Street leave the company and go to Brown Brothers, or other companies and the cycle repeats itself. At the same time a black person that started with them is stuck in one position for years or gets laid off when the time comes then gets replaced by another black intern.

    • Maco

      Wow! Sounds exactly like Ontario Canada and Canada in general!

  • terry lightfoot

    Just hold on now….I camped from the CNNSI article to here to debunk this awful statement made by the writer: ‘ Sadly, it perpetuates the image of Boston being the most racist city north of the Mason-Dixon’…WHAT?? I live in Raleigh NC below the mason-dixon ( where the hell is that line? ) and I can say that we…..are….more tolerant than the great city of Boston!!
    So – stop using that old tired worn out phrase…Mason-dixon line…you only show your myopic indifference to the South.

  • coalminds

    You can get along as a dark skinned athlete in Boston, just make sure you keep your head down and kiss up to the people as often as you can like David Ortiz. Otherwise everybody who’s black knows the experiences black people have had in Boston. I know black people who’ve played for professional teams there, the racism is loud when you screw up. They are who they are and they will never change, and the media will continue to love them because they’re good at marketing the “boston strong” and “red sox nation” stuff nationally. It is what it is.

  • chanahliorawizenberg

    I wonder if Boston got worse over the years. I was horrified when i had to go back home to care for my mother. I could not tolerate many things, the racism, the rudeness, meanness etc. After a year and a half we both got the hell out and came back to Raleigh. It is actually less racist here than in Boston. We have so far to go. It is till very segregated here that is so strange to me. I spent many years in NYC and found ti to be the most open and genuinely friendly place I ever lived.

    • Luncito Eucalyptus:)

      I thought I was the only one seeing it

  • Joe Blow

    And yet the article starts off by disparaging Tim Thomas because he has different political beliefs. This is one of many reasons why these kinds of discussions are always heated.

  • Mike C

    I love the legacy of Bobby Orr and Cam Neely, and even Don Cherry, I love hockey, I love the way the Boston Bruins play hockey. I do not like racism at all. Its ignorant and no place in our lives. Get educated, and that means everyone. Not only whites but blacks as well. Their is reverse racism, and that has to stop. Do not brand a who city or state for what some no-minds come up with…..can’t we all just get along.

  • liberaltraitors

    Nothing in the world is racist like a yankee. Those hypocrite scumbags make me sick …

    • LaLa

      you mean new yorkers? because i have dozens of white friends. and we’re the best we can say/do what we want. So on behalf of the population of the great New York City i must ask, “Why are you mad sir?”

  • Anonymous

    I am full blooded HUMAN…Boston born and bred me racist and intelligent….they have the most arrogant Race for each Race….ive been living in east boston for about 2 years now…i got a dirty mic living below me in a town full of ignorant spics with packing dirty looks who think this is not america…its Mexico…If you dont know spanish you are despised…it gets more disgusting and arrogant by the day with people shaking their head at you for their own personal resentment..In east boston they blare spanish music out of their cars at full blast to let you know its THEIR got the blacks in mattapan roxbury and parts of dorchester..the italians in revere winthrop the spanish in chelsea east boston…and the irish in south boston and parts of dorchester…to break it down…the whites are all on crack and heroin…the spanish take advantage and dont care about their citys if you dont know espanol you are the outcast in their city…and the blacks who are killing each other over sneakers and streets selling drugs and rapping because its the “in” thing…Apathy is lethal…everyone is brainwashed in my eyes! its so sad because the good people are outnumbered 20 to 1 what an embarassment to be proud of…i cant wait to leave here..FOR GOOD

    • Luncito Eucalyptus:)

      Why are you posting “Anonymous”?

  • Ahmed

    Is this Boston racist thing all true? I have loved the Bruins, Red Sox and the Celtics even though I dont like much basketball… I had the dream to live in Boston and to be part of the Fans who go to Red Sox games, I want to play for them, and I hope to get drafted someday… I’m from Latinamerica P.R and I feel Boston is like my second home, but is all this true? I can’t believe it

  • Aviva Romero

    I just got done arguing with people and that hole Boston strong bull crap. I feel bad about the bombing at the marathon it was horrific. How ever I noticed that after that racism from all ethnicities went on a rise! BOSTON STRONG! Being a transgender person always being pushed around by most straight people of all ethnicities BOSTON STRONG! Then we have classism and social status if you don’t have money or know him or her then you don’t get in, Boston strong! If you don’t belong to a church or believe you should conform to society norms you get ridiculed BOSTON STRONG! I am not say this is everyone but it’s the majority of all ethnicities in Boston and surrounding cities, yet these proud people who stand up for Boston could even understand what I meant by I don’t want to hear Boston strong until we as a city don’t look at people who are not part of our same social status, or back ground, sexuality or life style like they are the worse things to walk the earth. These people tried giving me a history lesson yet still the refused to admit that a person like myself will not pretend that live is grand here while I see so much that make me think the complete opposite!

    • blessdog

      “boston weak” is more like it

      did NYC come up with a MARKETING catch phrase after 9/11 when 3000 perished?

      the titanic inferiority complex of the white irish americans and blueblood elite in beantown allowed them to parlay a firecracker drill going off followed by 3 days of experimental martial law, into a battle cry of boston pro sports teams – and the latest flavor at Dunkin’ Donuts
      racist and ignorant? yes

  • Alexander Lourens

    I’m black and lived in Boston for years …it’s NOT the most racist city in America… I dealt with more racism in NEW YORK …and I was born and raised there NEVER got stopped and harassed like in NYC ..and I lived here 10 years ! …not once ! …what happened to Joel ward was passionate fans acting like assholes ..they LOVE their hockey here… This is a HOCKEY town the red Sox arejust our staple team …the first day I came here i saw black and white couples by the tenfold ! DON’T see that in NYC or philly or Charlotte, or even so called black cities like chicago and new Orleans doesn’t have a admixtureof people here …

    • alwaystestthespi

      I appreciate your post~ I am in NYC and I am currently looking to move to Boston, but I am nervous concerning all of the things I’ve heard concerning the racism. What part do you live in?

    • blessdog

      “what happened to Joel ward was passionate fans acting like assholes”
      you sound white

      just sayin’

  • Tim

    I am a Korean and have just arrived to Boston, checked in to the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, which I presumed to be a prestigious hotel. I grew up in Europe, mostly in German speaking countries, and have visited major cities in 60 plus different countries, including Johannesburg in South Africa, but have found the mood in Boston quite exceptional in a negative way. From the taxi that I took at the airport to the front desk at the lobby of the hotel, the people that I have met, even though very few, were not of the most polite sort in many ways, and even seem to try avoid making eye contacts with me. Immediately after arriving to my room, I carefully tried to find what was wrong with me, by looking into the mirror. But since everything looked as usual, I ended up googling for ‘boston racism’ thereafter, then finding this article and leaving this comment accordingly. Due to a conference I need to attend, I may have to stay for a few more days here, but already wish to leave and not come back. I feel very sorry about this place.

    • Luncito Eucalyptus:)


  • Michael51202800

    Not Boston! Try Nahant, they see one non-white person/or someone with a crapy car, the people call the police. They don’t allow people to even visit. During the holidays, they won’t let people look at the lawn decorations. They just call the police. You can’t take a walk around the area, they call the police. If the police don’t recognize your vehicle, they pull you over! NAHANT sucks! The best part is, they have no problem asking for money for their events!!!!!!!

  • awareinvestor

    Let’s remembers the horrors of slavery through the words of Frederick Douglass:

  • Chuck SucioPerro

    Mics are trash

  • Jaffer

    Today, Boston is just as racist or not-racist as any other city anywhere. The historical context gives it the bad rep and the majority ethnic oriented neighborhood concentrations lend to giving it the racist reputation. Today, it is probably on the same level as anywhere else.