Lip-Reading Tom Brady's Salty Sideline Language

By | Boston Daily |

Have a look at the animated .GIF captured by Deadspin after the Patriots tied up Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, and you might be tempted to conclude that the Pats wanted a win so intensely that when the refs ruled Quarterback Tom Brady’s run into the endzone a touchdown, Brady was driven to say something a bit, um, salty.

“Pick your pitches,” Brady said, somewhat non-sensically.

But, inspired by the folks at Reddit, we’d like to help Brady out by suggesting five more wholesome things he might have been saying.

1.¬†“Duck soup, it is.”

2.¬†“That dupe itches”

3. “The cupid chins.'”

4.¬†“Vacuumed britches.”

5. ¬†“Ugh, you pinches.”

See? Nothing to talk about here.

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