Menino Announces Plan for Releasing Inmates

Menino Announces Plan for Releasing Inmates
More than 500 prisoners could be released in the wake of the Annie Dookhan drug lab scandal. The plan? Put more specialized police on the streets of Boston and enact a crisis reentry plan to assist released prisoners with their return to society—and to let them know that there is a “zero-tolerance” policy for criminal activity. “Zero tolerance.” As if before we would say, “Oh, you beat the crap out of that guy and trafficked drugs to kids? Here, take this warning and scram.” [Globe]

Ben Affleck Buys the Rights to Dennis Lehane’s Live by Night
Affleck previously wrote and directed Lehane’s Gone Baby GoneLive by Night tells the story of Joe Coughlin, the son of a prominent Boston police captain who climbs the organized crime ladder of Jazz Age Boston. Oh, hey, don’t forget while casting, Ben: That “Magical Negro”? He’s not black. [Herald]

Police Looking for Two Suspects Who Allegedly Spat on MBTA Bus Drivers
Where were these guys going, and what were they so darn late for? []

And Speaking of Rude Interruptions to Our Commute…
… Police are also trying to find whoever tossed a 40-pound granite boulder from an overpass onto a Cape Cod dinner train’s locomotive last night. Excuse you! [Fox]

@CardinalSean (Re)Joins the Twittersphere
The Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston has had a Twitter for a while now (enough to garner 5,000 followers), but yesterday the Archdiocese of Boston announced that the man himself will start tweeting more regularly from the account—just in time for election season. [Globe]