Presidents' Day Auction Will Include John F. Kennedy's Air Force One Jacket

Attendees can also bid on personal items like family photos, birthday cards, and more.

JFK-Air-Force-One-Leather-Bomber-JacketJohn F. Kennedy’s Air Force One leather bomber jacket. (Photos via John McInnis Auctioneers)

After President John F. Kennedy died in 1963, his Special Assistant and close friend David Powers led the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for 30 years. But while the public can see plenty of JFK memorabilia at the museum here in Boston, Powers had kept a few goodies for himself through the years.

On February 17, people will have a chance to bid on hundreds of Powers’ personal belongings as items from his estate (Powers died in 1998) are put up for auction in Amesbury, Mass.

Perhaps the coolest piece up for grabs is John F. Kennedy’s Air Force One leather bomber jacket (shown above). Other items include birthday cards, family photos, and correspondence that capture the JFK era. Among the memorable moments of JFK’s life and presidency include photos of him as a baby and teenager, with the Red Sox at Fenway Park, and with the 1963 championship-winning Celtics at the White House. The most poignant item for sale is a birthday card from John Jr. to his father on his 46th birthday (shown below)—it was the only card “John John” ever gave his father.

Below, check out a few of the items that will be auctioned at the Presidents’ Day weekend auction. To see the full collection of more than 700 pieces, visit

jfk-redsoxPhoto of Ted Williams, Eddie Pellagrini, John F. Kennedy, and Hank Greenberg. (May 1946, Fenway Park)

jfk-celticsSigned photo of JFK with the Boston Celtics. (January 1963, The White House)

jfk-teenJFK as a teenager with family and friends.

JFK_birthday-cardBirthday card from John Jr. to JFK on his 46th birthday. (May 1963)



  • Karen

    Whoever is auctioning these items should instead give them to Caroline Kennedy. They belong to her.

  • msnoname

    The Air Force One jacket Dave Powers (who was about to be fired) stole from a straight-backed wooden chair, saying it was public property. That jacket should be given into the custody of the White House for their collection of presidential artifacts, relics, and momentos to sit alongside the tiny bullet proof vest his daughter wore, her cowgirl costume, per the request of President Kennedy to his actual daughter who is President Kennedy’s only child. The personal items of and about President Kennedy such as correspondence, photographs should be relinquished to his actual daughter via The Office of the Prince of Wales at Clarence House, London, England SW1A 1BS. When people were conspiring on the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, they kept repeatedly telling President Kennedy he would not be alive to see it. Everytime President Kennedys’ actual daughter visited the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum she was assaulted and threatened. She has nothing to do with the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum or the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (another place they repeatedly told President Kennedy he would not be alive to see), especially since she is still kidnapped and conealed in the interior of the United States and is waits patiently to be reunited with her husband, their children, and grandchildren (and parents-in-law by marriage), she like her parents (her mother, President Kennedy’s actual wife was a working scientist/daughter of a diplomat) has no aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, first cousins, or siblings. Her father was a repeat kidnappee of organized crime bootlegger, stock manipulator, trafficker in radioactive (hidden in post boxes claiming wrongly it was Rx for Addison’s Disease of which the autopsy showed President Kennedy did not have), itler-supporting, disgraced former US Ambassador to England (Joe Sr. almost got the US into a war with England) Joseph P. Kennedy and his wife, madam Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. The photographs of President Kennedy with Miss Jacqueline Bovier was part of her newspaper assignment. The photographs of President Kennedy at Jacqueline Bouvier’s wedding are when President John F. Kennedy was a US Senator already happily married but forced to attend Miss Jacqueline Bouvier’s wedding, cut the cake with her, and dance with her for photo-ops to which misleading captions were attached. Judge Hoppin of Colorado, now entering his golden years, admits assisting Mrs. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy to obtain a quick divorce from the man she married who temporarily changed his name to John F. Kennedy. Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, the former Karen Kennedy (spouse of Edwin Schlossberg or castle city as he is known in Europe) is not the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and none of the versions of little John-John, including the little baby who died in the care of Jacqueline Bouvier from failure to thrive while away from his actual parents, none of those boys are related to President John F. Kennedy. President John F. Kennedy’s actual son died en utero when his mother was killed, hence the provision of three empty chairs at various observances.

  • Joe Brown

    JFK’ bomber jacket is really a US Navy G1 flight jacket not an Air Force G2.