Boston Is One of the Country's Most Congested Cities

Plus: Is Southie Rules real? Will Dan Winslow be the Republican Party's savior? And more news.

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Boston Is One of the Country's Most Congested Cities. Traffic-wise, according to this study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Although we're also pretty congested flu-wise. [Texas A&M]

Is Southie Rules Real? Producers and Stars Respond. The hot mess of a show is now being identified by cast and producers as a “reality-sitcom” hybrid. They claim to have shot a dramatic pilot of the show, but realized afterward that gentrification was so 10 years ago. Hence, the current disaster of a TV program instead. []

Will Dan Winslow Be the Republican Party's Savior? Slow your roll, it isn't official yet. “Today I'm taking the necessary steps to form an exploratory committee to test the waters for the U.S. Senate,” said Rep. Winslow. “We need to fix a broken Washington where progress is being hampered by partisan gridlock.” [Reuters]

Email from Harvard Dean Regarding Cheating Scandal Raises More Questions Than Answers. His message is referred to by students as fluff, trivializing, insulting, and offensive. Adding to the madness is this student's remark, quoted in The Crimson: “I didn’t even read all the way through the email because I thought it was just another administrative announcement…I deleted it right away.” Zing! [Crimson]

A Replica of the Zakim Bridge…for Squirrels. A town in Washington built a 12-foot-long replica of the Zakim Bridge in honor of a man who initially thought of the idea. John Dick was a fan of bridges and Boston Legal. [UniversalHub]

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