Kevin Garnett Unwrapped? Never.

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Here's the thing about Kevin Garnett—the man just loves his scarves. After nearly every game—in the winter and sometimes even when it's warm—KG emerges from the locker room with a muffler tied tightly around his neck. We asked Jeff Lahens, the founder of Dresscode Boston, to break down six of KG's go-to looks.

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 1

As Time Goes By: KG’s style is “very classic,” Lahens says. Noting the martial design of his jacket, Lahens adds that the scarf’s color “works for the military-preppy look he’s going for.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 2

Blocking Out: “He does a lot of the double-sided scarfs, double-colored,” Lahens says. “It creates a good contrast between one side to the next.”

Kevein Garnett - Scarf 3

Triple-Double: “This one isn’t bad,” Lahens says, but it’s not his favorite. “There’s so much going on there.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 4

You the Man: “I like square patterns,” Lahens says. “I think it’s masculine, and he’s very masculine.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 5

Mr. Versatility: Lahens love the colors and patterns on this scarf. “It matches any type of color you would want to wear,” he says, adding that the classic design is “trend-proof.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 6

Split Personality: According to Lahens, this one signals that in-game KG and post-game KG are two different people. “It’s clean,” he explains. It’s like KG is saying, “I can get my hands dirty, but I can keep a clean white shirt. Or I can keep a clean white scarf.”

Photos by Ben Rohrbach

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