MBTA Launches 'Courtesy Critters' Campaign to Promote Respectful Commuting

Plus: Dishonorable discharge for the Monopoly iron, and more news.

MBTA Launches 'Courtesy Critters' Campaign to Promote Respectful Commuting. The MBTA's latest campaign of 2,400 posters stars animals asking commuters to be respectful T riders. “Don't spray your germs,” say elephants on the bus. On the Red Line, parrots request that you “Don't squawk on the phone.” Hey MBTA, how about not herding people into packed trains like zoo animals? Maybe then they won't act like them. [Globe]

Only 4 of 37 Specialty Pharmacies in Massachusetts Pass Surprise Health Inspections. In other words, nearly 90 percent of them failed. Serious violations of state regulations were found at 11, while others were found to have minor infractions. The investigations began in October after last year's meningitis outbreak, for which a compounding pharmacy in Framingham was held responsible. [Boston.com]

The U.S. Post Office Will No Longer Deliver Mail on Saturdays. In a scheduled announcement later today, the USPS is expected to announce that the change will begin in August and save $2 billion annually. Package delivery will still take place six days a week. (In other words, don't worry, everything you need will still feel like it's two weeks late.) [AP]

Twitter Acquires Cambridge Company Bluefin Labs. Bluefin, which deals in social TV analytics, provides data products to brand advertisers, agencies, and TV networks. Watch out GetGlue, Twitter is coming for you. [Business Insider]

Hasbro Announces New Monopoly Cat Token and the Retirement of the Iron. Major staff shakeup over in Monopolyland. Hasbro confirmed today that the Iron is retiring. Anonymous sources say he was caught making inappropriate advances toward the Thimble. After a thorough investigation by the Top Hat, Iron was instructed to leave immediately, do not pass Go, and was denied his $200 pension. [Time]