Boston University Frat Suspended In Wake of Student Death

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Boston University Frat Suspended In Wake of Student Death. Anthony Barksdale II, 19, was found unconscious late Friday night at an off-campus residence in Allston, where dozens of of Sigma Alpha Mu members attended a party to welcome the frat’s new members, including Barksdale. He later died after being rushed to the hospital, and details are still under investigation.  []

Exploratory Committee Investigate 2024 Olympics. The Boston Olympic Exploratory Committee has a Facebook page (with a Like from Mayor Menino), a website, and a Twitter feed that’s making one thing pretty clear:


Police Officer Jumps Buildings, Bond-Style, to Make Three Arrests. Officer Michael Holden jumped from one rooftop to another, gun drawn, and used one set of handcuffs to contain three suspects until back-up arrived. “Incidents that are as dangerous as this go on all the time every day,” he told the Herald. “This is a little more sensational, but no more or less dangerous than the stuff that goes on every day.”  [Herald]

Tim Cahill’s Wife Would Divorce Him If … he ran for public office again, or at least so he told Dan Rea on Monday night.  [WBZ]

Harvard Students Not So Happy with Fake Eviction Notices. The notices are part of a campaign by the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee.  [The Crimson]

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