Deconstructing The Terribly Awkward ‘At Fenway’ Video

The new video about Fenway Park is really … something.

Earlier this week, the following monstrosity was posted to YouTube. It’s a new music video for the song “At Fenway,” by Brian Evans. The tune was actually released to little fanfare in 2011. Unfortunately, it’s come back to haunt us in this form:

Its horrors are almost unspeakable, but worth breaking down for comedic effect:

A 12-year-old (approximately) in a Red Sox hoodie walks into Fenway Park’s empty grandstand, rhythmically flipping a ball back and forth. Poor kid.

Cue the drums and the shots of a bustling Fenway on game day. Soon, people in the stands—the video was shot after a game in September—start chanting “Fenway.” Are these outtakes from Fever Pitch?

Here comes Evans, in a tuxedo, strutting along the warning track near the Green Monster. Not sure what he’s doing with his hands.

Cut to Evans, who’s now in a Red Sox uniform—he’s wearing Jason Varitek’s No. 33—that’s about three sizes too big. He starts high-fiving the crowd, then defiantly puts his hands on his hips.

Now Evans is back in his tux, on the mound, singing the first line of the song. “Gonna spend the day over at Fenway. Gonna see them hit that ball a mile high.” Apparently, Evans loves foul pop ups. In fact, at 1:02, he’s in the stands, catching one.

Evans is at the plate now. (He’s a lefty.) He’s hitting and singing at the same time, and inexplicably the umpire is William freaking Shatner, who’s deep in shtick. This kicks off a montage of actors playing baseball. Fantasy camp participants look more natural. Oh, and Evans hits a home run.

Evans is in his tux again. He finishes singing, and takes a bow.

The kid’s back, and Fenway Park is empty. Now let’s never speak about this again.

(In the video’s final few seconds, Evans pays tribute to his mother. It was a sweet way to end the most terrible video ever.)

  • Mumbles

    The sad thing is, the Red Sox are all over this. The child bride tweeted about it as did David Ortiz (no doubt at management’s direction.) Between this, their lame “concession stand discounts”, their stunts like selling bricks etc – it’s as if they’ve gone 360 on their cynicism and are actually believing their own bs.
    Congrats to the author for not mentioning the certain local fameball involved.

    • Joseph

      This video was horrible. Its probably what ended up killing his mom.

      • janeasinner

        That is a HORRIBLE thing to say. and you must be a HORRIBLE PERSON. Just think how you are going to feel when you own Mother dies. or maybe you were born from wild savage dogs. Oh wait that is an insult to the dogs. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Marilyn Bell

    I thought this was great. I’m sorry, but what do you expect? People is Boston eat their own, that’s the problem. It is funny, and it appeals to a lot of the older crowd who hate loud music at the park. No wonder Boston has the reputation that it does. No one ever says “Atta Boy,” or “A” for effort. Nothing. Good for you, Brian. Screw them.

  • julie walsh

    You forgot to mention the ubiquitous Ernie Boch Jr.

  • appealme

    You probably spent more time deconstructing it than the guy took to write it. Overkill. The thing is meant to be in good fun, which it is. Nationally, The Today Show gave the guy credit for pulling it off. In his own backyard, they crucify him. There is no doing good when people are just haters. I think the video is great, good on you, Brian, for pulling it off. Don’t listen to these people. Ortiz has you on his FB page, he loves it, so do I.

  • appealme

    What a stupid article, by a pretty stupid reporter. Least the guy did something…what do you do, except (literally) pick it apart. Get a life, lady. You need one more than he does.

  • Justin Curtis

    Looks good! Thanks for posting, Alan! Your analysis seems quite biased, but that aside, I’m sure Brian appreciates you posting the link!

    Great job Brian! Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Our prayers are with you this Easter.

  • Justin Curtis

    Alan, here’s a much more objective example by writer, Bill Speros. Note how he emphasizes “William Shatner” in order to increase SEO (search engine optimization).

  • appealme

    A message by Brian Evans

  • Lynn

    Your review is SO obviously biased with personal opinions (based on a personal grudge I won’t mention here). SO SAD that you are using the little power God gave you to spread personal hate. Thankfully, I believe in karma…

  • Sheila Watson

    And yet, it’s got over 600,000 views on YouTube in 2 weeks since you wrote this story.

    • Kemp

      They are driving traffic there as an advertisement before you are allowed to watch something else of youtube (viritually no one is watching this drivel on purpose). The entire endeavor is shamelessly opportunistic; this guy is epitome of awful.

  • Albert

    I VERY much agree with the article– how anyone can think this is an artful video is beyond me. If I were from Boston, I’d be ashamed of Brian Evans.

  • Diri Kiju

    This was not an unbiased review – this was so obviously a personal vendetta. I enjoyed the video, it was refreshing. And in my opinion it has brought a little comfort to the people of Boston after the bombing. It also has four million views so obviously your attempts at harming this man have failed. What a sickening excuse for a “journalist” you are. It is disgusting how people like you dirty the profession.

  • goldfinger21

    I am neither a baseball fan, ( I like watching it but it really is a little girls game, and as for gloves, it is called rounders in england and played by kids, who may grow up to play cricket, with a very hard ball, and other than the wicket keeper and nowadays, the actual batsmen, protection is not used) or have ever been to Fenway park, but the tune is pleasant in the style of the jazz singers, it is a nicely composed video, with the inevitable celebs making token appearances, it is harmless and this critic must have some serious issues to take this Videao apart. Take it for what it is, and either enjoy or leave it alone.

  • Ace Diamond

    It wasen’t all that bad!(At Fenway)..just takes us back to the Frank Sinatra era! Which gives us all a little culture!..As a former minor leaguer myself & recording artist I have a baseball CD entitled: “PLAYIN’ BASEBALL” by Ace Diamond..Some (old & new songs)featuring Sox fav. “PLAY BALL”
    Let’s give Brian some credit for doing his thing! Cheers & “PLAY BALL”

    • Ace Diamond

      “AT FENWAY” BY Btian Williams..has a good 1940’s Jazz/pop feel and it has done well in Boston!…”The older crowd are more likely to get into this tune”..The younger fans may like something a bit more upbeat/lively in a Fenway Park theme!..i.e. “GOOD TIME AT FENWAY PARK TONIGHT” (#9 cut) on the “ACE DIAMOND”-12-song)-CD “PLAYIN’ BASEBALL” a real upbeat sing-a-long,hand clappin’pop tune!link here:

  • Kemp

    Terribly untalented singer preying on heart strings with sentimental images to sell records. People are incredibly stupid. I’ve seen socket puppets sing with more talent than this hack.

    “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public”

    H. L. Mencken

  • Guest

    Woefully untalented singer preying on heartstrings with sentimental images to sell records. I’ve seen sock puppets sing with more charisma than this hack.

    “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public”

    H. L. Mencken

  • janeasinner

    This writer has a grudge against Brian Evans. and so does the red sox front office and the entire outfit, minus the players that is. The PR firm that handles the hospital, Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Mass that killed Helen Marie Bousquet, handles the Red Sox PR. so disgusting.