High-Resolution Photo of Possible Marathon Bombing Suspect Revealed

A witness that was near the explosion snapped a photo that shows one of the wanted men.

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Photo via Reddit.com/Imgur

Photo via Reddit.com/Imgur

Just hours after federal officials went live with surveillance photos of two men wanted in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings, a clearer photo of one of the possible suspects was posted online, and later, retrieved by FBI investigators.

According to a post on the New York Times‘ blog site “The Lede,” a Florida man by the name of¬†David Green was on his way to meet friends when one of the bombs went off on Boylston Street on marathon Monday. While standing near the intersection of¬†Fairfield¬†Street, along the race route, Green snapped a photo of the chaos, and as a result, a high-resolution shot of one of the alleged suspects sought by investigators.

Green told the Times that the FBI contacted him on Thursday, once the photo went viral, and asked for a copy of the¬†picture to help in their investigation. Prior to speaking with the Times, speculation about the photo’s validity sparked an intense conversation on two separate online forums.¬†

In an interview with Piers Morgan late Thursday night Green said he had finished the marathon and started walking to find his friends in the area around 2:50 p.m. Green claims he pulled out his iPhone and took one picture after hearing the explosions, and coincidentally happened to capture the suspect running around the corner. “I know the images [the FBI] released were the best quality they had, but this shows the suspect has a number ‘three’ on the side [of his hat], and that he is not wearing the bag with the bomb post explosion,” Green said.

FBI officials released multiple photos of the two alleged Boston Marathon bombing¬†suspects at a press conference on Thursday and asked for the public’s help identifying them. The information was¬†unveiled¬†the same day that President Barack Obama visited the city for a memorial service for the victims killed in the attack.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the photo released by the FBI, and the one Green took and later gave to officials.

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