Hundreds Show Up to Block Protests at Bombing Victim’s Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church has said it will picket outside of victim Krystle Campbell’s services.

Photo via Teamsters Local 25.

Photo via Teamsters Local 25.

So far, the Westboro Baptist Church hasn’t followed through with their threats to picket memorial services and ceremonies held for the victims and families impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings. But another group of locals showed up in Medford on Monday—just in case—and formed a human shield to block them.

According to a press release distributed by members of the Westboro Baptist Church, the group was going to protest outside of St. Joseph’s in Medford, where funeral services for Krystle Campbell started at 10 a.m. Monday. Campbell, 29, was one of three people killed in the bombings last week.

In a statement, the church group, notorious for blaming catastrophes and the deaths of innocent people on “God’s wrath” because President Barack Obama supports same-sex marriage, protesters were going to “picket the memorial” with large signs.

“[President Obama] is chiefly to blame for bringing down the wrath of God on Boston, on Massachusetts, and the USA … WBC will remind you at every opportunity that God is your enemy,” the group said.

On Sunday, April 21, members of Teamsters Local 25 issued a press release promising to block such protests outside of the funeral services for Campbell by forming a human wall. Local 25 President Sean O’Brien asked all off-duty Teamsters to participate. “Teamsters Local 25 will be out in full force [Monday] morning at St. Joseph’s Church in Medford to form a human shield and block the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funeral of Krystle Campbell. The Campbell family and friends have already endured immeasurable amounts of heartache and tragedy this week, and deserve a peaceful funeral with time to grieve privately,” said O’Brien. “Westboro Baptist Church should understand that we will go to great lengths to make sure they don’t protest any funerals of the victims of the past week’s tragedies, and that those we lost receive a proper burial.”

As of 10 a.m. there was no word if members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed up, however, hundreds of people from the union were present if, at any time, the church group arrived. “Hundreds of Teamsters formed a solid wall on the suburban roadway approaching the church. They stood silent guard as mourners drove slowly by on the way to the 11 a.m. funeral service,” the group said on their website.

Supporters pulled a similar move last week when Obama visited Boston to speak at a memorial service in the South End, just days after the attack. Members of the WBC promised to show up with signs, but never did. Regardless, roughly 1,000 people dressed in all black came to the aid of the city and held a silent protest in case the members followed through.

  • Katie Lewis

    I think it would be even more helpful if OneFund set up a phone text donation. Keep it coming, America!!!

  • haroldbissonette

    Fred Phelps is gay. Pass it on.

    • David Magee

      Now THAT’S funny! A little childish normally, but in this case totally appropriate.

    • David Reece

      Fred Phelps is Gay, pass it on

      • disqus_m49yNvS9Lb

        that’s insulting gays

    • Mickey Bitsko

      He wishes he was so lucky.

    • Virginia Kahn

      who cares –

  • FrankO

    I’m a Christian, and please do not confuse them as Christians. We’ve been praying for peace, protection and healing for the area and families since it all happened.

    • Donald Smith

      This goes the same for Muslims. “I’m a Muslim, and please do not confuse them as Muslims.” But sadly people misinterupt this and keep on going with the hate mongering.

      • Kate Friscia Gamble

        NO, they are NOT Christians…just because they say they are does not mean they are. I can say I’m a car, it doesn’t make me one. Don’t Confuse true Christians to those that claim they are…as a Christian, I am discussed by these animals. Jesus said “they will know you by your love”….these monsters are incapable of love.

      • Betty Greenlee


    • Kim Bowman

      YES they are christians. What do you think they are? Buddhist? Hindu? They claim the bible as the word of god and jesus as their savior. That means: they are christians. Period. End of story.

      • Pi10107

        They are NOT Christians. They are frauds and are led by the devil.

      • Betty Greenlee

        I think you should read the bible …… are as confused as WBC. about what a Christian is.

      • Mark

        But they do not follow the words of Jesus in that bible. Therefore they are NOT Christians… of which do follow the teaching of Christ… ergo they are Christians/believers in the ways of Christ. Jesus Christ never protested a funeral.

  • Kimberly B Stone

    WBC’s day is rapidly coming to an end. They know that everywhere they go, they are met with counterprotests that are wildly funny, or very determined human blockades. The more this happens, the fewer lawsuits they can file, limiting their funding for their road trips of hate. The sooner they vanish into obscurity, the better.

    • Guest

      What we need is ol’ Fred to become room temperature, that might stop them, but I doubt it!

    • Virginia Kahn

      I like this

  • David Magee

    My (babtist) Christian beliefs tell me to forgive and forget, but I keep thinking we should ship Westboro Baptist Church to North Korea. Not only would it keep Americans from confusing Christians with those deluded fools, but NK doesn’t believe in gays either! WBC should be happy with all the other deluded people over there. I know, I know, I’ll just pray for their enlightenment (fat chance). But Christian means “Christ-like”, and WBC behavior express nothing like Jesus’ unjudgemental behavior.

    • Kim Bowman

      It doesn’t matter that their behavior is not what you agree with. They are still christians. Do you agree with other denominations of christianity? Of course not, or else you would be going to those churches. You go to the one you agree with! Just because you do not agree with what a particular christian church teaches, that does not mean it is not, in fact and by definition, a bona fide christian church. Westboro believes in the bible, has faith in jesus and god, just as any other christian denomination. YES they are ‘real’ christians, by that fact and definition. It doesn’t matter that they are not ‘forgiving’ and that they are ‘judgemental’. YOU are being judgemental of the Westboro church by what you just wrote.

      • Betty Greenlee


      • Lauren Gatt

        WHY are you so determined to label these people as Christians?! Just because they label themselves that, it DOES NOT mean they are. They don’t believe in the bible as you have claimed, because the New Testament (that of Christianity) states that whosoever has sinned need only repent, and that they shall be forgiven.“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-5. WBC preaches hate; this is NOT a Christian value. They are a political hate group that uses the bible to hide what they truly are…Having faith in Jesus means actually listening and practicing his teachings of LOVE.

    • Betty Greenlee


  • David Magee

    Oh, and bless those who showed up to block protests during
    Krystle Campbell’s funeral. Your hearts are in the right place. God Bless Boston, all American’s are watching your back.

    • Virginia Kahn


  • nate

    Well, they did their job though because you are talking about them/ reporting on them and they didn’t even show.

  • bjbanana8

    It takes more than what they have to be a christian!!! Shame on every last one of them! Maybe they want to come to Texas and protest in West, Texas over the explosion! Yeah baby, come to Texas momma!

    • Kim Bowman

      So what are you going to do if they do come to Texas? I am sure they already have been in Texas for one of their protests before. And what do you mean by “It takes more than what they have to be a christian!!!”? What do you mean?

    • Jeff Walker

      their site says they do plan on that..

  • Judy O’Brien

    Thank you to all who were able to show support for Ms. Campbell…she will rest in peace knowing that we are all thinking/praying and honoring her. My best to her family.

    • Judy O’Brien

      I don’t understand how they can call themselves baptist and protest the things and way they do….shame on them

      • Betty Greenlee

        Anyone can call themselves ‘ministers ‘…..there are many places online that sell the certificates….but that does not mean anything to God…they have to be CALLED!

  • Michael John Gass

    Radical Muslims are to Islam like the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christians.

  • Kim Bowman

    To all of the self-proclaimed christians posting here, who are claiming that the Westboro Church people are ‘not christians’: YES they are christians. They read the same bible, worship the same god and jesus. Stop trying to pretend that you do not classify yourself in the same category just because you do not like what they do in this type of protest behavior. They are still christians. If they are not christians, then what are they? They are a church with the same tax-exempt status as YOUR church, under the law of this country.

    • Jeff Walker

      no they are not, just a lame hate group.

      • Virginia Kahn

        hiding behind “church” so there hate can continue .

    • Valentino Herrera

      Not sure what church you belong to, but I can’t recall any part of the New Testament where Jesus advocates, encourages, or condones hate. These people are a fringe group who rally around the insane, hate-filled rhetoric of a man who sounds like someone who admired the Third Reich. The god they worship hates – does yours?

    • Adele Vaught

      TThey claim to be BBaptist. YET the baptist association does not recognize them. They use “church” to hide behind…call me ccrazy but i was taught Love thy neighbor not hate everyone that is not like me in church…hmmm i guess the Catholic Church isint very christian according to u…but yet WBC is in your mind…wow deluded much?

    • J T Friel

      It takes a lot more than reading the bible to be a Christian, I read Sports Illustrated but that doesn’t make me a swimsuit model! They need to act like Christians before I will ever call them a Christian!

      • Betty Greenlee

        A Christian is known by their LOVE……..and their fruits…

    • Kirsten MacAdams Centrella

      Kim, Fortunately it doesn’t matter what religion you are to be an asshole and you are an asshole just like the members of WBC

    • Betty Greenlee


    • Emily Miller

      make sure ill invite Hells Angel there

    • Emily Miller

      please come protest in sc kim

  • Virginia Kahn

    Go Teamsters –

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    Who the hell is Kiim Bowman?

  • Melissa Pakenham Miller

    wtg Teamster Local 25. you guys are right up there with the Patriot Guard riders.

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    Good job Teamsters.