Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News’s Coverage of the Tsarnaevs

Stewart had a great segment on the network’s coverage of the Boston bombings.

By | Boston Daily |


As soon as authorities confirmed that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not immediately read his Miranda rights, debate has emerged weighing whether the threat of more attacks merited the national security exemption from the Constitutional requirement that suspects learn their “right to remain silent,” etc.

One place where that reasonable debate went to die was Fox News, a network that has greeted legal debates surrounding the marathon bombing with no small amount of glee. (Nothing brings in the cantankerous viewers like a good-old fashioned debate about whether we should bar Muslims from our nation’s shores!)

As always, Jon Stewart and staff have spent the week closely monitoring Fox (God help them) and the many, many words uttered there simply to fill the hours of the day. The results are grim. “I really worry if we have lost an understanding of our Constitution,” he shows Sean Hannity saying at the start of Thursday’s episode, before showing footage of the various Fox anchors and personalities systematically suggesting we overlook nearly every single amendment in the Bill of Rights. Stewart, being a comedian, paints in broad strokes himself a couple times, but there’s not much room for argument when he shows Ann Coulter suggesting of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife that “I don’t care if she knew about this. She ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab.”  (“AND DOWN GOES THE NINTH AMENDMENT!” cheers Stewart from the sideline.) God, you can just picture Coulter sitting in the Fox green room writing that line for herself thinking, “This’ll really get them. Ohoho yes.”

Anyway, Stewart has often been a hilarious voice of reason in the weeks since the bombing, but this segment is particularly worth a view. Have a look:

  • Barry Kort

    Jon Stewart is brilliant. Simply brilliant.

  • Phil

    This guy is such a hypocrite. He doesn’t give a bleep about the Constitution…

    • Will Poundstone

      neither does the right

  • jonathan megerian

    Very self serving to target one commentator on Fox News. What about Chris Matthews flagrant disregard for the second ammendment, and where are you on covering Bloomberg’s disturbing comments that we need to rethink our interpretation of the constitution based on the attacks? If you want people to take you seriously, 1) spend equal time criticizing the hypocrites commentators on other news outlets; 2) make accurate attributions when you report… Report Stewart may use the term ‘Fox News’ a catch all reason to throw the baby out with the bath water, but you shouldn’t do the same. You are not a comedian, he is (or maybe you are!)

  • Guest

    You people disgust me. Hes a terrorist, he is an enemy combatant and don’t deserve Miranda rights

  • h8libtards

    You people disgust me. He is a terrorist, an enemy combatant and does not deserve Miranda rights. If he doesnt talk they should waterboard him to learn what he knows and what his “friends are planning”, to keep this country safe. Or should we just trust him and have him stay silent while other Americans die? Grow up Peter Pan, this isn’t never never land.

  • Anonimouse9

    Jon Stewart is nothing more than a comedian, a liberal one at that. What’s worse, he has zero comprehension of the real law, or the real world.