Kevin Spacey Is Photobombing People in Boston

While apparently on a jog in the city, he hopped into one unsuspecting person’s picture.

Photo via

Photo via

During his visit to Boston to see some of the victims impacted by the marathon bombings, actor Kevin Spacey took some time out during a jog through the city to surprise an unsuspecting person posing for a photo.

According to a post on, Spacey hopped into the shot in the Public Garden as he was passing by, and startled the woman standing in front of the George Washington statue:

So yesterday in Boston my friend got photobombed by Kevin Spacey out jogging…Apparently he jogged up, shouted ‘PHOTOBOMB!’ and then ran off laughing. Excellent.

According to Channel 7 News, the movie star was in the area to say hello to those severely injured in the April 15 blasts. Spacey said on Tuesday, the same day the photo was allegedly taken, that he felt compelled to come to the area because of all the time he has spent here filming projects in the past. “Last week we’re in Baltimore about to start the series I’m doing again. I was like, I can’t—I can’t spend another second watching this and not get on a plane and just come to Boston. I shot a couple of movies here. I love this city,” Spacey told reporters during a TV interview.

The Herald reports that after Spacey made rounds at both the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Boston Medical Center, he popped into one of the police stations and was handing out free Netflix passes to get people to catch his online series “House of Cards.” No word yet on who took the photo featuring Spacey, but we are working on it.


  • Bonnie Anderson

    Awesome! I’ve always loved Kevin Spacey as an actor, now I’m really impressed with him as a person.

  • Julie Soerand

    The woman in the picture is Christina Sander Tjerrild, she is a danish tourist on vacation in the states, currently she is in New york. She and a friend (who took the picture) was just there as tourist, trying to snap a pic, when Spacey came jogging. Kinda sweet and definitely made for one of the best vacation pictures of all time.