Poll: Gabriel Gomez Does Shockingly Well Against Ed Markey

The first poll shows a surprisingly tight race.

The immediate and obvious takeaway from Public Policy Polling’s new Massachusetts Senate Race poll, the first since Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez won their party primaries, is that the relatively unknown Republican isn’t actually that far behind the Democrat. Markey is beating Gomez by only four percentage points with 44 percent of likely voters to Gomez’s 40. That’s not exactly a blowout, and it’s a totally different snapshot than the ones provided by pre-primary polls that presented a then-hypothetical Gomez-Markey matchup.

Digging into the poll a bit more reveals some silver linings for Markey, particularly when we look at the role of independent and undecided voters. The poll has them close, but it still casts Markey as the favorite. Gomez is way ahead of Markey with independent voters. He’s got 47 percent of them to Markey’s 31 percent. But PPP writes:

To put Gomez’s 16 point lead with independents in context though, our final poll in the 2010 special election found Scott Brown winning them by a 64/32 margin. So he still has a long way to go to replicate the formula that let Brown pull off that upset.

Put another way, he’s got a lot of independents, but what he needs to pull into the lead is a lot of independents. And he doesn’t have those quite yet.

And then there’s the undecided voters, the majority of whom voted for Barack Obama. As PPP Notes:

The pool of undecided voters also sets up well for Markey- they voted for Obama by 18 points in November, 32% are liberals compared to only 25% who are conservatives, and 61% of them are women. Those are all demographics that ought to end up favorable to him in the end.

That’s not to say all of them will vote for Markey over Gomez. One could conceivably see a voter who hated Mitt Romney but finds Gomez more palatable. The point is that undecideds rarely swing toward one candidate or another in numbers large enough to tip an election, and Gomez, while polling higher than we thought, would want them to in order to pull into the lead.

On the other hand, this is just the first poll. The other thing that sticks out looking through it is that far more people aren’t sure what they think of Gomez (32 percent) than Markey (15 percent), which gives Gomez way more room to cast an impression. Whether that’s good news for Markey or Gomez sort of depends on what kind of impression Gomez ends up giving.


  • NWBL

    Markey has a distinguished career of 36 years as a congressman from MA. Gomez is wet behind the ears and his policies aren’t sound. Ed will be far more effective in the US Senate.

    • Astro7

      So, Markey is a career politician! Why does that make him more effective? Does he even know what it’s like to be a mere common man anymore? Isn’t it much better to have those in office who actually know what life is like when not a career politician?

      • NWBL

        Most of us are common men and have no idea how to work effectively in the political system. Ed does and he has done a terrific job for MA with building telecom & biotech jobs for the states, advocating gun control & the environment. New does not equal effective. Look at Scott Brown.

        • bossmanham

          Lol. Look. A sheeple.

        • http://www.facebook.com/smb12321 Steve Bryant

          Sounds like the drones on NPR – “Yes, Obama is wonderful…Michael is a fashionista…it’s your duty to pay more…government is the answer…” If “effective” means passing a bunch of laws to justify your job then I guess Markey is effective.

        • Chris

          “Most of us are common men and have no idea how to work effectively in the political system.”

          Translation: He knows how to take bribes and lie.

        • suckmahdick

          Let me paraphrase you NWBL…Ed’s a con man that knows how to play the system, and I WANTS ME THE GOODIES!!!

        • Doa74656

          Advocating gun control and the environment 2 red flags that scream DO NOT vote for this guy

    • stevenskane

      How does anyone have a “distinguished career” as a congressman today? It is a room full of sellouts, hucksters and opportunists. There is not a real statesman among them.

      • GozieBoy

        No, but plenty of real estate salesmen among them. (With apologies to honest real estate salesmen).

    • http://twitter.com/SamInLasVegas Bear-Ninja

      There is no such thing as a “distinguished career” as a politician. You’re an idiot.

      • NWBL

        Actually, I’m not an idiot at all. I’m an investment banker in Markey’s district and he knows how to advocate for us.

        • suckmahdick

          Dude, buying and selling SNAP! cards is not an investment banker….

        • Doa74656

          Ahhhhh a banister and I’m sure you thought Bahney fwank was the greatest thing since KY

        • GrizzMann

          A Banker? Like those bailed out as too big to fail, by Congress? I think I would like Democrats, that demonize bankers, then bail them out. Judge actions, not rhetoric. Example, Obamacare will cut health expense, keep your doctor, like your insurance keep it. Need more ? I’m unaware of FAST AND FURIOUS and Benghazi threats to Whistle blowers?

    • rural_americans

      It’s that kind of pure horse shyt that has over-fertilized congress for too long. Distinguished career? Allowing one’s brainwashed partisanship to foster “career politicians” does not pass the common sense test. You partisans have all but destroyed America – of course that’s what Saul Alinsky-ite progressives are all about.

      • NWBL

        Markey works well with all his constituencies in his districts and has earned our respect. He knows how to get things done to promote business and job growth in MA. Gomez is just parroting ideas but has no idea how to work on Capitol Hill.

        • suckmahdick

          What has he done in 36 years of Congress..other than have an internet full of toadies such as yourself.

    • zagnut64

      Lifetime politicians = useless ticks. NWBL= moron

      • NWBL

        Actually, I’m not a moron at all. I’m an investment banker in Markey’s district and he knows how to advocate for us. I’d vote for him any day over a novice who has no idea how too get things done on Capitol Hill. Be smart and stop the knee-jerk responses.

        • bossmanham

          Because advocating for investment bankers is all we should look at in evaluating whether someone would be a good elected official.

          • NWBL

            He advocates for a number of his other constituent groups too–Mass Teachers Assn, SEIU, gun control advocates, women’s rights advocates. What are Gomez/ bases? Do your homework.

          • bossmanham

            Probably a lot less corrupt union focused. Thankfully, I don’t live in MA. I just have to hear your idiot elected federal morons every single day in the news.

          • marco polo

            you dont vote for democrats PERIOD..look what happened for chrise sakes

          • Doa74656

            Lol you read of that list of thugs like its a good thing Why don’t you throw in the Legion of Doom for a little flair

          • rural_americans

            Let’see, the teacher’s union has presided over and demonstrably fostered the decay and destruction of our public schools. As an “investment banker” I’m sure you must rely on “empirical facts” at some point.

          • lewr2

            I’d be proud of that now! LOL

          • lewr2

            Well, you know… they’re too big to fail! lol

        • zagnut64


          • lewr2

            1% ers they are. Rip you off every which way they can and laugh about it at coffee clutches, whilst fawning over the newest celebrity to announce they’re getting more botox.

        • rural_americans

          I respect you as a human and will trust that you are an astute money manager, but; the notion that “career politician” is a good thing is naive in the extreme. Just invoke the common sense test: with American finances these days, our common treasury is bankrupt – dependent on the Fed printing reams of soon-to-be worthless paper. Yes the Fed is propping up your livelihood for the short run, but the long term health of our republic is under attack by the very partisan logic you employ to justify another “career” liar.

        • lewr2

          gimme… gimmee… gimmee. gimmee…gimmee..gimmee.
          Mass politics at it’s finest. The land of high taxes.

    • RenegadeScholar

      Markey has a distinguished career of 36 years as a congressman from MA. Gomez is wet behind the ears and his policies aren’t sound.


      Markey has been a career huckster who only knows how to work the system as an insider. He has never built anything or done anything of substance. Only lived off of other people’s work.

      Gomez has been elite in every area he has tried, from military (Navy SEAL and pilot)to education (Harvard MBA), to business (venture capitalism that helped small businesses get off the ground).

      His policies reflect real-world experience as well as advanced education, as opposed to Markey, who only understands the world from the perspective of a privileged political insider.

      • NWBL

        How do you think he will benefit the people of MA in the Senate? He’s wet behind the ears. Since when does Navy Seal + Investor + Bomber jacket = Effective Senator? Why doesn’t he run for state Senate first?

        • stinky

          and i bet you think granny warren is effective. ha!

        • bossmanham

          Yes, because career politicians are such good people who are so connected to their constituents.


        • Doa74656

          He is not supposed to benefit one state he is supposed to do what’s best for the country

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glenn-Kenworthy/565501269 Glenn Kenworthy

          Excuse me, NWBL, but nobody was more “wet behind the ears” than the Messiah, Obama. I bet you counted the days and nights until all your liberal reatarded friends could go vote for that jerk.

        • Grutch

          Wet behind the ears? Obama was wet behind the ears not so long ago and he’s doing pretty good as a politician. The nation needs more real world human beings in places of leadership instead of vote buying backdoor deal making scumbags who can’t even relate to their own neighbors.

    • mac12sam12

      Is your name Julia?

  • http://www.facebook.com/buy.lines Buy Lines

    Gomez = Liberty
    An excellent equation.

  • http://tylernull.blogspot.com/ TylerNull of YouTube

    The worst thing about Conservatives is they believe THEIR hustlers will cure the systemic corruption. The second worst is they’re candy-asses who spend all their time being nice and polite to the depraved, lawless psychopaths of the Left.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Van-Grungy/100000069253213 Van Grungy

      You are correct in that even if the magic geezer Ron Paul was President, the American slide into crap would not be reversed.

    • patriot

      Look up the word S-T-U-P-I-D, in a dictionary and you will see your picture right next to the definition.

      • http://tylernull.blogspot.com/ TylerNull of YouTube

        If you’re going to satirize, then at least make it relevant …

        stu·pid [stoo-pid, styoo‐] adjective, stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est, noun adjective

        1. The belief that systemic corruption is a reversible process.

        2. The belief that criminal enterprises will become law abiding through personnel changes.

        3. The belief that voting YOUR racketeering scum into office will end Fannie Fascism.

    • Doa74656

      The worst thing about liberals is they DON’T CARE about what they put in office The more corrupt and communist the BETTER

    • Grutch

      I agree! The conservatives just head toward the cliff a little bit slower.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.shears.5201 Billy Shears

    NWBL: “Ed will be far more effective in the Senate” doing what? Spending my money for me? Taking what I earn and supporting what ever hair-brained scheme Obama decides to spend it on? 36 years? time to go earn his own money in a real job so he can see what it feels like to get up every day, work all day, come home and see how 30% of what I earned that day goes to pay for Michelles trip to Africa, or the Oscars, or a presidential golf trip.

  • Paul S


    • RenegadeScholar

      Better than a hardcore leftist any day. That’s one more vote against another Kagan or Ginsburg.

      • lewr2

        Hate to tell you, but this Gomez guy isn’t going to vote against either of them. Do some homework. I’m NOT saying vote Markey, but you’re not getting what you think you are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.massery Jim Massery

    This is a tough one…A Navy Seal vs. a Career Liberal Politician…who do “we the people” trust more?

    • RedGA

      A Navy SEAL does not necessarily equate with a great elected official. If that were true then Jesse Ventura would have been President by now. And we all know how that one turned out.

      • bossmanham

        A career liberal never equals a good elected official.

      • Doa74656

        I’d take Ventura over any democrat He wouldn’t have signed for obamacare gun control or immigration

      • http://www.facebook.com/james.crowley.9615 James Crowley

        Jessie Ventura was a UDT member, not a SEAL, there’s a difference

      • marco polo

        a navy seal with republican values more than equals ANY freaking liberal

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002997192223 Deborah Clemence

          He begged our governor to give him the interim seat and promised to support the gun control and immigration reform that Obama wants. Doesn’t sound like a Republican with values to me, just another RINO voting with the Democrats because he comes from a blue state!

          • lewr2

            Amen! You are NOT getting a Republican who is going to vote against any Obama inititives. You’re getting another Democrat.

          • Crutch

            maybe…. but you are getting a Republican who will give the senate to Republicans to control committees and legislation……ObamaCare anyone?

          • leve7head

            Way to sell your soul… for a vote

          • Crutch

            Spoken like a refugee from reality…KMA

          • lewr2

            Actually, Obama Care is Romney Care first of all. Secondly, the Republican’s hold the purse strings in the House. They could stop the funding right this second if they so choose to do so. They choose to lie to you and you believe them.

            They could start a letter of impeachment against Obama and his ‘care’ TODAY, but… choose not to do so.

            You get what you vote for, but Mass knows this. You guys are in denial.

        • lewr2

          Dude… think about what you’re saying!

          Someone who says they support Obama’s agenda IS a Liberal! LOL

      • Gerard Neumann

        I never worked with Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura is no friend of mine. But Jesse Ventura is no Gabriel Gomez. Appearances can tell us something.

      • GrizzMann

        Jesse was elected a Mayor and Governor.

      • The_Toxic_Avenger

        Jesse always said that he wasn’t interested in running for President and that he didn’t want to do more than one term as Governor.

        So all in all, I think it turned out very well for Mr. Ventura.

    • CenCalDevil

      The left will support the old white lifer leftist.

  • GozieBoy

    Mass already has way too much Malarkey!

    • NWBL

      He won his democratic primary by 14% over Lynch, so maybe you should rethink your position.

    • agingcynic

      Notice how the bags under Ed’s eyes magically disappear every time there’s a rally? Somewhere, there’s an aide at a CVS buying out the Preparation H.

  • http://twitter.com/avrohama aj rabin

    Republicans nominate a young Hispanic navy seal while Democrats nominated a 66 yr old white guy,whose been in Washington for 35+ yrs. And liberals like to call Republicans the old white man party. Lol

    • PhonecardMike

      You sir, nailed it!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1278461001 Michael Williams

      He and his opponent voted Obama in 08. …follow his donations dont listen to what he says.

      • Northern_home_Southern_soul

        He also supports more gun control laws, and amnesty. He is a liberal RINO. Also, every one of his ad’s stated over and over that he is Hispanic or first generation latino wink wink. I hate that; what would happen if a white pol did ½ of that racial dog whistle crap?

        Thant being said, he’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Markley. His ad’s of support make me want to throw up. He cites how he wants to basically outlaw guns, has the Serra Club’s back no matter what (MA fisherman, pay attention to that one) and should just come out and say he wants the official language changed to Spanish. They are bad because he is bad. Plus he got elected like 30 years ago, moved to Washington and comes “home” for 2 days or so every other year. (could be a few more days but you get the pic)

        Thus, is the current state of Massachusetts politics.

        • Dammad

          This independent is voting for Markey because I know exactly where he stands. While Gomer is a typical Mass RINO ala Romney, Brown, Weld, etc. And he sucks up to power as did to Devil Patrick. He is as smarmy as it comes. Coupled with his recent record supporting the Gang of 8 immigration debacle, no one can tell where he will stand on anything. Being a Navy Seal does not mean you have integrity nor does graduating from Annapolis.

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Where does Markey stand on the Benghazi scandal and cover up?

            Where does Markey stand on the fast and Furious scandal?

            But again, with his silence, you know “exactly where he stands.”

          • rural_americans

            How the heck can you claim to be an “Independent” while admitting you “know where Markey” stands? The venal Markey is a clinic on what’s wrong with congress.

            True “Independents” aren’t afraid of some new blood in DC. We give them a chance and if they don’t perform they don’t get reelected.

      • rataezo

        Means hes not blind to ideology and willing to cross party lines.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Schmitt/1835417388 Jerry Schmitt

      very good lol

    • arguethefacts

      The poll actually has Markey up by six points, not four. Also Markey has a large lead with women. And women outvotes men in Massachuetts.

      You forget that Gomez came off as a totally unqualified doofus in the the Republican debates. He looks good until he opens his mouth. Then he has difficulty forming coherent sentences. He was a disaster in the Republican debates.

      However he was the only Republican running advertising and won in a primary in which very few Republicans voted.

      This is not a professional polling firm. It is a student group founded in September. I’d suggest you see what professional polling groups say.

      My prediction is that Gomez will lose by at least 14 points at the actual election.

      • Mister RocketEngine

        Women voters are morons.

      • Tard Findr

        ” And women outvotes men in Massachuetts.”

        ‘arguethefacts’ is obviously a public school “scholar”

      • Joe Handrick

        PPP is a poll firm I don’t like because of their politics, but they’re one of the best. I think you’re confusing them with someone else. They nailed the 2012 presidential state-by-state election.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kim.wetherbee Kimberly Ann Wetherbee

      that was fantastic.

    • rataezo

      Just because he was in the service doesn’t mean hes going to be this great leader.

  • Doa74656

    Big deal A republican from MA is a RINO at best Might as well be a democrat

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Ross/100002149217620 Danny Ross

      No, one RINO in Massachusetts means one fewer vote for Harry Reid for Senate Majority Leader. One step closer to the Democrats losing control of Senate committees. You can’t expect Massachusetts to elect a Ted Cruz, but a Gabriel Gomez is possible.

      • tham

        One has to be realistic in politics. It’s what the leftists in the demonrat party do very effectively. They’ll take a “non-purist” demonrat from Montana or Idaho or anywhere to gain their majority.

    • sactomike

      Your moniker is very appropriate, DOA, dead on arrival. It’s republicans like you who keep us from beating democrats on policy. I would vote for the republican even if he said that John Birch got what he deserved as long as he would caucus with us and toss Harry Reid out. Grow up.

  • MovingToNevada

    I’d much rather see Gomez in the senate vs. ultra leftist radical career politician Markey. Considering how liberal the state of MA is, they will never, ever elect an ultra conservative senator.

    • tham

      I wouldn’t move to Nevada — now filled with California union thugs and Harry Reid’s criminal cohorts. The state voted for Obama.

  • CenCalDevil

    Wait, the leftists are backing Ed Markey an “old white guy” lifer politician over a young “minority” candidate? HOW can this happen? (hah)

    • rural_americans

      Brain-raped partisanship trumps common sense every time in the big citys.

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Bring on the Rhinos…….Majority Party Affiliation is what controls Committees. And sets the rules, Completing Neutering Obama, if he has anything to Neuter.

  • mark830

    Markey is a career politician. Being a politician should not be a career. They should serve and leave. Career politicians end up being elitists. Kerry is a perfect example. I still wonder if he ever paid Massachusetts tax on his yacht.

    • conservativemama

      So true, so true, so true. And if they’re in government forever all they know how to do is make laws, but they’re never in the real world suffering the effects of their laws.

  • http://www.facebook.com/floyd.taylor.370 Floyd Taylor

    Isn’t it strange that the liberal media will slobber all over a liberal minority running for political office but let a conservative minority run for office and they are nothing but people being “used” by the “white” conservatives and are being led astray. Or, they are persons that have betrayed their people.

    • http://twitter.com/TruPundit Truman North (D)

      Actually, Gomez is probably pretty liberal. It’s partisanship in this case.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1278461001 Michael Williams

    Gomez = Just Another North Eastern Liberal Republican! He donated to Obama in 08. …You think he did it for the tax deduction??? :-/ He claims that he “voted for the Navy guy” to which his donation cant square!! R.I.N.O!

    • Crutch

      Still better than a Democrat in the Senate. Do you want to control the senate or not? wake up!

      • http://twitter.com/snowcloud79 Diane

        Good point. Gomez winning would help rid the senate of Harry Reid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002997192223 Deborah Clemence

    This would be another GOP seat in the Senate, which is good – but he is another Scott Brown-Republican and he will vote with the RINOs and Democrats – he is no conservative!

    • LScisco

      So? Not all Republicans need to be conservatives. A conservative Republican will not win in the Northeast. The Republican Party needs the reemergence of “Rockefeller Republican” types if it wants to be a national party. There’s nothing wrong with ideological diversity.

      • Ted Baxter

        Reagan won Massachusetts in 1980. Obvious though, times have changed.

      • Crutch

        You mean like Democrats? Show me their ideological diversity……..Every time this comes up you RINOS or Democrats scream Republicans need Diversity. The Democrat Party is monolithically hard left but that’s moderate to you…..give me a break………

        • LScisco

          Did all Senate Democrats vote for gun control? That hardly screams monolithic to me. The fact is that the Republicans would have a Senate majority (or closer to it) if they had not forced out Olympia Snowe, had nominated Mike Castle in Delaware, and ditched Richard Lugar in Indiana. All this is doing is turning red seats blue. If you want Harry Reid as the Senate Majority leader in perpetuity then this is a great strategy!

          If you want only Tea Party Republicans, then you will get what you deserve: a permanent minority in national government. Even Newt Gingrich once said that when you look around and everyone agrees with you that you will be a minority party.

    • M75462

      If borwn had been reelected, and if Gomez wins, then there would not be pocahantas and this other democrat. two seats in the GOP column. Every bit helps

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Pelczar/1589577760 Joseph Pelczar

    What`s the lesser of two evils. Gomez!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lewr2

    Actually, if you look at both these candidates there’s almost no difference. I’d vote 3rd party myself.

    • Pleasenomore libs

      That’s the same as voting for Markey.

      • lewr2

        No, voting for Markey is voting for Markey. Or, voting for someone who says he approves of the Obama administration’s agenda is voting for Markey.

        You people don’t get it. If you vote for the SAME people just a different letter next to their name, you’re voting for the same ideology. Really not hard to understand here people.

    • M75462

      In this case, and in every case, the demons would win. Remeber thatsquirt from Texas, H urass Perot?

      • lewr2

        Yeah… and I’d vote for him over either that was on the ballot for R&D’s since Reagan.

        • Two snakes coming together

          Well Bill and Hillary owe you big time.

          • lewr2

            Yes, and that giant sucking sound didn’t happen, nor is it continuing to happen today! lol

            I’d say that the Republican party and the majority of supposedly ‘conservative’ republican’s owe it to themselves for putting out RINO’s.

          • Two snakes coming together

            I agree about the RINOs.I am looking at my change of party form for my state…… But if I leave the GOP, i will be as bad as you, helping demons win…

          • lewr2

            The devil is the GOP! You’re missing the point here. You can’t give the demons a win if the demons control both parties. If a conservative is put forth, vote for them. It’s sorta like your kids, if you have one, or think back when you were. You don’t continue to enable them.

          • Two snakes coming together

            I do not disagree with you. I always vote for the true conservative, but if there is not one, I have to vote agaiunst the flamingest liberal

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Massey/1261308196 Tom Massey

      The only hope for the country is for patriots to take-over the Republican Party. We haven’t yet succeeded, and there isn’t much hope. But it is the only hope.

  • DavidTrock

    Not to worry, if Gomez wins the dems will “discover” a whole truck load of “missing” ballots, and they will all be for the dem.

    • http://www.facebook.com/caseymyers Casey Myers

      What? liberals don’t cheat in elections. Eric Holder said we don’t need voter fraud reforms because we don’t have voter fraud.

  • lewr2


    “Gomez doesn’t look much like a national Republican. He wrote a fawning letter to Gov. Deval Patrick asking for the interim Senate appointment and pledging his support for President Obama’s agenda. He holds moderate (if occasionally confusing) positions on social issues from abortion to gay marriage.”

    You can call yourself a tree if you’d like, but you can’t fawn a dem saying you support Obama’s agenda and be anyone I’d remotely be interested in voting in. Face it Mass. You’ve got NOBODY to vote for.

  • MikenPA

    Markey is the kook who wrote the CapnTax bill with that other moonbat in Cali. He is an ultra far leftist who looks to his right to see Lenin. Seems like a fairly simple choice with Gomez.

  • cathy carron

    Mass residents are suffering from ‘group think’ – they need some diversity of thought – but no doubt they will vote for the ineffectual Markey in the end…



  • Yirmin

    I lived in Boston for a couple of years, and the sad fact is the media in that state does everything they can to tout the democrats as the best thing since sliced bread. Sadly the majority of the population of the state are too stupid to think for themselves so whatever the Mass. Media says to do they will do… God forbid anyone run a fake story in the Boston Globe telling them to run off a cliff, more than half the state would do it.

  • mac12sam12

    Markey is another big spending democrat. Don’t we have enough of them already. Have you seen the economy lately?

  • Frizz

    Come on Taxachussettians, there were enough of you to elect Scott Brown if for no other reason but to fight Obamacare, so rid yourselves of the aromma left behind the vacated seat of Lurch Kerry (duh duh duh dump, snap, snap) and elect a real patriot. Get the TEA flowing in ’13.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-McDonn/100003602227025 John McDonn

    This is Anti-Gomez advertising as they are marginalizing him as only a Navy Seal. The man is also a Naval carrier pilot, has a Harvard MBA and runs a successful firm. Navy SEAL is part of his resume, not the whole thing.

  • Kuro1

    We need to stop reelecting these morons like Markey, Franks, et al. They are all corrupt or soon will be. Lets get some fresh people into office!

  • MarvLS1

    Why is it “shocking”?
    What’s shocking is that Marxist Markey – lifetime politician, no redeeming qualities – is even close to Gomez in the race.
    But then, this is the same state that gave Mr. Chappaquiddick a lifetime seat in the Senate, so…

  • Mister RocketEngine

    Gomez doesn’t have a chance. Remember: this is the state that replaced Scott Brown with Fauxchahontas. That woman is dumb as a stump and yet, Massachussets voters made her a senator. Thanks a lot you assholes.

    • M75462

      Maybe their guilt for supporting the Bombers will wake them up. A nation waits. Hey Massachusetts, it is your fault that these g-d terrorists were here in the first place. The rest of the nation blames all of your democrat liberal as holes for giving them welfare as they drove BMWs to buy their bomb parts. Thanks, Boston. Now man up go dda mmitt and stop voting for democrats

    • http://twitter.com/nancy_pelosi nancy_pelosi

      another comparison is Tisei/Tierney what a cluster fuck.

      • agingcynic

        I got an email from Tierney looking for money yesterday. This turd had the chutzpah to claim that MA Dems are underdogs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.cr.146 Johnie C

    Simple choice folks….

    Do you want to be called Massachusetts or Assachusetts?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-Reardon/100003207684157 Hank Reardon

    Go Gomez. Help deliver us from the ruinous liberal legacy of this state.

  • Jon Weiss

    If Gomez does win, let us live in hope that he is NOT a Scott Brown. Brown went into office as a “Conservative”, and was elected based on that, but his positions on the issues proved him to be a wishy-washy moderate who too often sided with the radical left liberals in the White House.

    • M75462

      My thoughts exactly. Having a moment of silence for the forever dead Ted Kennedy tipped me off…….

  • http://navygentleman.com/cvn2/ sistyugler1

    Polls don’t matter……
    the vote doesn’t matter…..
    the Dems will cheat.

  • Andy Greco

    Not sure if electing Gomez as a RINO is any better than a Libtard like Markey.

    • http://twitter.com/nancy_pelosi nancy_pelosi

      Let me help you with the answer… it is better.

      • apgreco

        Sorry I doubted you. You are correct. After listening to an incoherent Ed Markey during the debates, Gomez is bright and refreshing.

  • SRussell55

    I would think a Republican would do well. The economy is going great, according to the democrats. The unemployment is going great, according to the democrats. Home prices are coming back up again, according to the democrats. And ALL THIS HAPPENING during the Sequestration. THEY thought everything would go to hel%,, but NOPE,,, things really going strong after the Republican Sequestration deal. Good Job.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Massey/1261308196 Tom Massey

      As I’m sure you know, the sequestration was Obama’s idea and actually cuts nothing. It reduces the rate of growth. I know you hate Republicans, but please join us in reality.


    Gomez will be elected if he doesn’t follow the failed pattern of Scott Brown and give the voters socialist liberal lite promises. People are eager to have the relevant issues front and center. Leave the socialism, birth control, the glass ceiling in the dust. Pretend that your a democrat and the democrats will elect the real deal while the conservatives stay home. I don’t agree with that strategy but that’s the way it is..


    White old guy, 35 year inside the beltway democrat vs young conservative minority guy navy seal. THAT”S the way the RNC should SELL the election! Be sure to minimize “Republican” in this one.

    • disqus_Ch0j21Ji8u

      Not sure what being white and old has to do with it. Perhaps you need to revisit your morals and principals.


        You prove my point! Liberal progressive democrats are ALWAYS making Republicans the butt of their anger using the supposed facts that the Republican party is the party of old white politicians.

  • jewhader

    markey is a confirmed communist stooge

    the other one isn’t confirmed yet

    It seems the new plot is to infiltrate the republican party with latrino communist wolves in sheeps’ clothing

  • jakartaman

    If Massachusetts was not a communist State – Gomez would be a slam dunk. But he has the Union Wh-res, the soccer mom elitist, Academia commies, and just the run of the mill democratic dopes against him.
    Markey is a known political Hack.
    Lets see – Dopey Hack vs Navy Seal- educated 1st generation patriot

  • bunk11

    One thing working in Gomez’s favor is that Democrats who favor Lynch or some other Democrat could vote for Gomez figuring he’ll likely lose in the next general election. They may figure better 18 months of Gomez than 18 years of Markey.

  • disqus_Ch0j21Ji8u

    You go Gomez!! I back you 100%!!!!

  • http://www.20milesnorth.com Spokane Web Designer

    Vote for the best person for the job, aside from party / race /gender

  • TorchnPitchforks

    It doesn’t matter: The lobotomized left wing wackos of the Peoples Republic of Taxasshutes, will vote the party line a usual.
    What else do you expect from the same imbeciles who were cheering the storm troopers who were invading their homes without a warrant?

  • yankeepoacher

    All these Hispanic politicians are interested in is bringing more of their Amigos into the USA legally or illegally which ever is easiest to bolster their own voting bloc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maryanne-Greenberg/100002136565995 Maryanne Greenberg

    Hey Massachusetts, had enough yet, put some young blood in there who was a navy seal, you might be happy after the election. This guy has spunk, guts and brains, enough said.

    • mark830

      And probably not corrupt like a career politician.

    • voluntaryreflex

      Funny, that’s what people thought about Scott Brown until a week after he got into office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chi-Guevara/100000972439116 Chi Guevara

    What are their respective positions on marijuana?

  • John Diemert

    Who cares if Gomez is a independent thinker? Even if hes telling us the truth he would just be one guy going against the rest of his party and would be out voted and then nothing he said he would do would get done!