‘Boston Strong’ Benefit Concert Tickets Sold Out Fast. Really Fast.

Tickets sold out within minutes of going on sale, TD Garden officials say.

Photo via. NKOTB.com

Photo via NKOTB.com

On Monday, within minutes of going on sale to the general public, the TD Garden announced it sold out of tickets to a one-night concert featuring some big names in the music business:

Last week promoters announced the concert, which features an “all-star lineup,” including Aerosmith, James Taylor, Jason Aldean, Boston, Jimmy Buffett, Extreme, J Geils Band, Godsmack, Carole King, New Kids On The Block, Dane Cook, Steven Wright, and many others. The get-together was headed by the music community, and started as a concept concocted by members of New Kids on the Block and their manager, Jared Paul.

“The artist community as a whole, and all my [fellow] managers literally jumped in to see what they could do to help. People moved tour dates … it’s been a collective artist community commitment,” said Paul. “One of the most important things to talk about is this event serves many purposes. It’s going to raise much needed money for the victims, and show recognition for all first responders … but also it’s going to be a celebration of what makes this town so fantastic, and a chance for these acts from this town to take the stage together, many for the first time.”

Officials from the TD Garden offered up the venue at no cost for the night of the concert, and said they will rely solely on digital passes in order to avoid scalpers buying up too many at once for re-sale.

  • KIP

    uh huh………. nothing is ever SOLD OUT

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.e.licata Frank E. Licata

    I was online at 10:00 and 10:01 and there was nothing available. No doubt the ticket agencies grabbed them all for legalized-scalping, so therefore most of the money will not actually go to the victims…very sad indeed.

    • Catherine Hurst

      I was online at 10:00 and 10:01 and there was nothing available, and at about 10:07 or so I got two tickets in the top balcony. It seems perfectly logical to me that many people were sitting by their computers at 10:00 am and swooped in to nab tickets. At 20,000 seats, that’s only 5-10k people purchasing to sell out.

  • Boom

    Frank what are you talking about? They got all the money they could have. Thats what a sell out means. Ticket brokers didnt cut in and steal tickets at gun point.

  • Pardonicus

    Something fishy was going on. Perhaps they presold blocks of seats to various orgs since it is, after all, for charity. I just wish that they would be forthright and honest about this. It’s hard to believe that 15k tickets with a 4 ticket limit per purchaser and plenty of people (like myself) buying only one or two tickets could grab up almost all the seats in the first two minutes and finish purchasing them all in 5. I’m just skeptical.

  • Linds

    I purchased tickets and the only way they allow entry is with the credit card you purchased the tickets on. So , you tell me how scalpers and big ticket organizations are going to give their credit cards to thousands of people. Don’t start hating on such a great cause because you didn’t buy your tickets fast enough.

  • ohio man

    Tickets ranged from $35 to $285, with $600 and $1000 VIP packages, but since it sold out so quickly, they could have priced them even higher and raised even more money for the bombing victims, which is the ultimate goal here, right?