A Lynn Woman’s Troll Doll Obsession Wins Her Inevitable Internet Notoriety

Michelle Kerrins appeared on TLC's My Crazy Obsession

By | Boston Daily |

You’d assume that everyone profiled on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession would hail from Florida, that ever-overflowing fountain of oddities. But Michelle Kerrins, who’s obsession with troll dolls won her a spot on the show’s season finale this week, is in fact from Lynn, Massachusetts, according to Gawker. (Also let’s just take a moment of silence to remember that time TLC stood for “The Learning Channel.” … Okay, we’re back.)

Anyway, the 38-year-old gymnastics instructor has 3,000 troll dolls and she hides them in various places around the house she shares with her husband and daughter. Her segment is just … well, we’re amazed it’s taken a reality TV producer this long to find her, let’s just put it that way. Highlights include her attempts to do acrobatics in a troll bikini while wearing a troll mask. Kerrins has achieved what seems to have been her birthright: amused posts about her on Gawker, the New York Daily News, and other assorted publications that traffic in news of the weird. “When people say that trolls are ugly, I love it. They’re not gonna go out and get a troll collection. So it makes me unique,” she says in the segment. That it does, Michelle.

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