The ‘Inaugural’ Ask Me Anything Day

Welcome to my first Ask Me Anything Day at my new blogging home!

The idea is simple: you send me questions, either as comments to this post or via email to, and I will do my best to provide my best answer, estimate, reporting, speculation, prediction, rumor, or wild guess in separate posts throughout the day.

For those who don’t know me, my main area of expertise is local and state politics. Certainly there is no shortage of activity in those realms that you might have questions about. Gomez vs. Markey? Boston mayor? 2014 Governor? It’s all fair game.

So please, send me your questions. I’m looking forward to it!


Question 1: What is the local election that no one is talking about?  Updated 9:33 a.m.

Question 2: What’s the deal with mayoral voting blocs? Updated 10:12 a.m.

Question 3: Who else is going to run for Capuano’s seat? Updated 10:24 a.m.

Question 4: How is the 2015 Gubernatorial race shaping up? Updated 12:33 p.m.

Question 5: Is Marty Walz a Game-Changer? Updated 12:56 p.m.

Question 6: What About the Mayor’s Race (and Race)? Updated 4:37 p.m.

Question 6: The Catch-All Questions Updated 7:41 p.m.

  • fishdan

    What’s the local election that no one is talking about? I know long time Mayor Scanlon in Beverly is not running. Any other shakeups you’re following?

  • Deborah Nam-Krane

    Who else is going to run for Capuano’s seat in 14 aside from Pressley?

  • JasonLovesMaPoli

    Where does Ben Downing go next? The young, ambitious Pol has been on the radar of Dems all over the state for years. I’ve heard whispers of regret from folks wishing he had run for the Senate special. Any chance he considers a run for gov, should Capuano not run? Maybe LG if another big cat gets in?

  • drew

    I know that we have a lot of #MAPOLI excitement going on right now, between the Senate Special, the munis and Brownsberger, Sciortinio, Clark et al in the 5th but I am still looking ahead to 14. Who is going to be our next governor? Steve Grossman? Dan Wolf? Mike Capuano? The darkest horse Scott Lang? Are we going to get a game changer (such as Caps) to enter the race or will Grossman walk away with the nomination due to the apathy of everyone? Does Baker crush Grossman or have we turned a corner in terms of Democratic activism in the state that will keep the GOP out of statewide office permanently?

  • disqus_ATtWc8V4wg

    Based on the SHNS story earlier this week – the 2014 Gov field looks like it could be all or any of these in the Dem field: Capuano, Grossman, Sullivan, Avellone, Berwick, Wolf, Driscoll, and Curtatone. What’s your assessment of each of them, and is there anyone the conventional wisdom is missing whos a prospect?

  • Ben

    Have you ever seen a local race like the 8th Suffolk where the two candidates are almost indistinguishable and have virtually split the endorsements?

  • John

    Does the Moran-Michlewitz-Callahan endorsement that was in the Globe today help Charlotte Golar Richie’s credibility? Specifically in non-minority neighborhoods of the city?

  • Ben

    What’s next for Mo Cowan?

  • John Moncton

    Will anyone from west of I-95 run for statewide office?

  • Jon

    What’s the impact of the Walz / Demakis endorsement for Jay Livingstone in the 8th Suffolk state rep primary?

  • John Moncton

    Are Barney Frank or John Olver getting back into politics?

  • Boston Observer

    Can we really call Conley’s position on the casino a city wide stance? According to his letter he still gives Eastie the sole ability to decide the outcome since a No vote from Eastie would kill the casino. He also leaves unexplained what would happen if Eastie voted Yes, and the city votes No.

  • Vermin Supreme (TM)

    Dear Mr . Bernstein, Would you please be so kind as to let me know if I have been elected for anything yet ? Thank you.

  • taxman10m

    If Gomez loses, do you see a Sullivan vs Winslow rematch in 2014?

  • Aliza Wasserman

    what’s up with the Marty Walz link?

  • Mary Imogen Grimmer

    Do u think Liz warren has prez aspirations? And what do u think of making pols take iq tests before running for office? They need to score at least 120 – or no go . Last, do u think billy bugler will ever get back into politics now that.his bro is no longer his concern, so to speak