More Marijuana Rallies Might Be Budding in Boston

A ‘Smoke Out’ is being planned, and the annual Freedom Rally is running an extra day.


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In less than a week, the official medical marijuana regulations crafted by the Department of Public Health will go into effect, and already, activists are planting the seed for the next step in the pot saga—full on legalization of the drug.

In what seems to be an attempt to rally those in support of following in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington, where marijuana was legalized by voters in November, a Facebook group has started the “Massachusetts Smoke Out,” similar to other pro-pot gatherings held in the city annually.

According to event organizers, on Saturday, June 8, “citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will gather at the Boston Common and State House area to call attention to the benefits of legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana.”

The group’s aim is to make Massachusetts the third state to legalize marijuana, and encourages people to meet up with “instruments, singing voices and art.”

Legalization is something that members of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition have been rolling forward for years, holding similar rallies and gatherings to the one the “Smoke Out” is promoting in June.

MassCann’s event is typically held in September on the Common, and brings bands, activists, and sometimes big names in politics (last year they had former Congressman. Barney Frank).

On April 20, a day celebrated by smokers nationwide, MassCann had it’s biggest turn out for another annual event they have on the Common as they celebrated with a “puff of free spirit.” The group said police were “nowhere to be seen around 4:20 p.m. as a great cloud of well-being and shared sense of community wafted over the heads of the celebrants.”

According to Bill Downing, Treasurer of MassCann, he isn’t surprised that additional support for full-on legalization had begun to grow in Boston, since Massachusetts recently passed a ballot initiative to make the drug available to constituents for medicinal purposes. “Activism is a good thing and people standing up for the rights, and I would never argue against that,” he says. Downing is “certain” that marijuana will be legal in Massachusetts by 2016. “And that [opinion] is not going to change anytime soon.”

Downing added that this year’s “Boston Freedom Rally,” will push the message of supporting legalization by extending the gathering for an extra day, something they haven’t done in the 23 years they have been holding the event.

  • HumphreyPloughjogger

    End the Unconstitutional Prohibition.

  • Marguerite Pastirchak

    So proud of the Bostonians and their ever pursuit of freedom. Marijuana should never have been criminalized as it is a plant that helps people with so many sicknesses and adjusts the attitude much better than booze.

  • Duncan20903

    It’s a Bay State tradition. In 1930 Massachusetts voters passed repeal of the State’s laws inspired by the idiocy of the 18th Amendment into law more than 3 full years before repeal of Federal laws against drinking alcohol were officially repealed.

  • Male_DV_Victim

    Funny thing in an ironic way,,

    Abortion,, “It’s my body my choice”

    Marijuana,, No choice because it’s “bad”.

    Something strange there,,,

    • K C

      It’s generally the Nanny State liberals that seem to want to keep it from being legalized. The politics of it are simple; unions don’t like legalization. The police, state troopers, prison guards, attorneys working for the state, etc. all benefit from the continued regime. MA is all but legalized anyhow with the decriminalization. But it will only happen through the ballot, it’s the only way to bypass the union-controlled legislature.

  • Natalie N


    The organizer of this event stole my Facebook profile photo to promote it and created his Facebook account on May 14th under the name “Michael Jones.”

    I’m no expert, but I know of every organized marijuana rally in Boston, and I have never heard of any event, organized or not, remotely related to this. Furthermore, this guy, “Michael Jones” (what a name) created his Facebook account on the same day that he created this event, which is quite a coincidence.

    Furthermore, he repeatedly ignored my Facebook messages to take down his photo, and I spent literally all day yesterday trying to report the stolen photo to Facebook. After 12 hours of emails, Facebook removed his profile, the event, and all posts linking to his Facebook or to his event.

    Boston, DO NOT GO TO THIS EVENT. Better safe than sorry, and this whole situation is very shady.

    • chris

      Go to this event we wont steal your Facebook but might give you a real life good time!!!!Boston strong, lets gather and unite for a positive event lets not let anybody break our spirit .I have nothing to do with this event but have gone to a couple Boston freedom rally’s and they where GREAT!!!!

      • Natalie N

        I am well aware of the Freedom Rally, as I personally know several members of MassCann who organize the event. This “event” is in no way affiliated with MassCann/NORML or any other legitimate marijuana reform organization. By all means, go if you want to, but know that it was created by a now-deleted fake Facebook account, and is not associated with any legitimate reform group in the Boston area.

        Red flags all around.

  • Mckf Mass

    Mass Cannabis Knowledge Forum is happening. Get trained and certified for the new industry: #cannabisknowledge #medicalmarijuana