Woman Hit, Killed By MBTA Train at Orange Line’s Stony Brook Station

Officials said the victim was on the tracks when the accident occurred. It is under investigation.

Photo via Flickr.com

Photo via Flickr.com

Passengers were being bused by shuttles to their destinations along the Orange Line after a woman was hit and killed by a train at the Stony Brook Station in Jamaica Plain on Wednesday.

According to MBTA Transit Police, around 2:45 p.m. officers received a radio call for a person possibly struck by an Orange Line train at the station. Police units responded along with Boston Police, EMS and fire fighters. Transit Police personnel on scene said a white female, approximately in her 30’s, was trespassing on the inbound track towards the south end of  Stony Brook Station when she was struck by the vehicle. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Transit Police detectives said they are investigating the facts and circumstances leading to the incident.

Officials said shuttle buses replaced train service between Ruggles Station and Forest Hills.

The accident comes a day after passengers at the Orange Line’s Massachusetts Avenue Station helped pull someone out of a train’s right-of-way after they fell on the tracks, witnesses said. “In one case, the mbta saved the day, and in the other, two guys risked their lives to save the guy,” said one of the passengers that saw the incident unfold. MBTA officials told Boston there was no available footage of the riders pulling the passenger out of the pit, however.

  • http://justgiblets.com Scot Colford

    Kinda floored that this happened the day after the Mass Ave near-accident. I was there for that and my husband was one of the guys who pulled the poor guy up. Pretty scary.

  • Horseswaggled

    This paper get big bucks for the jury tampering “TRESPASSING” statement? Show the court documents where a judge says trespassing or remove your BS. Being ran down like a dog at a pathetic set up train station is not trespassing but negligent homicide on the railroad and their government hoes allowing it.

    • jbl

      There first has to be a jury to tamper with..DUH…Number of lies in pines post is 4..

  • Smittymcshitty

    “Officials said the victim was on the tracks when the accident occurred. It is under investigation.”

    Well I’m sure she wasn’t sitting in her kitchen.