There Are So Many Bad Tim Tebow T-Shirts on eBay

People are coming up withways to put Tebow’s religious beliefs and the Patriots logo together.

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The news that former New York Jets player Tim Tebow was coming to the New England Patriots was met with mixed reactions—some good, some not so good. But perhaps the latest apparel aimed at capitalizing on one of the most talked about moves in the NFL this post-season will tip the scale for those who originally welcomed the openly-religous athlete.

When Tebowmania first took football fans by storm, it was hard to check sports blogs or social media sites without someone posting a picture of the then-Broncos quarterback doing his signature kneeling pose— the same pose that has now jumped the shark and become a feared gesture for when he graces the Patriots squad with his holy presence at Gillette Stadium.

Matching the prayer pose with the Patriots logo, shirts of Tebow “Tebowing,” with New England colors and themes in the mix, are now selling on eBay for $17 a piece, and they are getting some reactions from fans.

The above shirts, which are currently the most expensive ones in a list of those available on the auction site (including a Jesus-like Patriots logo), aren’t even the worst offenders. While we know what Coach Bill Belichick’s reaction would be if he saw the latest Tebow clothing craze, Tebow himself might not be pleased by the latest threads. In 2012, when the company Cubby Tees made a Tebow shirt that said “MY Jesus,” the athlete’s lawyers sent a cease and desist, ordering them to stop selling the clothing. That same company is behind some of the latest New England shirts, that also mix Tebow’s arrival to the team with his religious preference.

Here are some samples of the shirts now on eBay:


If it doesn’t work out for Tebow on the field, he could consider entering politics:


This one is funny—because, get it? Mass?


Is that the Red Sox font? There is too much going on here. We aren’t even sure how someone Tebow’s an entire region:


This one just looks like a religious pirate:


  • Eric Smiles

    Is there such a thing as a “good” Tebow shirt?

  • Robert Wilson

    Come on folks, I know what’s up. But to the lost and dying man what Tim does is foolishness but to the believer it is the POWER of GOD . Take it or leave it you have been told , you can’t denie it when you are being judged remember when you denie Tim a child of God you denie God , so just go on with your bad self. Do u not have enough hate murder lying steelin and so on.

    • lolfu

      Maybe god can teach you how to spell with all his power while he’s at it.

  • Robert Wilson

    Hey when you can match Tim’s giving to hospitals and charities start your rubbish but until then try to get the redwood tree out of your eye and stop talking about the speck of dust that is in Tim’s eye. Just saying, face the truth , the truth will make you free.

  • Richard Davis

    God doesn’t care if your football team wins or loses.