Boston, According to the New York Times

Resist, people!

Yesterday, Boston reeled when the New York Times and the A.P. reported that South Boston is now known as “SoBo.” Rest assured, this is factually incorrect … for now.

But these vicious media lies are certainly part of a nefarious campaign waged by New York types who would rob Boston of its authentic identity. Just as New Yorkers turn their own triangles below Canal Street into TriBeCas, their South of Houstons into SoHos, so too might their cultural influence poison our perfectly acceptable neighborhood names. (It’s already happened with SoWa.)

Lest you think the threat reaches only as far as Southie, Boston has drawn up some blueprints envisioning the damage New York could wreak should they claim victory over our city. Let it strike fear into your hearts! (Okay, so we just had fun coming up with stupid abbreviations for neighborhoods and decided to put them on a map. But still. Be afraid!)


The Boston Globe reported in 2005 that brokers and developers attempted to rebrand several neighborhoods last decade. (EaBo was among their innovations.) Luckily, Boston then managed to throw off the yoke of realtor BS. Can we resist the New York-ification of Boston this time around? We’d better try, lest we end up making a daily commute from our loft apartments in SoDoCho to our offices in DoToCro. Oh how pitifully twee!

  • fitzy

    I refuse this. First we are robbed of our accent, now you want to come here and change names? It’s garbage. Yuppies is what has ruined Boston, you’re certainly not going to be allowed to change it. GTFO.

  • jakedimare

    I’ve been calling East Boston Eabo for 20 years.

    • JonFrum

      You’re a pinhead.

  • Alex Magliozzi

    fitzy, Tom Menino ruined Boston, and has stayed in power all these years by convincing people like you that it was the yuppies

  • Johnny Panic

    Don’t put it past anyone. Real estate agents and those who overpaid for
    lofts in the area still trying to brand the part of the South End that
    lies east of Washington as “sowa” (intentionally uncapitalized). It’s
    stupid on two counts: 1, it’s not south of Washington, and 2, it sounds

  • Rachel Warner

    All-Bro ? Ha Ha Ha !

  • Mark Pasciscia

    I have no problem with Boston growing by more people moving here, but leave Boston to its local roots and identity, come here because you like it, not because you want to change it.

  • bostonfly

    Funny map, but it looks like you have some old computers at Boston Magazine…

  • dilly

    I think Hy Pa is how it’s usually pronounced anyway…