John Connolly Leads, According to Poll … Commissioned by Connolly’s Campaign

John Connolly’s early mayoral campaign launch appears to have paid dividends—at least, according to a poll commissioned by his own campaign. Although the Connolly campaign is neither confirming nor commenting on it, I have obtained and confirmed the results of the new poll:

Undecided:  34%

John Connolly:  16%

Felix Arroyo:  10%

Dan Conley:  8%

Marty Walsh:  6%

Charles Yancey:  6%

Charlotte Golar-Richie:  6%

Rob Consalvo:   5%

Mike Ross:  5%

Bill Walczak:  3%

John Barros:  1%

The poll carries a margin of error of 4 percent.

Basically, according to this poll, we have a race at the start of the summer with Connolly well on his way to what he needs to get through the preliminary, Arroyo and Conley with a little advantage over the rest, and then a wide-open field behind them.

And, of course, one-third of the electorate is up for grabs.

  • steven

    Look like your insiders were more spot on than you were. My money is on Arroyo and Connolly with Walsh taking Conley’s place in the end.

    Your picks are looking ugly. Golar needs to introduce herself to a voter base who doesn’t know her in the Summer, when nobody is paying attention. She also has only raised a little over 25,000 which is peanuts and is failing to gain traction.

    Consalvo at 5% is terrible for him considering he has been in office for 10 years and also has already run a citywide campaign.

    Looks like the insiders weren’t the idiots.

  • Rob

    The person that should be most alarmed by this is Dan Conley. He’s been a citywide DA for a decade yet only polling 8%? That means his name recognition is not very high, since that’s all this poll represents really. No surprise Connolly is #1 given the press he garnered early on and Arroyo’s name recognition puts him #2 since there has been a Felix Arroyo on the ballot in one form or the other so often between father and son. Consalvo’s numbers are not surprising since he is not known as much citywide – his race citywide was over ten years ago I believe and his presence has been mostly in his district since. He will be the biggest mover up in these polls going forward, people in the know are watching him consolidate support in Hyde Park, Roslindale, and now East Boston. He could easily be the Ray Flynn c. 1983 of this race.

  • Chris

    The strategy to predict with assumption is what led to Romney/Ryan to defeat. Planning and execution (ground game) as well as inclusion. No more 90% of the people of color vote.

  • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

    Once people get to really know John Connolly the bloom will be off that rose.


    The poll was all questions worded as follows: “John Connolly supports job creation. Would this make you more likely to vote for him?”

    For a person who knows the truth about how Mr. Connolly works and what will happen to Boston if he is ever allowed to run the city, the answers were NO. The fact that the pollsters refused to reveal who was paying for the poll along with several other legal violations also shows that Mr. Connolly is up to his slimy illegal campaign tricks again.

    As for Felix Jr., though a well meaning guy, he is not ready yet. Add the problem that after his election many who voted for Felix were surprised not to see his father’s picture in the paper, his name recognition is not of his own name and that will lead to issues as people are scrutinizing everyone closely this time.

    Dan Conley seems to have had some type of stroke or aneurysm as he seems muddled and confused unless being directed by one of his campaign staff. He is not the same man who sat in the D5 seat years ago and whom I have known personally since my teen years. The fact that he is the D.A. yet somehow failed to realize the sign on a government vehicle was a direct violation of campaign law or if he did, was willing to break those laws, should make voters question what other laws our D.A. is willing to break.

    Apparently, the two candidates who share the same last name despite the difference in spelling seem to have no problem with breaking the law which should concern voters.