Curt Schilling on Twitter: ‘How About I Just Knock You Out?’

As Rhode Island figures out how to pay off the 38 Studios debt, Schilling tweets out fightin’ words.

At the risk of being redundant, it’s not been the best of times in Rhode Island lately. The state is debating what to do about the $90 million or so it owes creditors as a result of the collapse of Curt Schilling’s video game company, 38 Studios. Governor Lincoln Chafee has penciled $2.5 million into the next state budget to begin the payments, but with some lawmakers balking, Moody’s is threatening to downgrade the state’s credit rating. That would be very bad. This has some folks down there on edge, particularly a couple of guys on Twitter named Jon and Sam Stenning. In turn, they’ve put Curt Schilling on edge. Observe:




Well, that was civil and enlightening.

For more background—and to help divvy up that blame pie Schilling’s trying to push Chafee’s way—here’s a story on the demise of 38 Studios.

  • John Gardner

    Schilling is right — he didn’t hold a gun to the head of RI legislators and force them to give him $75M… they did that all on their own.

    • webchecker

      At least the RI people put an end to it at some point…SHILLing wanted to keep the scam going and is mad at the RI pols for ending it.

      • RyansTake

        Well, in Curt’s defense, the game was pretty far along.

        I agree with RI’s decision to end it, there was very little chance the game ever could have been profitable given how the entire MMO industry is cratering (and the fact that Curt’s MMO was particularly expensive already), but I figured I should at least play devil’s advocate for a second. I can understand Curt’s frustration, even if I agree with what RI (and Lincoln Chaffee) did.

  • RyansTake

    RI never should have agreed to backing a MMO company of any kind, never mind what was ultimately a boondoggle of a vanity project. It’s one of the riskiest genres of one of the riskiest forms of business (creating games).

    That said, RI did and now that the fairly predictable happened, they have to sleep in the bed they’ve made.

    No doubt Curt’s lost the vast majority of his fortune over it… so I really don’t see the point of kicking the guy when he’s down. RI should just take its lumps and move on.

    There’s no reason why $90 million (over a number of years) should bankrupt even a state as small as RI. This is ultimately a scapegoat for all their other problems and incompetency.

    • 7worldtraveler

      If you were a RI taxpayer, would you just say “I don’t see the point of kicking a man while he’s down?” Curt Schilling shouldn’t have ANY of his fortune left, that fat Putz! He is stealing because he’s eating, that chubby, stupid egomaniac! Typical greedy Republican.

      • RyansTake

        RI should have that about that before it signed the deal. Note Mass didn’t hand that money over when Curt threatened to leave… We let him walk.
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  • Jon Stenning

    This is stupid.

  • 7worldtraveler

    Curt Schilling should do the honorable thing and commit hara-kiri.

    Since Curt has never been honorable, he’ll go on wasting air.

  • Harry Dunne

    This happens everyday, well not everyday, actually quite rarely. If the Rhode Island Governor (or whoever approved Schilling’s loans) had any inkling of judgement they would not have granted Schilling the loans, they didn’t and know it’s Rhode Island’s mess. Blame your genius beaucrat Gov’y RI.
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