Someone Rode a Hubway Bike With No Clothes During the ‘Naked Bike Ride’

But don’t worry, the company says they give the bikes a good scrub down.

Photo via Imgur/

Photo via Imgur/

“Weep for Hubway.”

That was the first comment made when the World Naked Bike Ride announced that Boston’s fully-nude trek through the city would take place on June 29.

By all accounts, the annual sans-pants cycling event was a huge success with little to no problems (or clothing), but some of Hubway’s bikes didn’t dodge the bare behinds of people wanting to take part in the liberating two-wheeled adventure.

As can be expected, those who may not have heard about the naked ride in advance of its fourth annual event were surprised when they came upon a large group of cyclists riding bareback along Newbury Street and Massachusetts Avenue. In one photo, a passenger in a car turned to their right to find a group of attendees with nothing but bags strapped to their backs, sitting atop their bicycles without any clothing to separate their skin from the seat. One of those bikes happened to be a rental from Hubway.

It’s technically not against the rules to take a spin on one of the bikes in the nude, according to Hubway GM Scott Mullen, since the company doesn’t “have an explicit ‘don’t ride Hubway bikes naked’ clause” in their official agreement when someone rides a Hubway bike. However, the nudity does violate a part of the clause that says riders won’t break any Massachusetts laws, which includes being fully nude in public. “Users of the system agree not to ‘violate any applicable federal, state, or local law, including those for bicycle riders’ when they approve the user agreement,” Mullen said.

Despite the fact that the Naked Bike Ride is meant to show the vulnerability of riders on the streets while promoting alternative modes of transportation—and be a little cheeky at the same time—this particular Hubway customer seemingly violated the “indecent exposure” portion of the Massachusetts General Laws, which can carry a $200 fine and six months in prison if the cops feel inclined to intervene. Not to mention that a lot of people who utilize the system were none too pleased with his actions. “If you’re going to ride nude, how about having the decency to not do it on a public bicycle?” one person wrote on a Reddit thread of more than 100 comments, many of which discussed things other than the use of the Hubway bike.

As for the uncouth decision to place his nude body against the seat of a bike shared by others in Boston on a daily basis, however, Hubway representatives said they have that part covered. “Our fleet team touches every bicycle once per month. This includes a mechanical check and a cleaning.”

In the meantime, riders might want to bring some Clorox wipes with them … just in case.

  • VicarOfDibley

    Call the Legislature. I want to mandate white seats on ALL rental bikes from now on!!!

  • petrolfree

    my personal bike had a sock over the seat. I see no way to tell his does not.

  • Zack Cote

    Who cares? The bike saddles made out of a non absorbent synthetic material and plenty of bikers usually ride in only a thin layer of spandex (which is easily sweat through.) The real story here should be that there were double the number of participants this year and they were cheered on by both the police and the citizens of boston.

  • Rev

    Some of those so concerned about this should be aware of a recent survey which found that at least 30% of men don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. Think of all the hands being shaken by these guys. Now, are you going and washing your hands after ever time you shake hands, possibly with one of those in that 30%? How many times do you wash your hands even before handling food you’re about to pop in your mouth? (I doubt most people will be putting their mouth to the seat of a Hubway bike.) You’re already far more contaminated by everyday casual contact with other people than you would be by sitting on a bike someone rode nude.

  • MarkinArl

    In photos elsewhere, I saw two men riding on Hubway bikes, but wearing shorts or underwear. They did not look like bicycle enthusiasts because they had not even adjusted the seat up to a reasonable riding height. Must have been there for other reasons.

    As to men not washing hands and seat contamination, there is thus a good reason not to want to touch the handlebars either without a sani-wipe.