Mass. State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy Relieved of Duty

The status of his duty will be reviewed next week.

Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy has been relieved of duty, just a few hours after the 25-year veteran of the Massachusetts State Police gave Boston magazine hundreds of photographs that he took from behind the scenes of the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Though he’s been relieved of duty, Murphy has not been fired. The status of his duty is to be reviewed next week.

Two lieutenants in an unmarked cruiser and a sergeant in a marked cruiser arrived at Murphy’s home about 7:40 tonight and, during about 20 minutes at his home, took the following: his gun, badge, ammunition, handcuffs, baton, bulletproof vest, cameras, police ID, license to fire arms, pepper spray, cellphone and computer. Murphy was also ordered not to speak to the press or discuss the capture of Tsarnaev with anyone else.

Murphy turned over the images to us because he was upset with the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, which he feels glamorizes Tsarnaev. He wanted people to see what he feels is more accurate portrait of a terrorist.

“As a professional law-enforcement officer of 25 years, I believe that the image that was portrayed by Rolling Stone magazine was an insult to any person who has every worn a uniform of any color or any police organization or military branch, and the family members who have ever lost a loved one serving in the line of duty,” he said. “The truth is that glamorizing the face of terror is not just insulting to the family members of those killed in the line of duty, it also could be an incentive to those who may be unstable to do something to get their face on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

“I hope that the people who see these images will know that this was real. It was as real as it gets. This may have played out as a television show, but this was not a television show. Officer Dick Donohue almost gave his life. Officer Sean Collier did give his life. These were real people, with real lives, with real families. And to have this cover dropped into Boston was hurtful to their memories and their families. I know from first-hand conversations that this Rolling Stone cover has kept many of them up—again. It’s irritated the wounds that will never heal—again. There is nothing glamorous in bringing more pain to a grieving family.”

  • dochunter

    Gulog tactics again

  • Jennifer Lewis

    He deserves to be fired for what he did.

    • brooklyn15

      I’ve got two words for you. Plus your a piece of garbage.

    • FrancisMcManus

      Why do you say Sean Murphy ‘deserves’ to lose his job?

      If he broke the law, which I doubt he did, he should be charged. If he broke a rule, the consequence should be proportional to the violation.

      These photographs are property of the Commonwealth. Sgt. Murphy wasn’t revealing anything we didn’t pay for. The only concern I have is that the release of the photos could compromises the prosecution of the suspect, which I doubt because the prosecution has to turn over all evidence anyway.

      • brooklyn15

        It’s nothing but “POLITICS”.

    • My2Sense4U

      You must work in a H/R department somewhere.

    • Tim Rollins

      Are you one of Tzokhar’s groupie whores? Are you aware that with him in FEDERAL lockup, he can’t have conjugal visits? I know that’s a big word for you, so I’ll explain that for you…it’s called no humping buddies, unless it’s ‘Cell Block Bubba’…

  • Jim Frame

    Fire him. A disgrace to the uniform and the great city of Boston.

    • FrancisMcManus

      Sean Murphy is not a Boston Police Dept officer. He works for the State Police.

    • My2Sense4U

      You use quite a broad brush when using the term ‘disgrace’.

    • Tim Rollins

      Frame: do you have secret ‘homo longings’ for Tzokhar? Do you want to be WITH him? Murphy is a STATE cop and did a public service to ALL of Massachusetts, so get the hell off your pseudo-moralistic high horse, and go crawl back under the rock from whence you came, in the hopes it rises up to crush you!!

  • Cyndl

    Thank you Sergeant Murphy for your service, thank for releasing the real photos of the Boston bomber.

    • avril martin

      I agree with you a big thanks to Sargent Murphy for showing us the truth more than obam does

      • Brian Normoyle

        Oh, Obama’s somehow involved in this now? Now I’ve heard and seen it all.

        • svobodnik

          Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • Truth Man

          Trayvon and this terrorist douchebag… 2 people Obama would rather have as his children.

      • Monkey33

        Yeah, Obama always hides the truth! Just like he hides the other sock where I’ll never find it.

      • bikeamtn

        What! Are you dim of wit or something?

        • svobodnik

          Obama is the scum of our century.

          • Truth Man

            The scum of the Millennium


        @ am

        attempt to remove your cranium

        from between your glutes

      • Vicky Lynn Haskell

        Avril you must be a special kind of stupid…. now you want to involve Obama

        • Truth Man

          Obama helped supply these d-bags

      • Lucille

        Wondering how old you are … we already know your IQ.

    • Sacfat

      The other photo is a fake?
      How come it’s ok to put Bin Laden on every magazine in America but not this murderer?
      Keep ROAMING WITH THE HEARD and letting others do your thinking for you.
      LOL, nothing more American then that!!!

      • svobodnik

        You’re a typical liberal dimwit. The photo on the Rolling Stone “glorfies” Tsarnaev.

      • Truth Man

        Bin Laden was a wanted terrorist… so yeah you post pictures everywhere you can until he’s caught. And no one was glorifying Bin Laden as a teen idol… you d-bag.

    • Eric Cintron

      I can only hope that they don’t choose to make an example out of him for this action. The public needed to see these pictures. There had to be some pictures of cold, hard reality to balance the image on R.S. cover.

      • sunney

        I would be very surprised if he isn’t fired for this. The police department will have to distance themselves from this, to try to lessen the impact on the trial.

  • joanne

    I am sure that there are guidelines for his employment. If he broke the rules, they should follow disciplinary procedures. Period. Rolling Stone is a magazine like any other and if you don’t like the photo on the cover, don’t buy the magazine. The EXACT same photo was in the NY Times in May!

  • brooklyn15

    It appears that thepeople who don’t like what Sgt. Murphy did are not from Boston or the state of Mass. I bet some of you who don’t like what Sgt. Murphy did have a copy of RSM on your wall at home with a prayer rug on the floor below it.

  • jdlar53

    I have nothing but praise for Sgt. Sean Murphy and the Massachusetts State Police.
    These men put their lives on the line to find and apprehend a terrorist.
    They should all be given accolades, and Sgt Murphy should be exonerated!

  • jdlar53

    I have nothing but praise for Sgt. Sean Murphy and the Massachusetts State Police.
    These men put their lives on the line to find and apprehend a terrorist.
    They should all be given accolades, and Sgt Murphy should be exonerated!

  • NH TBL

    Stay Strong Sean. You did the right thing.

  • travis price

    I respect Sergeant Murphy. We live in America where Freedom of Speech is still allowed. He as an American citizen took a picture which he is free to do with as he wishes. I am thankful for his bravery and service to publish this coward for what he was. The Rolling Stones cover was an insult to the American people hurt that tragic day. This is not the Times Cover, this is Rolling Stones, they did this for shock value, I hope it hurts their sales in the end. I also hope for our country Sergeant Murphy is given his job back. We need more people like him in a position of power. God Bless our country.

    • surfcheck

      He isn’t free to do anything with pictures he took on the job as a Mass police tactical photographer. This is a department leak for PR purposes and was a good counterpoint to the Rolling Stone article. Don’t worry about the good sergeant but he did break the law and in the same way as Snowden- leaking confidential government information.

      • Lucille

        I disagree. Sure he did break the law but not in the same way as Snowden. You have to take intent into account here.

        • Ayomitan Stevens

          Intent, uh, Lucille…how do you determine intent objectively on your own without getting into their heads? the fact is that the best we can do is guess at their intents from their words…

          Snowden said: “I’m willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building”

          Murphy said: “I believe that the image that was portrayed by Rolling Stone magazine was an insult to any person who has every worn a uniform of any color or any police organization or military branch, and the family members who have ever lost a loved one serving in the line of duty…’I hope that the people who see these images will know that this was real. It was as real as it gets…This is the real Boston bomber. Not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.”

          So there intents were not so different, considering what they said. They both believed they were righting a wrong and serving the Public Interest

    • Tim Rollins

      I respect, commend and salute Sergeant Murphy and his 25 years of service. However, the Dhimmis at the MSP in their perpetual political correctness, will want — and get — Murphy’s professional gonads sliced and diced AND left on the altar as part of his penance.

      Coming to his home, and taking his weapon, ammo, as well as his firearm card left him — AS WELL AS HIS FAMILY — totally exposed to, and VIRTUALLY DEFENSELESS from the imminent danger to potential violence from any of a number of perps he has dealt with the last 25 years, PLUS the radical lunatic Muslim fringe that now has a fatwa on him and his family.

      As is classic with America’s Muslim-in-Chief firmly at the controls, expect Murphy to be crucified and completely destroyed for performing this essential act of public good and service.

      But such is typical of ‘President’ Lucifer and his minions of Evil, some of whom are sadly employed by the Massachusetts State Police.

      Hopefully, Sergeant Murphy will simply get a 5-day RIP (reduction-in-pay) and this will be the end of it, but knowing Ovomit and his enmity toward America and Americans in particular, it won’t be.

      As for the bastard bomber: His groupie whores need to keep in mind that conjugal visits in federal facilities are not allowed. All ‘little loser boy’ will experience is ‘Bubba On the Block’…

      • Shayna

        How does the kool aid taste Tim?

      • foxboropatriot

        Thank you for your courage Sgt Murphy but we can live without your bigotry laced rant Rollins.

        • svobodnik

          Liberalism is a mental disorder. “Boston Weak”.

          • foxboropatriot

            Oh, NOT being a bigot is liberalism, thanks for clarifying that.

      • hats

        “danger to potential violence from any of a number of perps he has dealt with the last 25 years” He’s a tactical photographer… You think some “perp” is going to kill him for taking a picture of his bad side?

        PS You should look up what a fatwa actually is. I guarantee there has not been one formally declared on Sgt. Murphy. (Indeed, I would find it highly doubtful there would ever be one placed on him based on this.)
        PPS Besides being over-reactionary, you come off sounding pretty racist. It’s 2013, maybe try working on that.

      • Ignatgius

        If the Massachusetts State Police tries anything to discredit this gentleman, we need to become politically active with petitions etc. to our Governor so that he gets a fair shake. Hopefully his union will fully stand behind him. Massachusetts citizens and in fact those from all over the country, please do not be quiet about this.

      • Gerhard Eckhart Gehrmann

        sometimes “stupid” is too mild a term….

    • sunney hes not free to do what he wants with the picture. It was taken so that it could possibly be used as evidence in a trial…not so that he could leak it to the press if he felt like it.

    • Chris

      He was a public employee – a Mass State Police photographer – when he took the pics he released (not “a picture” – hundreds were released to Boston Magazine). Public employees do not have freedom of speech when they are acting pursuant to their roles as public employees. They weren’t his pics to release and he didn’t have permission. He let his emotions get the better of him, and that is not something we should want our police to do – remember, you won’t always agree with those emotions.

      • Truth Man

        Ok, see if you feel the same way if it was someone you loved that was killed. D-bag

        • Chris

          Where does my comment say anything about how I “feel” – I simply stated the law. But thanks for your very intelligent contribution to the conversation.

  • surfcheck

    Think a deliberate, notified and tolerated leak. No the Sergeant shouldn’t be fired. A few days off. But notice his statement was about the officers, no mention of civilian casualties in the actual bombings. That killed women and children, which makes my blood boil more than for the pros.

    • brooklyn15

      Fellow officers always come first. They are the ones who will follow you into hell and back, then comes everyone else and the bad guy comes last. No offence ment to everyone else.

  • Kat Cee

    I’m certain Sgt. Murphy knew the consequences before handing those photos over…AND….I’m sure he felt it was worth it. I applaud him for standing by the truth, even though it was a huge risk.. This punk ain’t no rock star. Rolling Stone also knew their cover would cause an uproar. Right, freedom of speech. Let’s keep rolling with that to mask the lack of humanity in today’s society. It’s a crutch for everything evil.

    I believe it took great courage to stand up to this atrocity. Too many of us are weaklings, afraid to stand up for the truth. I’d LOVE to shake this man’s hand and thank him for reminding us WHO this killer really is.

    • Lucille

      Well said Kat. And we can’t fault the Mass State Police for due diligence. However, I hope they take into account Sgt. Murphy’s intent to diffuse the propagandic portrait equating the bomber to a rock star. His intent to infuse some reality back into what was a horrific act by this individual was a positive thing. Seeing those images made me feel someone had my back. I hope the reinstate Sgt Murphy.

      • Kat Cee

        Hey, thank you Lucille. I appreciate your kindness. I can empathize with anyone who disagrees. This is certainly not black and white. Great opinions help me consider the pros and cons. I’m grateful to the ones who can do so, with humility. I can’t stand it when a comment forum is turned into a battlefield. That’s when I move one.

        Love and light, to all. Be kind to each other.

        • Kat Cee

          ..opps……move on. I better correct that before I’m ripped apart for poor spelling and grammar. 😉

          • Lucille


      • pullmyfunnybone

        Hi! would you possibly make a comment on a page I set up to support sgt murphy?

    • sunney

      You do realize he is making it harder to find an impartial jury by doing this..right? Police officers have NO right to release information like this- even if you happen to agree with their motivation.

      • Truth Man

        And glamorizing him on the cover of Rolling Stone as some teen idol doesn’t make it harder to find an impartial jury? Seems like you want to suck him off. Pathetic.

        • sunney

          No, unlike you I’m smart enough to see that the cover called hima monster. I don’t see how that’s glamorizing someone.

        • sunney

          I’m also smart enough to realize the press and police sergeants have different jobs and different levels of responsibility. Apparently that’s lost on you.

      • Suzi

        Sunney, good luck finding an impartial jury in this country. That monster will not get one here. REALLY? Did you happen to be there or watch it all on television which was also seen in many other countries? Those pictures would not or will not have any impact on finding an impartial jury because it was televised well for all to see. Unless you live in a cave with no electricity they will never find an impartial jury.

        • sunney

          Are you not understanding that the media has one role and law enforcement has another? Information being leaked by the very police department that conducted the investigation is NOT the same as information being put out by the media. Sgt Murphys actions will be used by the defense attorney to their advantage during this trial. I guarantee it. He literally has helped the defense and hurt the prosecution.

          • Ignatgius

            Who cares? This will be a slam dunk conviction. Let his knee jerk liberal defense lawyer belabor this in the courtroom. The jury will have more common sense.

          • sunney

            The attorney trying to prosecute the case certainly cares. Feel free to Google their comments on the topic. Sgt Murphy was more interested in proving rolling stone wrong than in helping ensure this case is in fact a slam dunk.

          • hodgicus

            The damn fool certainly took these “hundreds of photos” out of the case. Idiot. If that’s how 25 years of law enforcement thinks, Tsarnaev might just stand an outside chance of getting off.

    • Sacfat

      No doubt you were as OUTRAGED when every magazine put Bin Laden on their covers?

      • Truth Man

        Bin Laden was not caught when he was being posted. In the case of a wanted terrorist… you post his photo everywhere so he can be identified. And no one potrayed Bin laden as a glamorous teen star either.

    • jeffrivers

      There are so many issues that I could take with your statement, Kat. But I’ve been on the internet long enough not to try to argue against emotion with logic.

      Some suggested homework for you:

      1. Learn the definition of ‘atrocity’ so you can use it properly in the future and not throw it around as the poorly-applied punctuation to your weak (non-existent, really) argument. (HINT: Putting any photo of anyone on any magazine definitely does not qualify as an ‘atrocity’ – as you’ll learn.)

      2. Learn the definition of the word ‘truth’. Then, try to imagine that the truth about Tsarnaev is he’s the guy on the cover of RS AND the guy who blew up the marathon, AND the guy with the laser sight trained on his forehead. This is a heady concept for someone like you, so take your time before continuing to #3. Or stop here and make an intelligent statement about how people are only the last (or worst) thing they’ve ever done and everything that came before dies the minute the next act (good, bad, or indifferent) is committed. I’ll likely disagree, but applaud you for putting some actual thought into your point, assuming you do so.

      3. Consider that RS, by making the decision to run this photo on the cover (instead of, say… a photo of him on the ground in cuffs w/ a cops boot on the back of his neck, which would be non-controversial) is provoking you to consider the point I made in #2 – that this act was committed by a person and that people are multi-faceted and complex, despite our wanting to immediately label them simply and quickly as a way of dealing with the sense of chaos, confusion, and loss that follows an extreme act of violence.

      When you’ve done all of the above, please come back and tell us – with a better, well-reasoned approach, WHO this killer really is. Apply yourself. I look forward to your response.


      • Truth Man

        You are pathetic

        • jeffrivers

          Great point, well said, and brave of you to do so with your own name and face attached, Troll Man…err, “Truth Man”.

          • Truth Man

            Sounds like you are ready to suck off a terrorist. You and Nancy Pelosi will get along great.

      • Kat Cee

        You know, Jeff. I can take constructive criticism. I can also look at both sides with some objectivity (I’m not perfect, but I ALWAYS TRY). What I can’t take is blatant meanness. You don’t have to agree with my statement or assessment, It’s how I see it. I see a dozen other statements I do not agree with but I refuse to assassinate anyone’s character just because they’re not on the same page as me. Perhaps, you’ve spent too much time on the internet. Interact with people and get yourself some basic sense of humanity and humility.

        You’re looking for a fight and you won’t get it from me. You will get the truth, as I see it. That’s the best I can do.

        Just my humble opinion.

        • jeffrivers

          1. I’m not looking for a fight and I understand that I don’t have to agree. I didn’t assassinate your character or say anything about you personally – aside from my opinion that you’re coming purely from a place of emotion, which I still contend.

          2. I missed the objectivity in your statement. Can you point out the place in your initial statement above where you did that?

          3. My real name is my screen name. I use my photo as my avatar, all of which is linked to my Twitter account, which in turn is linked to my personal website and every other presence I have on the internet – and all linked to me as a person. Is your name Kat Cee? I’d bet anything it isn’t.

          I (the one you claim doesn’t know how to interact with a ‘basic sense of humanity’) am interacting right now as a real person with an actual honest-to-goodness identity while you, someone using a pseudonym and a picture of The Church Lady as their identity are telling me about humility and humanity. Worth noting that you left “honesty” off your list.

          And cheer up – since there’s no way of know who you are, none of my criticism was directed to you personally. It was just directed to whatever name and picture you hide behind when you make ridiculous statements on the internet. You know… when you’re acting with your basic sense of humanity.

          (last word is all yours, Church Lady)

        • hodgicus

          An opinion is a conclusion synthesized from facts. Jeff was kindly trying to help you build an actual opinion, which you plainly have not taken the time and thought to do: you have not formed an opinion about Tsarnaev’s guilt or innocence, nor about Rolling Stone’s sales stunt, and you certainly do not qualify as having an opinion about Sgt Murphy’s thoughtless emotional sabotage of the government’s ability to prosecute this case fairly and accurately.

  • brooklyn15

    Sgt. Murphy knew what would happen if he released those photos and i have the greatest respect for him. I’m also glad he has 25 years on the job so if things really go against him he can just retire or go IOD from on the job stress where they can’t touch him. He can retire while he’s off IOD. WITH HIS STRIPES INTACT. ALL MY RESPECT SGT. MURPHY.

    • Lucille

      Nice … I hope things work out in a positive way for him.

  • Average_American

    Sgt Murphy has a job to do. Sgt. Murphy has people he needs to answer to. If those pictures were taken when he was being paid, which they were, then they are not his to distribute just because he wants too. As a Sgt, perhaps he has the right to do what he wants with those pictures, but if he has been relieved of duty, I don’t think he did.

    He needs to answer to his superiors. He is not above the rules.


  • Melissa

    Sean, you didn’t just take photos. You looked into the eyes of a
    man who had callously killed innocents, & wounded and killed fellow policemen protecting your community. You know the power of photos to impact the world. You acted courageously on behalf of victims that you knew were being entirely left out of ‘the picture.’ No one was noticing them. You noticed. You acted. Thank you. You are a man with heart. You express the epitome of the best qualities of what it means to be an American: Stepping forward with courage and in freedom to express truth.

  • Melissa

    Sean, your actions show what a deeply feeling human you are. What you have personally witnessed through this tragedy & being in touch with survivors is traumatic. Now is a time to seek healing, comfort and renewal. As you deal with the consequences of your actions of releasing the photos, before you do anything else, please make it your first priority to meet with a compassionate counselor experienced with helping people who have undergone tragedy. May you also be held in love and support by those near you.

  • MichaelCNH

    I agree with the sentiment, but we hold our law enforcement officers to a higher standard.

    We can’t have our police going off on their own and making emotional decisions that affect others. That would be chaos.

    Sgt. Murphy allowed emotion to overrule logic, and in the position of trust which he holds, that has the potential to jeopardize lives.

    I’m hoping that he returns to duty soon, but clearly punitive action is both appropriate and called for.

    • svobodnik

      Clearly – liberalism is a mental disorder. “Boston weak”.

      • foxboropatriot

        Where do you equate my calling out bigots as liberalism?

        • Truth Man

          Because you support terrorism and you love to suck off terrorists

          • Chicklet

            This comment has been removed for violating our commenting policy.

    • Truth Man

      Pathetic… what he did WAS logical. Sounds like you want to suck the terrorist off.

      • James Philben

        Seruiously you have to be the only person who is even thinking about “sucking off a terrorist” since you have said that a half a dozen times. so go ahead im sure he wants your love. IDIOT.
        p.s. it was an emotional desicion.Go read a book instead of commenting and you’ll learn the difference.

  • bikeamtn

    Thank you, Sgt. Sean Murphy; It was the right thing, RollingStone was wrong, ethically/ morally insensitive and their marketing ploy turned brand soiling.

    • bikeamtn

      By the book it was wrong, I could not have done it but glad someone did.

  • Joe D

    The community should rise up and DEMAND that Sgt Murphy be reinstated – even awarded commendation. If the US had more citizens like Sgt Murphy and less like the editors of Rolling Stone, we would be better off for it.

    Mass State Police – Give this man a metal and count yourselves lucky that you have men of such value still on the force!!!

    • Rod F

      I demand that he doesn’t get re-instated. A totally unprofessional loose cannon who has not only given the Rolling Stone cover story more legs, but he may have also blown the chance for a court to get a conviction on the alleged bomber. What a goose!

  • jose v.

    You did the right thing. Feel no remorse about it, now the bad guys will ever know there will be a Sean Murphy somewhere to expose them.
    Job well done sargent.

  • Cliff Porter

    If people would take the 10 seconds to read the headline at the bottom of the Rolling Stone magazine, they would realize why the image was being used. It is not glamorizing him, take the time to actually reading the article. Oh wait, people are too lazy to read and go off of the media hype.

    • Chris R

      I’ve read it and disagree with you.

    • Jay Are

      The picture that SHOULD HAVE been on the cover of Rolling Stone !

    • smota100

      I read the article and its typical leftist nonsense portraying this animal tsarnaev as some misuderstood brat. Fk his moslem butt he came to this country and leeched off the public then gave this country the finger.

  • Guest

    I hope Boston magazine stands behind & supports Sgt. Murphy for to do the right thing!! It’s a damn shame when we glorify terroists & vilify the police!!!!!!

  • Rosemary Hartman

    I hope Boston magazine stands behind & supports Sgt. Murphy for doing the right thing!! It’s a damn shame when we glorify terrorists & villify the police!!!!!!

  • jenn

    i think it’;s great to show those pictures of the bomber.Better than Rolling Stone glamorizing him!! keep sargent murphy ON duty!! He did the right thing!!!

  • Octavus5

    Sgt. Murphy is going on vacation. When the dust clears, he’ll get a raise and promotion. Leaks favorable to the state are welcome.


    So there are zero standards whatsoever by the cowardly prezidente Obam and his cabinet of fools, but we are concerned about “standards” for someone releasing an authentic photo of a little turd freak radical?
    God bless Sergeant Murphy for showing 340 times the courage Barraquiueweew huseeinene obam has.

    • Shayna

      Mmmm that kool aid is deilcious, isn’t it?

      • smota100

        i thought people like you had overdosed on obama juice already, yet you people are still here being parasites.

        • Shayna

          Obama juice? After I said kool aid? How creative of you!

          And I work for a living, but thanks!

          • smota100

            Sorry I see you swallowed when obama came.

          • Shayna

            Being crass certainly doesn’t make you sound smart, fyi. It makes you sound like an unintelligent pervert.

          • smota100

            i guess you did lol.

          • Shayna

            You’re a sad sad man. I’ll pray for you.

          • smota100

            Not a fan of your allah sorry.

          • Shayna

            Hm, interesting. I didn’t know Jews prayed to Allah. I must not have been paying close enough attention at hebrew school.

          • smota100

            Even more of a reason to watch out for the moslem murderers. toodles.

          • Shayna

            You’re certifiably insane

          • smota100

            No your president is the one who is nuts and the people who voted for him also.

          • Shayna

            Ohhh, now this makes sense. You’re not an American.

          • smota100

            I am I just dont think obama is a real president heck he isnt even really anykind of leader. Hey thanks for the entertainment. Toodles.

          • Shayna

            And thank you for reminding me that not everyone is blessed with an IQ above 50.

          • smota100

            Especially your dummy President.. Typical northeast smug hispster Urban liberal. Down here in Texas we dont allow people like you into any positions of power.,

          • Shayna

            Not smug at all, just baffled by your unbridled hate. I’m not a hipster and I don’t live in an urban environment. I’m also white, if that’s what you meant by urban. You don’t let us into power? How about Wendy Davis? Or Annise Parker, the gay mayor of Houston? I know many proud Texans, and I’m willing to bet they’d be ashamed to have you throwing them all together on your crazy train. You hate Obama? Great. Lots of people do. Is it necessary to inject your politics into an article about a hero cop? No, not at all.

          • smota100

            The lefts new hero St. Wendy will be lucky to win reelction in tarrant county. Heck she probably wont even be a dogcatcher.

          • smota100

            Our next governor will be Greg Abbott, this davis woman is going no where politically so stop pushing that dumb meme.

  • Mary

    I agree with Sgt. Murphy and appreciate the release of the photos showing the “real” bomber and not the glamorous shot on Rolling Stone cover!!!

  • Levi

    Support Sgt. Murphy – call the Mass State Police HQ and tell them they made a bad choice in relieving him. (508) 820-2300 and if they transfer you to media relations, who had a full mailbox when I called, call back again and leave the message with the person that answers if the voicemail is full when you call.

    • Chicklet

      Thanks for the number! Now I can call and thank them for relieving him of his duties and ask that they prosecute him for putting the case at risk by releasing photos that make it look like Tsarnaev was shot AFTER surrendering. Good job, idiot (Sgt. Murphy).

      • Jay Are

        None of those photos make it look like he was shot after surrendering (unless you are a sympathizer and see it that way for your own cause). While the photos shouldn’t have been released without authorization, that is all it is. You result to name calling of a man you know nothing about. Sgt, Murphy is a good guy who has done a great job and put his life on the line everyday of his 25 year career. Sgt Murphy has helped solve many crimes during his tenure with the State Police. So while you may be displeased with Sgt Murphy over his release of photos that show the real terrorist and besmirch what may be one of your favorite publications, he is not an “idiot” as you put it. He is a very smart and capable man who faces danger everyday of his career.

  • Mannheimer

    Sergeant Murphy is a hero.

  • BearerOfThePainfulTruth

    So, why is this an issue? If they are his pictures, why can’t he release them? I felt the whole city shutdown was a bit much and over reaching. Forcing people to give up their homes for searches and so forth. Do these pictures now incriminate what our own law enforcement did in the name of safety?

  • rahlquist

    Another person speaks the truth and gets prosecuted. You are in good company sir.

  • Jay Are

    I have had the pleasure of working with Sean a few times during my 30 year law enforcement career. He is a stand up guy. The problem is this is an open case and an ongoing investigation so he should not have released those photos. I hope that the matter is handled and he is allowed to return to work, he is a valuable asset to State and Local Police throughout the commonwealth. I think his superiors showing up at his house in front of his neighbors was a bit much, that could have been handled differently.

    • Chicklet

      He may be a nice, stand up guy…but he is clearly too emotional, rash and reactionary to be in law enforcement. Those traits show that he is unfit for service. Law enforcement personnel NEED to be calm, rational, focused and NOT be rash, emotional and reactionary because they are faced with life or death situations of both civilians they are tasked with protecting and their fellow officers. On top of that, he (and others) have completely over-reacted about this Rolling Stone cover. I read the article, which is actually an excellent piece that provided more information than I had heard about. It also firmly makes it’s intended point…that even the popular, good looking, mild mannered white young men can turn into terrorists under certain circumstances. That’s why people are so upset with the cover…because that kid looks NORMAL, like and kid next door. No one looking at him would guess he would do what he did. That photo is a wake up call t hat ANYONE can be a terrorist…even good looking white stoners. Rolling Stone didn’t enhance that photo, either…if anything, they tried to make him less attractive because in the original photo he was laying back on what appears to be a bed. They only zoomed in closer. Rolling Stone can’t help it if the kid isn’t ugly, is photogenic and has long, tousled hair. That’s just how the kid looked all the time…can’t really fault the magazine for that. Also, with the by-line it wouldn’t be appropriate to show photos of the victims, unless you want them to be referred to as “monsters.” I dare say they would really be offended by that.

      • Jay Are

        They could have printed the article without putting the monsters mug on the cover. Yes people are upset and rightfully so. If you want to put a face on the cover they should have put the eight year old boy’s picture who was killed by the bomb that monster planted or how about MIT Officer Sean Collier who those cowards snuck up on and killed for his gun. Not to mention the police officer who was critically wounded and the hundreds of people who were injured and whose lives will never be the same as a result. Sorry but Rolling Stoned should have realized this would cause a backlash from a city and country who are still reeling from that attack. But then again maybe they did and didn’t care, after all it sells magazines and they are getting free advertising.

  • Chris D

    Wish there was a way for me to personally thank Sgt. Murphy, for exposing this terrorist they way he should be. The fact Rolling Stone is glorifying him in giving him the cover is despicable.Thank you again Sgt. Murphy for doing the RIGHT thing.

  • sallyjohanna

    Boston is infected with Socialist Progressive disease. Reinstate the officer. He acted with his heart, like an outraged patriotic American….unlike leftist loony toon scum at RS. Wringing their hands over the beautiful “the child” that could have been if he wasn’t turned into a monster. He is a radical Islamist filled with hate…too late!

    • svobodnik

      Amen. The Progressive “anything goes” attitude toward immigration means that more people will come as “refugee status” immigrants – and then start blowing things up.

  • Bill McConnell

    The whole thing is just sick. Sgt. Murphy should NOT be penalized in any way because of what he did. It just shows how raw the wounds / emotions are from the senseless act that this terrorist
    and his terrorist brother committed.
    I have read my last issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
    Tell us what we can do to get Sgt. Murphy reinstated without loss of pay and no disciplinary action taken against him.

    Bill M (Denver, CO)

  • Gg

    What’s the big deal with the photos? What’s to hide? It’s police hunting down a killer. I am confused by the whole thing. But it’s ok to show this killer looking like a person of interest in a magazine?

  • Heather A

    I thank this courageous man for speaking out about his beliefs, I’m sure he did so knowing the consequences. Seeing the cover brought shock, disbelief, and more than a little pain and sorrow into my heart and I wasn’t even there, I just felt it as a resident of this amazing state, as a person who lives in this country, and as a human being. Growing up I always looked to this magazine as something that only the best of the best made it onto the cover, not someone who would bring pain and suffering into the lives of innocent people, not someone who could heartlessly harm children. I understand Sgt. Murphy’s outrage and his decision to bring to light the photo’s that he did. RS glamorized something that should never be glamorized. Hero’s belong on the cover, role models, and people who have overcome serious obstacles to achieve success, not someone who committed a serious act of terror. Thank you Sgt. Murphy, I stand and applaud your act of bravery!

  • Nonya

    Did people throw a bitch fit like this when Manson was put on the cover years ago? Probably not.

    • Beedogs

      Probably so. Ever heard of google?

  • smota100

    Kudos to seargeant murphy for releasing the photos of this moslem pig murderer.

  • Belinda Wright

    A patriot willing to stand up for reality and our country to discredit the candy coating the media presents. What a hero for the people, country and God. THANK YOU SGT MURPHY. Sometimes the right choices have consequences that are unwarranted…but I salute you for your truthful bravery.

  • Lyn Miglino

    First amendment rights. Yes, as an officer, they have left you swinging and out there and i pray your family and you stay safe. Leave town. There are obviously some very scarey people in America, which i really didnt realize until this issue has come up and reading these posts. (crazy) I usually dont post; but a conspiracy theory that Boston wanted to frame them? Come on! I listen and take in people’s points and opinions, but these are religious rants. No different than any other christians, mormons, or racists and they make no sense to me. WHat if they put the mentally ill kid from Sandy Hook? Would that be a conspiracy against WASP’s who have money in the bank or nice home, or children, or just all of us? STAY AFRAID!! Very afraid…
    As for Rolling Stone, I read said article, which had some very interesting points, which i wish my 18 and 20 yr old children would read. Not everyone is who they appear to be. But my disappointment is in putting a non-MUSICIAN on the cover. They are not TIME or NEWSWEEK. If Playboy did it, could you imagine…..
    SGT, these pics do not show me anything I haven’t seen before, or release any information that would damage any case for or against Mr Jahar. You just wanted to remind us it’s real. Yeah, when I used to go to ground Zero, and see names of HS classmates, yes, it’s real. it’s LIFE “BEFORE and AFTER 9/11”. shut down the city and find your man. thanks for documenting a very real, frightening, disturbing, and traumatic event for so many, particularly those in Boston. (hopefully you’ll get your SAM AR back)

  • Jim

    not that I am familiar with Mass. law and procedure, I would like to know that once charges are filed, isnt nearly everything in police records open to inspection under any variety of the Sunshine Laws?? I’ll have to check out the web, but I suspect this is true, and if so, unless he broke department policy, i dont see the problem

    however it turns out, I am glad he has the “stones” to do it even though he maybe facing internal department discipline… sometimes you have to stand on your principles… but it seems there are still sheep-le that would rather bury their heads in the sand then to take a stand… i dont see these people calling the Sgt out also calling out the rebels who led this country from a British colony to the greatest harbor of freedom on earth… just a thought

  • Sacfat

    What happened to Free Speech in America?

    The arrogance of this guy to disclose classified documents to the press because he doesn’t approve of the cover of a music magazine?

    Funny how it’s ok to publish photos of terrorists with long, Muslim beards and head dress – but not ok when the terrorist looks like an average American.

    Eg. It’s ok to put Bin Laden on every magazine in America but not this psychopath?

    • Beedogs

      Typical liberal putz. You approve free speech as long as it agrees with your ignorant views, then demand others silence when they do NOT agree with you. You hypocritical little stain.

      • Sacfat

        What’s hypocritical about my stance?
        Why is it ok to put Bin Laden on a Magazine Cover but not this guy?
        Love to hear your views if you can remain sober after 11 AM – hit me baby!

      • Sacfat

        PS – in the absence of a coherent rebuttal go to personal insults.
        Amazing how often ‘conservatives’ cannot address the argument at hand and instead turn to personal insults instead.
        LOL – tells you all you need to know~!

  • Sacfat

    PS – anyone who is ‘thanking’ this idiot cop has ZERO concept of national security.
    Everybody applauding this guy for releasing CLASSIFIED documents must be cheering the NSA leaker as well?

    • Beedogs

      You need a Plexiglas window installed in your naval, so that you can see where you are going with your head so far up your ass.

      • Sacfat

        LOL – as usual an incoherent response from those who don’t like the ‘facts’ to get in the way of their beliefs.
        I take it you consider intellectual reflection (aka SCIENCE) to be a negative?

    • Jay Are

      While Sgt Murphy is in the wrong for releasing the photos, he is not an idiot and these photos certainly do not rise to the level of Snowden. Everyone knows about these two terrorist monsters and their actions, It’s not like it was some big secret.

      • Sacfat

        Then why the concern over the RS article if everybody knows they are monsters?
        Can’t have it both ways my friend.
        PS – usually people who expose the illegal dealings of Governments are well regarded.

  • Carl Schroedr

    Here’s to the whistleblowers of the world! Indiividuals who act rashly from conscience because something had to be done. It doesn’t mean everything they do is right and will guarantee a good outcome, but at great personal costs they do their best to rebalance an unbalanced situation, to get a truth out, and change a wrong game. Sgt. Murphy deserves all the consequences of his actions and will no doubt take them with honor, from official reprimands to widespread public gratitude for releasing photos that the world needs to see. I’m sure his department friends are all proud even as they do what they must too. The shame is that Rolling Stone magazine will continue to play their games with people’s feelings with impunity for sales, and glorifying a sick adolescent murderer on its coveted cover (regardless for the merits of the story inside) is just their latest marketing coup. It’s the ones who most deserve consequences who will not get them anytime soon.

    • Beedogs

      Perhaps Rolling Stones need to pay far more than they have so far for deciding to PISS upon us.

  • Eric Cintron

    If he loses his job to combat Rolling Stone’s idiocy, there should be a consequence for Rolling Stone themselves. I don’t know what, but something has to happen. This entire media-ratings shock-value charade is completely out of control.

  • Chris

    For those commenters saying he had rights under the First Amendment to release “his” photos: First Amendment rights do not apply to someone acting pursuant to their position as a public employee. These were photographs he took as the MSP photographer, not as a private citizen. They were not “his” photos and he didn’t have permission to release them. Whether you think he did a good thing or a bad thing by doing so, he let his emotions get the best of him and he broke the rules and ignored chain of command and will have to face the consequences.

    • Beedogs

      “Murphy was also ordered not to speak to the press or discuss the capture of Tsarnaev with anyone else.”

      Still want to spew your ignorant first amendment crap little man? The USA has now surpassed what the old Soviet Empire used to do.

      • Chris

        Speaking of ignorance – can you read? Then direct yourself to the Supreme Court’s Garcetti decision. Public officials do not have first amendment protection when it comes to their official duties. This cop took these photos because it was his job – he did not own the photos and he did not have permission to release them. He can certainly express his opinion about Tsarnaev as “Mr. Murphy” American citizen. But when he is talking as “Sgt. Murphy” his superiors have every right to order him not to speak about confidential police matters, especially during an ongoing investigation, and it does not infringe upon his right to free speech.

      • Jay Are

        Chris is correct in his statement. Sgt Murphy shouldn’t have released those photos. There is case law to support that police officers do not enjoy the first amendment frredom that ordinary citizens enjoy when it come to their occupation and what they see, hear, or learn from it. While they can speak out when the public’s safety is threatened they cannot speak on ongoing investigations and cases without authorization. I know Sgt Murphy. He is a fine State Police Officer and leader but he clearly crossed the line here and he knows it. I hope he is disciplined fairly and returns to work soon. He is a valuable asset to the Commonwealth.

  • Lisa Morales, ASP®

    Someone AT the scene release the photos of Tzarnaev with his bell exposed, underwear showing and in handcuffs moments after the arrest. Only someone there “officially” could have done that and Fox News had them immediately. Was that official treated in the same way? Please consider this, MSP and union reps!

    • Chicklet

      That could have been taken by the home owner or a neighbor from a window. That image was very grainy and low quality and it was clearly zoomed in using a cell phone.

  • Kathleen Shannon

    I pray the State Police do NOT fire Sgt. Murphy. He did absolutely NO HARM releasing those photos and to fire him would just add another VICTIM to a list that is already too long! God Bless Sgt. Murphy for standing up for Boston and the victims of the bombing by showing that terrorist do NOT look like the photo on the cover if they do what Tsarnaev did. I too would like to shake Sgt. Murphy’s hand.

  • Clyde MacGregor

    Sometimes an “unpaid vacation” isn’t so bad … and hopefully his superiors will deal with him fairly – he made a “procedural mistake”, there’s a tiny chance these pix might affect the cowardly murderer’s trial … but somebody needed to kick Rolling Stone in the gonads.

  • Beedogs

    “Murphy was also ordered not to speak to the press or discuss the capture of Tsarnaev with anyone else.”
    WelKome to the USSA! Seig Heil!! We have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the police state of idiocy!! All Hail King Obama!

  • Kathy

    I stand with Sgt. Sean Murphy. He did the right thing. STAND UP AMERICA! Don’t sit back and ridicule those that do.

  • terrisweet

    Thank you, Sgt. Murphy.

  • Marília Nakamatsu

    I don’t know if he really wants to say what he meant to. Because this proves that Dzhokhar was tortured before he went to prison. First: He have a wound on his neck (because of the shot of an officer) that now restrains him to talk. In the image, have no wounds on his neck. Second: He said that he is with a broken arm and nobody wants to operate him. In the image his arm don’t look broken. Third: In the first image that Boston Magazine published showed that Dzhokhar was with the two hands up. This proves that he wasn’t with a gun, contradicting the affirmation of the people who was there and said that there was a shoot out with Dzhokhar and the polices.
    I’m really sorry for what happened with the families but we have to understand that we can’t condemn a suspect without proves. I truly believe that Dzhokhar is innocent and I pray for his family everyday. The true terrorist will appear and with these new photos we will find. Thanks

    Sean Murphy for showed those pictures.

  • Willy Scanlon

    I hope that the disciplinary judge fires his butt He violated a federal court order. I applaud Rolling Stone. They have put other people who commit acts of terror like Obama on the cover . Obama to us Muslims has murdered more innocent people with his drones than the Tsarnaev brothers could ever have done. But we don’t hear that outcry in America about mothers and babies murdered in their sleep by American troops or blown apart by their Drones. Now people here can know the suffering and loss of the people in Afghanistan and Pakistan instead of sitting like bumps on a log in America.

  • Linda Taylor

    This is an absolute outrage! Sgt. Sean Murphy is a hero. I believe the cover of Rolling Stone magazine is a slap in the face to all American’s. They should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to glamorize a terrorist. Give the Sgt his job back and fire The Rolling Stone!

  • Linda Taylor

    Sgt. Sean Murphy, you have my support 100%.

  • John Evos

    give Sgt. Murphy a medal……and start a Kickstarter fund to compensate him for lost wages and legal feeeeees…..

    Fight these stupid MORONIC bosses

  • Sud1

    I hope they fire him. Anybody with his combination of balls and brains deserves a much better job than working for the State Police in a liberal wasteland like Massachusetts.

  • eddy.canuck

    I too applaud Sgt. Murphy’s actions in releasing these photos – but I am sorry I do not see why the Police Service had to relieve him of duty. He is right and the Police Services should have released them anyways well before now. I am hard-pressed to see how a carefully vetted, representative selection would have compromised any legal outcome.

    • Rocco21

      Sit down and wait. You will see.

  • Renee Engine-Bangger

    It is appropriate that Murphy was relieved of duty. His actions, while certainly understandable on an emotional level, were unprofessional.

    • Rocco21

      I agree with you 100%

      • JustAnon

        yeah they say birds of a feather flock together. Too bad common sense does not seem to be a trait of your flock.

  • Katrina Nation

    Speaking for the majority of our 4500 “friends” on Facebook, in our community of friends, the majority victims of Hurricane Katrina, PLEASE reinstate Sean Murphy! He did the RIGHT thing.

  • Lynda

    Hope he can at least get back citing PTSD for his actions-I am sure putting that pic on the cover will spark it in some victims who are also subscribers to Rolling Stone & will have it show up at their door.

  • Bob Celeste

    Why is Murphy being fired? Why are all those who lied about a throat wound not being fired? This photo, taken by Sgt Murphy at the time of Tsarssurrender’s arrest clearly shows no throat wound before his capture, a red dot on his forehead showing where the laser is pointed and where exactly a round would hit if he showed any sign of hostility, but no throat wound of any kind.

    See the picture here:

  • Suzi

    These 2 terroristic sick individuals had no regard for lives they took nor the impact of their actions; or any regard or respect for our country. I commend Sgt Murphy and all our Men and Women in uniform for protecting our homeland and having the guts to stand up and show we will not stand for this. As far as the photos? REALLY? We all sat and watched most of these photos live on television. Did Julie Jacobson get suspended? Fired? or reprimanded for refusing to acknowledge and respect the request of the parents to not show images of their son who was killed in Afghanistan? She even had a directive from the Secretary of Defense Gates and nothing happened to her. The Boston Bombing was an out right attack on our homeland….they DO NOT deserve to be glorified on the cover of a magazine. The reality pictures portray the dedication of our men and women in uniform that we can sleep at night and walk our streets feeling protected from sick, demented and evil individuals. Sgt Murphy SHOULD NOT lose his job nor be punished…It is because of men of his caliber that we can feel safe. The Rolling Stone shot from the hip not respecting all those who were severely injured, or consider the families of those who were killed nor our uniformed men and women who put their lives on the line to capture these sick individuals. If you want to punish or fire anyone try aiming at those involved in printing the cover of Rolling Stone.
    War is War people and like it or not it is happening on our soil….THANK THANK to all our Uniformed men and women state and government for protecting us here and abroad.

  • Sarah Conner

    The last time I ever read RS was when they had charlie manson’s mug on the cover…just barely a teenager and I knew it was a PR stunt…never had any credibility with me since then…bunch of hacks…


    they should have pulled the trigger when the laser was trained on his radicalized head.

    at this point in time, the city, the state and the feds would have saved millions, not to mention the cost for, his medical bills and the cost to jail this radicalized muslim, anti American butt.

    the cost to the tax payers will out weigh any info the collected in the 15 hours of interviews before he lawyered up with help from the holder doj and the rest of the obama minions.

    this can and should be said for the dirt bags captured on the battle field trying to kill OUR TROOPS. they should not be brought to gitmo. they need to be executed on the battlefield.

    the obama admin just spent $90,000 for televisions and computers for the terrorists.

    in 2009 the criminals/ detainees were given a complete fitness set-up with exercise equipment that also included treadmills. However, complaints were registered within the first week saying, “This stuff is made in the US — made by infidels — and we’re not going to use it.” The Post’s story quotes an unnamed Pentagon official who also claimed that the offensive equipment was removed, given to American troops to use, and Muslim-built equipment was purchased.

    Among the concessions given to these prisoners:

    Halal food – a special diet that is prepared in accordance with the strictest of Muslim regulations

    A recently-upgraded $750,000 soccer field

    Al Jazeera TV

    A library with 10,000 books and videos

    A Muslim librarian who also stockpiles Arabic TV shows and important soccer matches for watching as desired

    Personal copies of the Koran, complete with a Muslim librarian (NY Post says each Koran comes with a little hammock to keep it from touching the ground)

    USA Today

    Prayer beads and rugs

    Free medical and dental care not offered to American prisoners, or average American citizens

    In addition to the above list, there is also a report that the hospital at GITMO is slated for a very expensive upgrade. In May of this year, NBC News reported on a few of the items slated for the $150 million makeover.

    – a new $11.2 million hospital and medical units for the detainees;

    – a $9.9 million “legal meeting complex” where lawyers can meet their detainee clients;

    – a $10.8 million “communications network facility” to store data, including computer records and tapes of interrogations, which has been required by a federal court order

    now how should we address these issues with the 166 terrorists at gitmo?

    We should wake about 10 of them early in the morning.
    Take them to the gallows and drop them about 6′ with a rope around their neck.
    Repeat this every day until they are gone. Look like a little over 2 weeks, they would be gone.
    This country actually had a set of balls at Nuremberg.

  • Joan Golden

    Slice it anyway you like, I am appalled with Rolling Stone, nor do I care what they have labeled the ‘person’ on the cover of their current magazine. I live in Massachusetts, I love Boston, and MY beautiful, vibrant, healthy, fun, well educated, intelligent, extremely kind & athletic, daughter was 1 block from the finish line when the explosions occurred. Having the cover as it stands still provides publicity for that murderer, and encourages people to buy that issue to read the article about him, great way to sell the magazine, no concern for the dead or injured, just sales. Terrible choice for a well known, formerly respected magazine by myself, Never again is my option, and I will stand by that.

  • Ignatgius

    You go Sarge. The Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and Bruins should offer you season tickets. Thank you for taking a stand. If there are any problems with you returning to work, I call upon all Massachusetts taxpayers (we are the ones who pay for the MA State Police) to be very vocal in supporting you.

    • Rocco21

      Would you have the same optimism had it been a family member of yours? And you wouldn’t be upset when the trial stalls because of this cop’s misguided ‘rightness’?

  • subyz

    Good for Officer Murphy! The public thanks him! Shame on Rolling Stone!

    • Rocco21

      Not really. I think what he did was stupid and probably illegal as those photographs don’t belong to him.

      • JustAnon

        Lets look at how dumb this statement really is. Murphy takes the photos, the state police where Murphy works lays claim to the photos, the Governtment Funds the state police, “WE” working class citizens pay the taxes that the Government uses to fund the state Police. Well if you break it down using some common sense, would not the people who actually pay for everything be the rightful owners of the materials? That might be why they have the right to know act/laws. Seems Rocco here needs to study up on how things really work. Maybe Rocco here don’t pay taxes, so he can be excluded.

  • hodgicus

    Maybe I’m missing it in the comment zone, but I was taken aback that Sgt Murphy was in possession of this critical evidence and had the ability to flush it down the legal toilet. Being the officer behind the camera does not give one any right to the pictures taken of a crime scene, or of an investigation… does it? Are there no procedures governing how photographic evidence and evidence-gathering equipment must be handled?
    How large a bozo is it possible to be after “25 years in law enforcement”? Wait, I think he already answered that.

  • John Cammarata

    He should be given a award for having the guts to do this. This marathon bomber deserves death penalty and we should not punish someone who showed everyone the true face of a sick person, not the rock star look that Rolling Sone published… Americans should never buy that magazine again !!!

    • Rocco21

      Sorry but the only ‘award’ he will receive has already being given. The next one should be his firing from the force. 25 years experience and he thought he was doing the country a service trying to counter a magazine’s article because he didn’t like it? C’mon..give me a break!

      • John Cammarata

        Then fire all the Rolling Stone morons for making the terrorist look like a rock star. They should be put out of business. This cop wanted people to see the real terrorist, not the celebrity, which Rolling Stone was attempting to make that loser.

        • Rocco21

          One big difference! One works for me as a citizen of this country. The other one is a business trying to make a buck. Don’t buy this copy of the magazine and problem solved. I haven’t heard of any, not one advertiser that has pull out their ads from the magazine.

          • JustAnon

            He only works for those who pays taxes, But in that case then the “people who pay the taxes should have the right to see the photos. TY for the right to know act!

  • Barb

    Thank you Sgt. Murphy for showing the people the true picture of the Boston Bomber.

    • Rocco21

      Barb, what he did was unethical and surely against the rules!

      • JustAnon

        Explain how, there skippy? If a photographer takes photos no matter who it is their are protected by the Freedom of the Press Laws, and by the Freedom of speech laws. But it seems you never heard of those.

  • doggril

    When the bomber’s attorney asks for–and gets–a change of venue based on these photos, I hope that all the stupid cheerleaders realize they supported a very foolish action by a cop who knew the risks to the case he was taking, and chose to do it anyway.

    • juststacey

      They can try him anywhere they want. It won’t matter one bit. Everyone has access to the same information and photos.

  • Lie2Me


  • Matthew Jeffers

    Kill 3 innocent people…get Rolling Stone magazine cover photo….What a truly screwed up country I live in.

  • Rocco21

    Although the cop did what he did in a mistaken belief that the Rolling Stone magazine was glorifying the killer. I don’t think that is the case. However RSM could have used better thinking. Releasing those pictures, property of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is basically revenge and could jeopardize the state’s ability to prosecute. Hopefully the ‘cheerleaders’ will realize how the action of this ‘officer of the law’ could alter the outcome of his trial.

    • JustAnon

      so let me guess on your theory, just because a cop releases the photos is changes everything. You obviously have no law experience. Explain how it makes a difference if it was released by new agency or news paper photographer? Maybe you should stick to flipping burgers and let the real experts handle the case.

  • Ignatgius

    “The accused is sure to be convicted. Let his defense team use this as much as they want. Unless the jury are twelve space aliens, he will be found guilty.

  • misterkel

    maybe we can get a photo of the brothers’ FBI handlers on RS.

  • jarrod pimental

    Good thing he had time to take professional quality photos while a terrorist was on the loose armed and dangerous. Good use of taxpayer money.

  • gds

    He did the right thing, keeping the Federal killers from murdering Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; we would never the full truth.