Today Is Ask Me Anything Day!

Haven’t done one in a while, so here we go—toss me any questions you have about local, state, or national politics or policy, or about anything else that you think I can help sort out for you.

I’ll respond with my best attempt to answer in separate posts throughout the day.

Leave your questions as comments to this post, or email them to me at Let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.

And just to get one out of the way: Sorry, I have no idea what’s up with this weather.

• Q&A #1: Mayoral Predictions

• Q&A #2: Fight for Markey’s Seat

Q&A #3: Is Lake for Real?

Q&A #4: Patrick’s Big Bills

Q&A #5: Mayoral Voting

Q&A #6: The Next Governor Will Be…

  • Fear The Deer

    How about an annotated ranking of the MA5 special?

  • cruious

    So, what’s next for the Governor with regard to any legacy legislation given the recent revenue fight?

  • Rob

    What’s your best guess-timate on turnout for the Boston mayoral preliminary election? How many approx. votes will it take to get into the final?

  • Mike123

    You say that the Boston Mayoral race doesn’t have a Carlos Danger candidate in it, yet the worst kept secret in Boston politics is Felix Arroyo’s infidelity — with an aide!

    You’ve been known to report on rumors and speculation in the past, but have yet to mention this baggage that Felix’s camp is carrying. When do you think this will become an issue for him in the election?

  • Hank Ryan

    There have been some rumors Norfolk Sherriff Mike Bellotti may run for treasurer. Does another treasurer from quincy seem viable to you?

  • love4boston

    Within each tier of candidates in the mayoral race, what
    should be each of their top three priorities at this point in the summer?

  • Suzanne Bremer

    And the next governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be….?

  • Lance Harris

    Question on the LG race: Does Mike Lake benefit because Hank Naughton and Steve Kerrigan split the CMass/WMass vote, or does Naughton benefit from Lake and Kerrigan splitting progressives? Or thirdly, does a woman come in and run, giving her a gender advantage?

  • William

    Do you agree with Kevin Peterson of the New Democracy Coalition that there are enough black and minority votes in Boston (40% unregistered out of 190,000 black residents) to elect a Black or minority candidate as the primary and final Boston mayoral race winner?

    this point was made during a Basic Black broadcast at the 8:20 mark here

  • R.Jefferson Smith

    Who wins the Mayoral, At-Large, and open District races (5 & 8) if determined solely based on score?

  • Pablo Arlington

    How much of Finegold’s haul came from the charter school industry? He is their legislative front-man, and they have deep pockets.