Boston Anthony Weiner vs. New York Anthony Weiner

A local man with a familiar name is in trouble with the law. Let’s compare and contrast the scandals.


“Hey, that’s my name.” Photo credit: Boss Tweet on Flickr

A Massachusetts man with the unfortunately a propos name of “Anthony Weiner” has gotten himself into a text messaging scandal of sorts this week. As points out, this coincides with a much more prominent political scandal in the New York City mayor’s race, where former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s campaign struggles after revelations that he continued to send sexy text messages to strange women even after he’d resigned from Congress.

The Bay State’s Anthony Weiner and his texting scandal have important differences from New York’s Anthony Weiner and his texting scandal, as well as some key similarities. Herein, Boston magazine helps you keep it all straight:

Does Anthony Weiner approve of extramarital sexting? 

Massachusetts: No, quite the contrary. As the Salem News reports, Anthony Weiner, 25, is in trouble for discovering text messages between his wife and another man. Weiner allegedly texted the other man from his wife’s phone to lure the man to his mother’s house in Revere, then beat him with a baseball bat, threatened him with a screw gun and BB gun, then gave him cash and sent him home in a cab only after he vomited from his injuries.

New York: Yes, New York Anthony Weiner, 48, seems to enjoy extramarital sext messages enough to risk ungodly amounts of public ridicule (as well as his career and his marriage) so he can engage in the past time.

Does he have an alias?

Massachusetts: Well, Anthony Weiner did send text messages while pretending to be his wife. So, yes, sort of?

New York: Yes, Anthony Weiner reportedly corresponded with some of his lady friends using the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”

Is this his first scandal?

Massachusetts: No! Last year, Massachusetts Weiner got married to his texting-prone wife at the Danversport Yacht Club, and at the reception, he got into a fistfight with his brother-in-law. At the same reception, Weiner’s mother was arrested for brawling with his new mother-in-law. (Really.) The wedding, as you might imagine, attracted some media attention. Who’d have thought this marriage would run into trouble down the road?

New York: No. Previous to his current mayoral struggles, Weiner had already resigned from Congress after he lied and said his Twitter account had been hacked before finally admitting that he sent pictures of his man-bits to strange women he befriended on the internet.

Is Anthony Weiner’s marriage on the rocks? 

Massachusetts: Well, we don’t know for sure, but he did invite his wife’s man friend over and violently assault him (allegedly!) He is also charged with assaulting his wife. So … hopefully this is not their honeymoon phase.

New York: No! Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin spoke at a press conference where she firmly announced she would stand by her husband and support his continued bid for mayor.

Is Anthony Weiner in deep sh**? 

Massachusetts: Yes! Anthony Weiner has been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and multiple assault and battery counts, says the Salem News.

New York: Comparatively? No. Sure, Anthony Weiner will almost certainly not be the mayor of New York City, a crushing blow for someone with such naked (ha) political ambition. But he has not been charged with any crimes, and his wife says she and his son will stand by him. Not bad.

  • Allan Richardson

    Name similarities can be hilarious when they are not dangerous. Back when the young Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, was becoming famous, the place where I was working at the time (to protect his privacy, I will only say it was in Florida) had another employee, a middle aged man of ordinary middle aged man appearance (but a good worker) named … Justin Bieber. It caused a bit of humorous publicity within the company, which then died away after a few weeks. He was still working there when I left, but I do not remember meeting him personally.

    But I see the New York Mayoral race becoming like an outdoor picnic; specifically, a Weiner roast!

  • obamathefailure

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  • obamathefailure

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  • obamathefailure

    another poster boy for the dumbocratic party

  • Tracy Baker

    I must be dumb, but I just don’t get this. I don’t get how idiotic New York Anthony Weiner was in doing what he did, but REALLY don’t get how dumb people are that still support him after all the dumb things he did. Didn’t he think he would get caught? While it is true that other politicians have done more idiotic things, just because someone else jumps off a cliff, should you? Like his buddy, a former President, who got impeached for his idiocy(I didn’t vote for him either because I knew he had bad judgement). I can say that politics is not Anthony Weiner’s forte. But what is? As for the Boston Anthony Weiner, while not justifying his behavior, I can at least understand it. Particularly the bit with the screw gun(how appropriate!). But I have to wonder what he was planning to do to his wife, who was complicit in the sexting. But as a physician, I suggest both of them get some SERIOUS psychiatric evaluation and treatment. No, not with me, PLEASE! I do psychiatric medicine as a Family Practice doctor, but have enough “Patients from Hell”(see my book at, thank you!!!