Rob Consalvo’s First TV Ad: “All In” (For 3 Points)

[Updated: See below for additional raw footage of Robbie shooting lights out!]

Rob Consalvo’s first TV ad is set to start running tomorrow, but I’ve got your first look at it.

No word on how many attempts it took Robbie to make all the 3-pointers at Iacono Playground in Hyde Park.

I’m not particularly keen on RC’s new slogan: “All In.” (To distinguish from what—Charles Yancey, who isn’t giving up his council seat?) But aside from that, I have to say my initial response is positive to the 30-second spot. It’s got a good energy; it connects him with basic, quality-of-life issues; and sort of makes the implicit argument that Consalvo will make Boston better not so much by being smarter or having the most brilliant solutions, but by sheer force of caring, determination, and energy—much like Tom Menino.

Also, he gets in a mention and photo of his former boss Ted Kennedy, and Kennedys are always a plus in TV ads around here. (Right, Scotto?)

But what do I know? You tell me what you think:


Update: The Consalvo campaign sends along this allegedly undoctored video of the candidate nailing six in a row. (Talk about a shot spotter!)

  • Carline

    “As city councilor I help reduce gun violence….”
    I guess he took this year off, since gun violence is up 85 percent this year in the city of Boston.

    • Jay

      Instead of being on here criticizing, why aren’t you out advocating for your candidate? I’m guessing because they lack a strategy which encompasses taking more effort than typing…

  • BostonParkAdvocates

    I love it, he’s shooting hoops in a Boston park!

  • TheWaitress

    Honestly it’s a pretty lame ad. Generic as possible…political candidate is in favor of education and public safety. Add in pictures of Ted Kennedy + candidate hugging a black kid. *dull*

    • Jay

      The only thing dull are your senses. Do yourself a favor, and take Lincoln’s advice about opening your mouth to erase all doubt that you are not very bright. All you’ve done is tarnished the image of all smart, hardworking waitresses.

  • Chris Allen

    Shut up waitress its an awesome ad

  • TheWaitress

    No it’s not. it’s about as boilerplate as they come. Lets combine a guy talking about generic issues like “schools” with a gimmick, add in pictures of him with police officers and end with a black kid. Because that’s never been done before.

    • Jay

      Way to criticize, then throw another candidates name in there. From what I know about Ross, he is to classy an individual to even have you as a supporter. Hazel, go to bed….

  • Karen Kast

    As someone who has worked with Rob on education issues I will tell you right now – nothing generic about it when he is clearly stating that he is all in for our PUBLIC schools – investing in them, improving them and ensuring every student has not just “access” to a quality school – but a seat at one of them – which BPS and other candidates are definitely not saying. Also, he has a comprehensive plan for how to make that happen instead of the generalized statements with no details that other candidates have. If you are interested in meeting him beyond a 30-second commercial I invite you to attend the event at Doyle’s Cafe in JP tomorrow evening 5:30-8:30 p.m. and find out what makes him the best person to be our next Mayor.

  • TheWaitress

    As someone who worked in politics for YEARS I can tell you it’s a boring and boilerplate ad. I’m speaking from a technical standpoint. I’m criticizing the ad, not the candidate.

    Although I still think everyone should vote for Mike Ross.

  • Rob

    Puts a good human touch on Consalvo. Also notice use of “neighborhood schools” – first candidate I’ve heard endorse that. Most schools talk is on charters, which is not the main schools issue in West Roxbury ie highest voting neighborhood.

  • superspin

    It’s going to be such a moot point what I am about to say. With that said, I’m going to let you guys who are easily led astray find out the hard way when Consalvo turns Boston into a Dust Bowl. Menino was a monster who destroyed Boston (Contrary to the popular belief of him “standing up” for Boston), but you will all be very, very sad when Consalvo comes in. You will all be running for the NY and CT Borders when he leads Boston into a FULL-BLOWN economic collapse. All because you guys think that you want Menino light. There’s noting “light” about him. Maybe Israel and/or China will bail out Boston. I pray for you simpletons. For you are all sadly limited in your intelligence.